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  1. shredder2

    Deadener deals?

    I'm looking to do the roof and doors in the Honda, it's a 2003 passport 4dr. I'd like to get 70-80mil for the roof and enough 50mil for the doors without bleeding money. I have been cruising the internet and have hit overload. So I'm asking if anyone has some links that might help me out. Tyvm in advance
  2. shredder2

    Taramps HD3000 for $179

    Off topic here... but I seriously don't know what to make of this... Brazilians... omg
  3. Op... quit trying to cheap out by using the sealed box you got. The enclosure is one of the most important aspect of the system if not the most important Id throw that sealed in the backyard and burn it if it was me.
  4. Downfire.... lol... it just depends on your version of "killer bass" I suppose.
  5. shredder2

    Help me acheive 1ohm

    I'd either wire to .67 if possible (what amp do you have?) or just enclose the subs a bit differently if you're concerned with output. All that nonsense your contemplating with making 3 dvc 4 ohm coils be at 1 ohm is a bad idea with all sorts of issues.
  6. Actual rms... what those brands claim/deliver might be well... less... lol
  7. Ah shoot... I had a 4th design from a previous similar system (Orion 2.5K) all ready drawn-up... I was just curious if it would fit
  8. Bigger volume usually means more peakiness around tuning in my experience
  9. shredder2

    Help with my enclosure

    I'm curious Op... what exact vehicle are you working with? You might have stated in one of your previous threads but it's easier to ask.
  10. shredder2

    Help with my enclosure

    Idk... maybe put a prefab (your building skills look questionable) built for a single 15, or dual 15's in there (whatever you need to load the amp correctly) and remove the rear deck speakers... just quit trying to make a 10lb turd into a gold nugget.
  11. shredder2

    Lightning Audio S4.15.VC2

    I actually installed in a local shop slinging those ages ago... 3" vc and a claimed 750 watt handling. Put 4 in an Escalade on a big ol' Hifonics (4K?... lol)... 15yr ago+? Sounded loud and low for what it was... last I heard years ago he toasted the things But the customer was in heaven IIrc Not the best for sure imo... but if the price is right...
  12. shredder2

    Help with my enclosure

    The last time you posted on this forum about your theories and did not listen to anyone... so you got what you have there. Look at the unbraced baffle between the mounting holes, configuration and volume... I almost did not respond due to your not listening last time. Looks like a TOTAL fail to me... if you are well tuned or almost why post asking to fix that abortion?