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  1. mtroupe

    deck or amp hpf

    I have Soundqubed 6.5 components in front/rear doors.... Should I use the deck hpf and set my amp on full.. Or amp hpf and set my deck on THROUGH... Amp is Soundqubed 120.4
  2. mtroupe

    Soundqubed components

    If I use my deck lpf setting, do I turn my amp lpf setting all the way up, since I cant turn the amp lpf off.
  3. mtroupe

    Soundqubed components

    I also have 2 Soundqubed HDC4 15s on 2 Soundqubed 2200 strapped. Should I use the deck lpf or the amp lpf
  4. mtroupe

    Soundqubed components

    I have 2 sets of Soundqubed 6.5 components on a Soundqubed 120.4 amp. My deck is a Kenwood DNX9140. Should I use my deck hpf and put my amp crossover setting on FULL. Or should I put my deck hpf on THROUGH and use my amp hpf setting