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  1. v3x

    Will these parts all work together?

    Sorry, I forgot to list the amp: https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_22707_Hifonics-HFi1500D.html Could you recommend any subs within the < $200/ea range that would be better?
  2. Hi there, I have everything ready to order but I wanted to check with someone more knowledgeable first. I've been without subs for a while and I'm doing a fresh install on an 2011 Dodge Avenger v6. I believe the alternator is 140amp? I was looking to buy these subs in 4ohm and wire them to down to 1ohm on this amp. Along with an LC2i and this wiring kit. Inside of a ported box. Would all of those parts work together in that configuration? If not, does anyone have any recommendations? I'm trying to budget around $600. Thank you, Brandon
  3. Hi there, I'm just wondering what (2) 12" subs I can run safely on this amp? Around $150 per woofer is what I have in mind. Would like the best bang for my buck if you know what I mean. BOSS AUDIO PD5000 Phantom 5000-Watt, 1, 2, 4 Ohm Stable Class D Monoblock Car Amplifier Thank you!