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  1. shredder2

    How long will it last?

    I saw the 4th or ported W7... I still don't know power level or what op is willing to build... what size Ev3?
  2. shredder2

    DS18? Newbie alert

    Idk what size driver and amp has been discussed up to this point... in a Jetta?.. whats the available space?
  3. shredder2

    How long will it last?

    I'm surprised at how well the Sa-15 is just taking abuse and putting out like a champ... if Santa delivers this year I'm hoping to try a D2 and just go for it on 3K just to see what I can get out of one of these things with a slot and not knowing where the cabin peaks. I'm hoping for a meter as well but that's gonna be pushing the issue (or maybe taking up too much room in the sleigh). I think I'm going to be forced finally to give some attention to my electrical. I still haven't metered the thing as is but I'm hoping it's where I think it is so the added power MIGHT get me to that #... I won't say it because... jeez... I been let down so many times. I know from experience that meter can be brutally honest... 😂
  4. shredder2

    Subwoofer problems

    I had a hunch and checked his profile
  5. shredder2

    Subwoofer problems

    Op IS in the UK... I've never seen such crazy issues till these threads appear. Somethings either being missed in translation or its just pure junk like a lot of equipment posted about by citizens of the UK.
  6. shredder2

    Skar Audio any good?

    Iv'e not heard em yet, but they do model up nice IMO... decent eh?
  7. shredder2

    Skar Audio any good?

    Lmfao... IX series subs... ^^^^ well said
  8. shredder2

    Skar Audio any good?

    No replies fast enough? Save your $$$... and get something better. IMO those are horrible, my son had a pair of 10's on the same amp, you could do a lot better IMO Skar can be worth the $ spent for whatever you're after but the bargain-basement stuff is garbage.
  9. shredder2

    SQ Vs SLP Real life applications

    In your case, if you're referring to the Hx2 12's that you might be trying to find a good balanced front stage for... I'd think a good set of 6.5" components in well treated doors on 100x2 or so would do the trick easily. Install and setting the filters and levels correctly makes a huge difference when talking about frontstage and how it all blends together in my experience. Once it's all in there just adjust to your musical tastes and enjoy. Now if you're trying to hear it from a distance from the vehicle like you stated above, that's just going to be all about adding power and maybe even drivers IMO... but what I said above still applies I think. Overthinking this stuff is easy.
  10. shredder2

    F8L sub box design

    No problem... no offense taken... plug-in those #'s and back check what it'll do if you will (they're what the sub will "see".. lol")... it looks like it'll dig super-well and only need as SSF setting that's pretty low to me. Once I started drawing it up I the port area I wanted was making it long AF so I had to increase the width I wanted to use and the increased volume increased velocities... etc... etc. That port area was what really got me in a bind with a slot. And ya'... underseat low-tuned boxes are a PITA for sure
  11. shredder2

    F8L sub box design

    I used a damn slot... and ported it for a rated power amp. It's only over volume cause the port length (no bends wanted) and the port area increased a bit with the volume change. I'd probably use an aero if it was me personally but I thought I'd give a slot a shot. Regardless of all that bs... it ought to dig well and not limit output as drawn. What a PITA to draw-up too... lol
  12. shredder2

    Replacing 12 inch XFL

    That ^^^^ is aesthetics... won't really affect performance in my experience. If you don't supply the volumes & port area... who knows what'll work well... I'd ask them unless you want a generic recommendation.
  13. shredder2

    Replacing 12 inch XFL

    A custom made box is usually for a specific sub... which box are you ordering anyways... got a link?
  14. shredder2

    Replacing 12 inch XFL

    What happened to the XFL if I might inquire?.. nice sub if installed correctly IMO. Are you just looking for more? A 1200 watt amp is kinda anemic for some of the subs listed IMHO. All you might need is a new enclosure... whats the current box like?
  15. shredder2

    SQ Vs SLP Real life applications

    I agree 100% with this ^^^^... I feel that sometimes subjective is either misunderstood or just overlooked and that is what it is really all about in the end. It's what the end-user likes and is happy with, not trying to appease the masses or some Sq judge and his guidelines. Buy decent equipment that works together well, get the install completed well, adjust to taste and enjoy... of course... it always seems that eventually we're always looking for more or just something different once it's all in there but that's car audio and one of the pitfalls of being bitten by this bug. Set some goals and most likely you'll attain them or close... but be realistic... even just stating "Sql" could be interpreted probably 20 ways at least.