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  1. shredder2

    Rattle from subwoofer

    After dispacement?.. what are you quacking about now gramps? When talking about gain adjustments or SSF settings... btw... the volume/ tune listed is after all displacements... bracing, sub, port... everything... its already at 34.5hz tuned. D*mn subs probably just failed from typical poor quality. If Op fixes the problem they'll probably come unglued anyways.
  2. shredder2

    Is this any good always wanted it

    The newer one? dual 2 or 4?.. what amp/load does Op have?
  3. shredder2

    Is this any good always wanted it

    Thats what... a Kappa 10?
  4. shredder2

    Is this any good always wanted it

    I'm probably gonna use a Sa-E12 for mine... read this to see if those type R 8's will work... https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/1828-quarter-wave-t-line-tutorial-updated/ Lotsa info online, almost too much to absorb... I found this article helpful
  5. shredder2

    Is this any good always wanted it

    I sorta gave up... It just lost too much for me... that's why I looked at the qts and qms and decided to try a T-line. Everyone says with even a 40hz tune a tline will extend almost a full octave lower... cleanly I still gotta get off my rear and build what I got planned just to see, but it's Az and hot atm... this winter I'll be doin' it for sure
  6. shredder2

    Is this any good always wanted it

    I modeled it up vented and I did not like it... that said, I like a low tune and to be able to use all the power rating when vented but maybe you'll see something different. It just did not like a low tune in a vented box as the excursion kept being a problem. Maybe I looked at it all wrong but for anywhere near rated power it needs a smallish enclosure, and that looks like to me that kills the low end. I'm still learning but maybe a sealed box or lower power would be better if going ported.
  7. shredder2

    Is this any good always wanted it

    Lowering the tune will make it even bigger... lol... I wonder how a 37hz tune with that driver will do extension wise?
  8. shredder2

    Is this any good always wanted it

    This is just quick and dirty... I'd cut the mounting hole last as I got the baffle kinda close... but do you think this is big for a single 10" driver? See what I mean?
  9. shredder2

    Is this any good always wanted it

    If I was gonna pay over $200 for a 500 watt 10" sub... and I had the space, I'd t-line it. By all accounts that would be the best/most efficient way to go if sq was the goal. I'm just learning t-lines and I'm not absolutely sure that that driver is optimum but from what I've read it seems to be definitely doable. Lord... lol... I drew a 37hz example up and it's a lil' big... I wonder, with that low fs how low would this driver go realistically with a 37hz tune?
  10. shredder2

    IDMax 12 v.3 D2 Enclosure

    Lol... what's the vehicle anyways?
  11. shredder2

    IDMax 12 v.3 D2 Enclosure

    In that space you gave, using a slot... single baffled, braced, 45'd and for up to full rated power, the best I could come up with would end up as 1.98ft3 @29hz, 13.21in2^ft3 or really close to that.. if you want more volume, I'd suggest an aero or round port. The port I ended up with was 13.5" tall x 1 15/16" wide (26.16in2) around 38" long and that's minimum for up to full rated power (1000 watts). What amp do you plan to use? The space you gave is probably gonna end up at 2ft3 net with a slot... 2.15-2.25ft3 with a round. Bracing and 45's I use will eat a bit of volume... .09ft3 to be exact, but If I leave em out the port area will be insufficient... the added volume will put velocities above where I like... it's that close. And if you use an aero or round for that tune (28-29hz) i'll be kinda long too , and possibly kinda difficult to do in the configuration you want. The depth should be ok... barely, at around 9 1/16" to play with and the driver looks like it needs 8.15" depth.
  12. shredder2

    Rattle from subwoofer

    Any way you could shoot a vid of said rattle so it's easier to understand? It might be easier to pinpoint if it's audible on a video... maybe
  13. shredder2

    Jbl ported casing for alpine type R?

    Look at the difference in size between what you're trying to use and the box below... That's for an older type r 12, ported for some decent power. I don't remember how much but it's probably for full rated and then a bit more. It's around 3.9ft3 gross but should get loud and low. Stuffing that sub in a smallish box probably will not end up well IMO.
  14. Easy peasy... Yes, it'll be better like this... Thx