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    dual p3sd2-10 shallow mount 2000w Rockville mono amp

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  1. apeterson26

    2014 silverado dual sa 10s

    Got any pics of your box?
  2. apeterson26

    2014 silverado dual sa 10s

    Was trying to find out if anyone has built a proper size box under the rear seat for dual sa10s
  3. apeterson26

    2014 silverado dual sa 10s

    Yea LMI is way too high i will just get our sheet metal shop to laser me out the brackets
  4. apeterson26

    2014 silverado dual sa 10s

    I plab on using 4" tube steel for the lift, and im going to make some extension plates for the back rest so they will latch
  5. apeterson26

    2014 silverado dual sa 10s

    I have a box i built already for my 2010 supercrew i just got rid of, front firing about 3.1cubes
  6. Was wondering if its possible to build a ported box for dual sa10s underneath crew cab back seat for 2014 silverado if i install a 2" seat lift ?
  7. apeterson26

    Opinions on front door speakers

    Looking to upgrade my front door speakers to balance out the highs/mids with my two 10" subs. Looking for a budget set but not too cheap to lose quality. My factory speakers are 6x8's.
  8. apeterson26

    SketchUP '10 F150 dual sa-10's

    I never claimed i did, and it is apparent there in those threads. So go ahead dig whatever else up you can, meanwhile i will be putting carpet on the enclosure. Lol
  9. apeterson26

    SketchUP '10 F150 dual sa-10's

    Look man if it was that important than maybe we should have discussed that in the beginning. You mainly did the port tuning, I did all of the volume figuring and you know it. Anyways, im not going to argue over a box.
  10. apeterson26

    SketchUP '10 F150 dual sa-10's

    I did not try to claim your design, i was simply helping anyone else with the same problem I had with a supercrew. I appreciate you helping me tune the box and all, but in no way was I trying to market it lol
  11. apeterson26

    Loudness test?

    Kenwood ddx340bt which is discontinued now, got it brand new real cheap tho
  12. apeterson26

    My dual sundown sa-10 ported box build.

    I plan on finishing the box with carpet or bedliner this weekend and i will post some pics.
  13. apeterson26

    Loudness test?

    I dont know anyone personally that has a system like mine, so other than asking at a car audio shop i dont have anything to compare to.
  14. apeterson26

    Loudness test?

    Just trying to make sure im getting what i can with the equipment i got. You know how it is