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  1. fithwheel

    Jbl sale?

    That's f;&#ked up them saying it's ready for shipping then that email. I ended up ordering 2 other subs without their logo. Didn't need the amps but would've been nice. They kinda left a bad taste in my mouth on how they handled it.
  2. fithwheel

    Jbl sale?

    i got 1 email from them wanting me to rate their customer service from the phone call I made. I only know I got the refund because of my bank account. The web site shows that my orders are still processing.
  3. fithwheel

    Jbl sale?

    Lol wtf?I got refunded today but no emails yet.
  4. fithwheel

    Jbl sale?

    You're not the only 1. Ssme thing happened to a buddy of mine yesterday. Mine still in processing. I made two separate orders would be nice to at least get 1 order. Noticed they were out of stock of everything that was on sale.
  5. fithwheel

    Jbl sale?

    I called yesterday morning they were flooded with orders lol. Probably take a day or two to process and get all of them out.
  6. Ok that makes since. Think it was sky birch. Oil based stain. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Do you do anything to the edges prior to staining? Mine always come out a lot darker then the rest of the box.
  8. fithwheel

    Fusion rebuild with 8's

    The minwax/ box store Pre stain is more of a stain blocker then anything. I'm trying Charles Neil blotch control. Just did a test piece with no sanding. 1 side is no conditioner the other side is 2 coats of conditioner and a single coat of stain with about 5 minutes before wiping off excess. I think the C. Neil stuff is going to be a lot better then the box store stuff. No fasteners on the box other then for mounting the sub. Hopefully this will turn out better then other boxes I've done in the past. The minwax was so much of a blocker I never used it and delt with the blotch. This stuff is actually letting a lot of the color soak in compared to the minwax. Maybe there's something better from the big box stores other then minwax Pre stain idk. That's walnut minwax oil based stain on the test piece.
  9. fithwheel

    its cheap, but is it that bad?

    The pioneer would be a good 1. Amp lab might have a deal on a referb.
  10. fithwheel

    its cheap, but is it that bad?

    Infinity k600 jbl gtx. Is a good deal probably more reliable than Rockville or similar brands. I picked up a couple of k600s open box on crutchfield for 120 but crutchfield outlet prices fluctuate That k1000 pretty reasonable. Just ordered 1 yesterday. Jbl version is even cheaper but no ss filter
  11. fithwheel

    Am I retarded?

    It's 2018 it should be am I a slow adult. Not am I retarded.
  12. fithwheel

    Need Rec for New Head Unit

    that makes more sense.
  13. fithwheel

    Need Rec for New Head Unit

    That's a lot of 12 CDs for a penny contracts. Wait a second how many copies of the same Metallica cd does that come out to?
  14. fithwheel

    Need Rec for New Head Unit

    I miss my CDs ,broken cases, CDs in the wrong case,scratches,the big caring case,15$ for a new CD that sucks but ya didn't know till ya listened to it. Oh the good ol days. Get off my lawn with that down loading shit.
  15. fithwheel

    amp ideas?

    What kind of fan is it? I've got 2 of the Pac fans in 2 different vehicles only time I can hear them is when I have the volume almost all the way down. 1 day my woman came home for lunch and said there's something wrong with my eq it sounds bad. I went out to check it out and there was a McDonald's bag on the floor board touching the fan lol. She pretty much only knows about the volume knob. Other then that she's never complained about it being loud. It's under the passenger seat. I'm sure that rta is pretty sensitive.