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  1. nativefx

    10" Sub option for 0.5 cu ft sealed with 500 watts?

    I was interested in taking a look at the Audiofrog option, but it says this comes in a dual 2 ohm configuration which means it has to be either ran at 1 ohm or 4 ohm, and given my limited space and using a 5 channel amp I don't think it will be an option here. thanks
  2. nativefx

    10" Sub option for 0.5 cu ft sealed with 500 watts?

    If the 10w6 is the best option I'm all for using it. I just wanted to see if there were any other options to consider, and not just due to being cheaper. I'd rather get the best performing sub for what my limitations are. thanks!
  3. nativefx

    10" Sub option for 0.5 cu ft sealed with 500 watts?

    Okay so I got a hold of The Shop LLC who built the box and based it around the JL 10w6v3 as mentioned before. He said the box will give me a NET 0.6 cu/ft of volume after removing the displacement of the driver (.078 according to JL). This is a little larger than the minimum 0.55 JL recommends for that particular sub. Reverse mounting the sub is not an option, and given this info, it is not necessary. The larger net volume may provide some other sub options to look into if people think I can get a better sub than the W6, or is this one of the better subs for this application, regardless of price?
  4. Okay, I'm trying to see if I have any other/better sub options besides the JL 10w6v3 for my '69 Firebird project. I have some time to decide, but I already have a custom box to fit the very limited space I have and the company that designed the box for first gen camaro's/firebird's say the JL w6 is what it was designed around. It will face up into the rear package tray to fire into the car. The limitations I have is it needs to work in a 0.55 cu/ft, which is obviously a sealed enclosure, and I'm looking to use a 5 channel amp that can provide around 500 watts to a 2 ohm sub load. Price isn't really a big concern as I know I may have limitations due to what I need to work with. I have a Hertz HDP5 at the moment, but I may throw that in my daily and look at other options, or if I like it in my daily, just buy another. If anyone has some possible options to consider for the amp, I'd take a look at that as well. thanks
  5. nativefx

    Smd dd-1 lnib

    **** it, second one I missed out on.
  6. I have the Zapco ST5X amp and the sound is great. Haven't had anything recently to compare it with, but I may have something soon for my other vehicle. I'll probably hook it up in place of the Zapco just to see if I hear a difference.
  7. nativefx

    Need advise on amp power for 2 JL10w3v3?

    I'm assuming those bigger 5 channel amps are if they are running 1 ohm? I have to run 2 ohm as they are SVC subs.
  8. nativefx

    Need advise on amp power for 2 JL10w3v3?

    Yeah I already have the subs cause they were supposed to be going into my 69 firebird project car, but space is a premium due to the air ride i decided i wanted. I'm using these since they've been sitting in their boxes for over a year and I already have a shallow 12" in my Tundra DC.
  9. I started a post before asking about whether to use an Alpine 5 channel or PPI 4 channel and PPI sub amp and got some good responses. Obviously I can get more power with the 2 PPI's. What I'm really trying to find out is if anyone knows whether 500 watts feeding these 2 subs would be under powered and possibly be disappointing for pushing these 2 subs? I just don't want to waste money buying a 5 channel and not being happy with the result because they need more power to sound good and produce great bass. The 2 PPI amps are cheaper than most decent 5 channel amps, it's just the amount of wiring and space needed that has me questioning whether a single amp could be worth it. I listen to mainly hip-hop, rap, R&B music during my 1 hr commute each direction so I need something! I just want to know whether they would perform better with MORE than 500 watts and be worth the added work for installing? The subs will go in an appropriate sized sealed enclosure. thanks FYI - I'm using 2 sets of the Hertz DSK 165.3 for the fronts and rear.
  10. Are these still available? Trying to figure out how long I'll need to run to amps in the trunk.
  11. nativefx

    Alpine PDX-V9 or 2 PPI Phantom amps?

    Do you know what the sub channel puts out at 2ohm? I've got 2 single voice coil 4ohm subs, so I'll be running a 2 ohm load for those. Heard good things about DD audio so I'd be interested to get more input about them.
  12. nativefx

    Alpine PDX-V9 or 2 PPI Phantom amps?

    Any recommendations on other 5 channel amps to consider? Something within roughly the same budget? As for the amount of bass, I guess I just wasn't sure how well the 500w from the Alpine would push the 2 JL 10w3's? I don't want the bass to completely overpower the fronts, but I just wasn't sure if 500w would be sufficient or if I would be better off with almost double the power and then be able to adjust to what I want? For budget amps I've read some good things about the PPI Phantoms which is why this was my initial thought cause I could get the 900.4 & the 1000.1 for roughly $320. The Alpine is about a $100 more, but it would probably be a wash as it makes it easier to install and requires less wire, distribution block, etc.....
  13. Okay, I'm trying to put a budget setup in my commuter car which is a 2015 Toyato Camry. I already have 2 sets of Hertz DSK 165.3 for the fronts and rear. I know most don't like/want rear fill but with passengers in the car normally I want sound back there as well. I also already have 2 JL Audio 10w3v3 subs that I was planning on using in my 69 Firebird protouring build but I had to make some changes due to the AirRide suspension, relocated battery and a single JL 10w6 in a custom enclosure. I'm planning on using the factory HU as I hate how the screen and the actual knobs/buttons are separate so I just don't think it would look nice and I still want some of the factory controls in the steering wheel and from the HU. I've been researching and found I need something like the JL Audio Fix 86 or Audison Bit 10 to equalize the signal from the hu before sending to the amp(s). I don't completely understand all of this or if these are still my best option? My question now is, what would be the best budget setup that would still sound good in my car. I was originally going to go with a PPI Phantom P900.4 for the mids & highs and then get a PPI Phantom P1000.1 to run the subs. Looking at the specs, these are more than enough power, but it means running more wires etc. to hook everything up. The other option I recently began to look into was using a 5 channel amp that would still provide enough power for the 2 subs. I came across the Alpine PDX-V9 and from the little time spent looking for reviews, it seems to be a pretty solid amp. It says it provide 100w x 4 @ 4ohms and can provide 500w x 1 @ 2ohms for my subs. Would this be sufficient for my setup? I listen to mostly hip-hop, old school rap, R&B, and some blues while commuting and I do normally listen at higher volumes. Unfortunately the easiest option is to play Pandora via bluetooth, which doesn't really give me the cleanest sound. Let me know your thoughts and what you recommend for what I'm considering. I'm also open to other suggestions regarding amp(s). PS - I will put some Dynomat Extreme in key areas to help with the sound.
  14. I'm kind of in the same boat as far as wanting to keep my stock hu and add speakers, amp and subs. I saw the Audison Bit 10 was recommended and I will look into that, but I was recommended to use the JL Audio Fix 86 from a guy I bought audio equipment from in the past. Can anyone tell me the difference between the 2 and give me input as to which would be better? This is going into my commuter car which is a Camry. I didn't want to put to much money into it, but I also wasn't sure I would like how a double din would look while also having the stock buttons around it and not function.
  15. nativefx

    Smd dd-1

    I'll take it for $100 shipped. PM'd you.