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  1. fithwheel

    Thoughts on satellite radio

    If your wife has a tuner in her car just use her account to access the app. App sounds better than their tuners and no added fee as long as she has the package that includes the app. If not just upgrade. Would be cheaper than adding another tuner to the account.. If she uses the app you just can't access it on your phone at the same time.
  2. fithwheel

    2018 Wrangler JL- Upgrading from JL Audio 8" microsub

    I never read too much into reviews when it comes to subs unless it's overwhelmingly negative. There's just too many variables that can cause issues that have nothing to do with the sub. From crap enclosures dirty power improper set up customer abuse etc. I have my fair share of dayton products tweeters mid range drivers subs mini amplifiers rack mount amplifier plate sub amp to crossover components. I've never had any issues with anything I've bought. I certainly wouldn't let a couple of negative reviews detour you. Like Jeff said they do back their products. I'd be more worried about buying someone's used equipment that comes with no support than buying a dayton. Just my .02.
  3. Yeah I seen that. Didn't think you came off like an a hole. Sensitivity meter was a little high on his part I thought. We've all seen these type of statements before I just wanted to hear the thought process/ his logic on it.
  4. How did he most likely blow the amp? I bet he figured it out by now but curious about this statement
  5. use an external fan. I have pac fan on mine. Those amps run pretty hot with good ventilation around them. Never had an issues with mine shutting off prior to adding the fan (but I have plenty of room around mine plus off the floor a little) I just didn't like how hot it got.
  6. fithwheel

    Budget amp for 1 american bass 10' xd

    You got off cheap I've had way more expensive lessons
  7. fithwheel

    Pioneer or Kenwood?

    Kenwood put a bandpass crossover in one of their head units ?
  8. fithwheel

    Alpine MRD-M1000 Settings help

    I guess five star doesn't have any videos on public relations?
  9. fithwheel

    My first box is finished

    looks great. Good to hear you're happy with the results.
  10. below 40hz the bass just sounds like "listening" volume even at max volume. i can have a conversation over the bass if its below 40hz my box is ported tuned to 34hz and not sealed. it hits down to about 22hz strongly. lol smh. You guys are funny...
  11. fithwheel

    Random Picture Thread

    I'm just you didn't post any pic on any of thoes topics
  12. fithwheel

    Random Picture Thread

    Yeah you should mention that lol. Along with black dick rape skanks and herpes
  13. fithwheel

    Random Picture Thread

    Must be some sorta cockspert
  14. Dude vacuum that floor.. Your mom let you get away with that?
  15. fithwheel

    Steering wheel control adapters..worth it?

    I've seen crazier things. People do stupid s##t behind the wheel