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  1. fithwheel

    Choosing Subwoofers

    Someone could suggest about any 200$ sub with the lack of information you've provided.
  2. fithwheel

    Subwoofer problems

    I didn't see anything on where he was from either. Even asked him in the other thread. I just came to the assumption his first name was More and his last name was Ron but maybe there's a language barrier.
  3. fithwheel

    Dayton sa 1000

    I like the idea of using banana plugs. I've got a little stock pile of binding post could just mount them to the back of the entertainment center. Would be easy to get to the way my entertainment center is set up... thanks guys I usually over think this stuff lol..
  4. fithwheel

    Dayton sa 1000

    So I got a sa 1000 for Christmas last night. What I'd like to do is use 2 type s 15s for watching movies and 2 dayton ultimax 8s as more of a daily tv set up. I'm looking for ideas on what I can use to make switching the wires between them less of a pita. Something where I wouldn't have to pull the amp off the rack and switch them at the back of the amp.. I've thought about just using a speaker terminal but thought maybe someone might have another idea..
  5. fithwheel

    Subwoofer problems

    Time wasted? What turnip truck did you fall of off? Did you read your other thread thoroughly? Yeah that ground was the only thing that was wrong lol. Only wasted time was on my part. Good luck with your equipment...
  6. fithwheel

    Subwoofer problems

    Good at least you're starting to listen. Thought u were a lost cause. I suspect your whole set up is off. I'd suggest fixing the messy wiring 1st. Like I said I'm not familiar with that amp. However there's probably a switch on it marked hp (high pass) ap (all pass) and l.p. (low pass). Put that on ap. Use the low pass crossover for your sub in your head unit. Start out at 80 Hz. U can go up a little or down a little whatever you like best. Research how to set gains by ear. You'll want the subwoofer level on the head unit set to max when you set your gain. Hopefully you have the amp wired bridged correctly. Since you're using the head units amplifier it probably starts clipping at around 3/4 volume. Research what clipping is if you don't know. After you determine where your hu starts clipping one notch below that will be your max volume and where you want the volume at when u set your gain. I also suggest not using bass boost at the amp or hu. The car audio installer you talked to is either messing with you or retarded. Either way not trust worthy. Just a little basic stuff you need to know read all you can on this site and every where else you can. Good luck...
  7. fithwheel


    Lol right. Pretty basic stuff really. Between this 1 and the other thread sounds like a complete mess bad connections vibration making it worse on top of shit wired wrong. He's seems pretty confident in how everything is wired though. Smh. Idk he seems like a keeper maybe he'll stick around
  8. fithwheel

    Subwoofer problems

    I thought you said in your other thread it wasn't the wiring? In fact you told me to forget about the wiring it wasn't the problem. Variable output? That does what lowers the power when your car moves? Idk I tried to help ya out. You seemed to think you had it handled at least what wasn't causing any problems I kinda gave up I was just curious how you had things wired. Thought I surely miss read something You should post a pic of your install maybe someone can point you in the right direction. Besides Id like to see that remote cable anyway.
  9. fithwheel

    Replacing 12 inch XFL

    So you had a box made specifically for the xfl and haven't even tried it yet but you know you want something more?
  10. fithwheel

    what amp

    Yeah you can use your factory radio. No it will not power a subwoofer. It's 4 channel but not bridgable. It's a piece you can build off of however.It has 3 sets of 4 volt outputs. Would be pretty easy to add a sub amp. Idk I'm guessing pioneer has a lot of information on it on their website. I've not used 1 just aware it's on the market and the advantages of having a dsp..
  11. fithwheel


    lmao oh ooook....
  12. fithwheel


    Curious I am. Trying to figure out exactly what you have done. You have RCA s connected to the pioneer head unit sub out to the amplifier and speaker wires from amp to sub plus the head units rear speaker wires left and right connected to the sub plus both 5x7 rear speakers? Or do you have rcas from hu to amp plus rear speaker wires hooked to the amp? Did you use jumper cables to connect the amp to the cars battery too? Idk if you're just not explaining things correctly or what? Not familiar with that amplifier you r using either. Did a quick search and could only find a grainy pic of one. Not that has to do with much but is it a mono or 2 channel amp? Are you in the states? Got any pictures of the install? That might help. I just don't know whats going on from your previous statements? Kinda sounds like a 911 redo is in order...
  13. fithwheel

    what amp

    for what you're trying to do I'd consider something with a built in dsp. pioneer deq-s100OA or kicker key 180. both have built in dsp. I'm not familiar with a Suzuki Jimny surely there's more than just 2 4" speakers?
  14. fithwheel


    Take over man. Lost me at rear channel hu hooked to sub plus amp rcas etc...Can't picture how he has it all hooked up at this point lol....Low level hi level idk...Maybe I miss read something.. pretty sure that hu has a sub out...
  15. fithwheel


    Yeah I'm not trying that either Unhook the rear speaker wires from sub asap and never talk to that so called installer again. You're only going to f up your head unit I'm not surprised you're having issues sounds like a mess. 200 watts is plenty for that sub too. Pay no attention to the 1000 watts it's only 250 watt sub. Kinda hard to help no idea how you have everything hooked up what your crossovers are set etc etc etc