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    kw ddx9903s rockford fosgate t1000x5ab 2 type r 8s @ 35 maximo compoets

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  1. fithwheel

    What brands do people like for speakers?

    You fu#= ing putz
  2. fithwheel

    What brands do people like for speakers?

    Putz audio good luck with that
  3. fithwheel

    Car DSP 6CH in to 8CH out,does anyone need it?

    Who likes it? Who are other people? Try establishing your self in the us market before going to forums in the us market that are aware of products already proven
  4. eat sh@# mother f%$ker lol    👉

    1. fithwheel


      You should really  stop trying to suck your our own d#$k and go somewhere else

    2. puzuaudio


      you angry,i am so happy,come on baby!

    3. fithwheel


      You calling me baby proves the way I think you swing..

  5. fithwheel

    Car DSP 6CH in to 8CH out,does anyone need it?

    spam azz no name putz shit
  6. fithwheel

    Car DSP 6CH in to 8CH out,does anyone need it?

    eat sh@# mother f%$ker lol
  7. All of thoes amps you listed do well over 500 watts I'd be surprised if the mvr got over 600. I've had that type s in the smaller box on a k600 well over 600 a t1000.5 only 600 least satisfying K1000 it did the best on imo. His current box he thinks is real close to 1.5 at 32hz. He needs to fix his signal then see how it does and go from there. You can make a port out of pvc doesn't take much of a flare provided you have enough port area. Not much precision involved in a round piece of plastic but I guess it's pretty. Simply round over the sharp edges with a router or even a file would work.
  8. You must have quite a bit of cabin gain were did you add it at in bbp 50hz ? Looks at lot better closer to 40hz in a larger box. Never really know where someone's cabin gain comes in. I didn't think it was very efficient in the smaller box punchy but lacked a little on bass extension. Seems to me with a 500 watt amp it would benefit from being more efficient. Personally most of the time I go more towards efficiency. Much easier to tune things down with crossover points slope and eq vs trying to get more out of it. It's all give and take though and personal preference. Can't imagine it being too great sealed seems from modeling very peaky and rolls off too soon but I guess if ya have a lot of cabin gain idk. Sealed a waste of time to me anyway lol. I like the s line. The 15 is probably one of my favorites out of the subs I have right now.
  9. fithwheel

    I have a 500/1 JL amp: 10w7 or 12w7 (underpowered)

    Well that was helpful but I'm thinking the op has a different sub by now or possibly no sub at all. Hell he could be dead by now..
  10. fithwheel

    Moving right along

    nothing sexy about this sub. Thinking about hiding it in a 6th order. other than a box mod to try out the ultimax 8s took a bit of a break. Plain on getting some wood this weekend. Would like to see if I can get these 8s in the Honda plus start on a 6th order
  11. If around 100 $ is your budget I'd consider a jvc kdx 360. 3 way crossover 4 volt outputs If that's not to your liking I wouldn't get either of the ones you picked out do to low voltage output on the pre outs. And the alpine only has a 3 band eq.
  12. I hate under the seat enclosures where there's not enough room to front fire. I've got 8.5 inches of height to play with. Tried down fire up fire all sucked. Old ladies car so seats need to stay in. I've gotten to the point of sick of how it sounds. Either gonna figure out away to get 8s front firing or settle on 6.5s. I wouldn't waste your time op on down fire..
  13. When looking into the barrel of car audio equipment you pretty much have to pull all the other brands out to find boss at the bottom. I'd start looking for a better replacement. Shouldn't be too hard just stay away from the brands that claim a lot of power for a ridiculous low price like boss planet audio hi phonics etc.
  14. Man stock hu and aux. No SQ going on there. Dayton 408 dsp with a Bluetooth dongle bypass the hu 10 band parametric EQ per channel time alignment would be like a whole new stereo assuming you're amping your mids and highs