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  1. FUN4ME

    Boat amp (for subs)

    Thanks for the reply Fresh water boat, in California and Arizona. Electronics and subs will be well protected. Already have Rockford Fosgate marine speakers that are exposed. Thanks Again Erich
  2. FUN4ME

    Boat amp (for subs)

    Hi guys, been lurking for a while, reading all I can. Looking to put a system in a boat, using Dayton 15" RSS390HO-4 , they will be in 2 ported boxes wired to 2 Ohms, need 1600 watts rms. I'll have 2 batteries for the stereo only, and will do the best I can on the "big 3" but most listening will be with the motor off. I would rather have extra power and turn the gain down, but I don't want to spend crazy money either. I am looking at the following amps; Orion XTR 2500.1Dz PRV AD3500.1 Taramp HD3000-1 The are all $350ish. What would you use or do you have a different recommendation? Thanks Erich