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  1. Jcsaudio

    Are JVC's crap stereos?

    Shows how much your friend knows. JVC and Kenwood are the same company now. I don’t think you will go wrong with that head unit.
  2. Jcsaudio

    SQ Vs SLP Real life applications

    I agree with you Smaple if you start talking custom speaker pods and trim. I just added up what my truck system costs me in my signature and if it were to be purchased with new equipment except for the subwoofer (refurbished) and I came up with about $1400. I guess if you buy used equipment that it can be done for less. It’s my two JL DSP’s that drove up the price, but those things are the key to good SQ in my opinion. Use a Dayton 408 DSP in its place and the budget would be $1150.
  3. Jcsaudio

    Test bench power supply

    I use cascade APS power supplies. They can be gained together in parallel with the same models for up to 6 for increased current. Regular battery chargers can produce some dirty power even on a battery. I learned that the hard way. http://cascadeaudio.com/power_converters/power_converters.htm These are used behind 12 volt electronics displays and in comp cars to power the amps when the car isn’t running. They also do a good job of charging a battery without over charging it so long as you keep the voltage on the lower setting. I have an ASP 30 I might be willing to sell.
  4. Jcsaudio

    SQ Vs SLP Real life applications

    Subwoofer power range 500-1500 watts and front stage power range 50-125 watts per channel for a 2 channel active front stage. No rear speakers, just front and a single ported 10 or twelve would be just right for most people. This forum tends to attract more of the SPL crowd so you will see a bias towards more power than this. Check out DIYmobileAudio for more SQ oriented opinions. A sound quality oriented two way active with 100 wpc front stage and 1000 watt RMS ported 12 can get so loud in a car that it can cause permanent hearing loss just so you know. To get sound quality loud, SQL, (sounds good and gets super loud) you need a DSP, good qaulity low distortion seperate mid woofer and tweeter, and a very well built and designed subwoofer box with a high qaulity low distortion subwoofer. A guy named shredder is good at this so do a search for his posts. You will need some tuning tools or an expert to do it for you with a microphone and RTA to separately EQ each driver to the listening position and time align them too. All of this can easily be done with a budget of less than $1000. The information is all in the history of this forum; you just have to search for it and be willing to do some reading.
  5. Jcsaudio

    What is required to power 2x900w Subwoofers

    It says they are 300 watts RMS each and if that is the case and you need 600 watts RMS for both wired in parallel than an Infinity K-1000 rated for 700 in 4 ohms should do it and $180 from Crutchfield right now. The SoundQubed S1-1250 should also do it, on sale for just $150 right now.
  6. Jcsaudio

    Sony Components... good?

    You took the words right out of my mouth, well said.
  7. Jcsaudio

    Sony Components... good?

    Sony used to be known for making good reliable electronics and I think they still do. Get those things installed, put some power on them, and let us know how they sound.
  8. Jcsaudio

    Does Sound quality rely on RMS?

    I had that Sony deck with built in 40 wpc (back then) in my wife’s previous van driving some Pioneer speakers and was impressed over the deference that power made for those speakers. I think you willl be happy with it. Most of the power demands come in at the lower frequencies so using a HP filter at around 80 Hz in conjunction with a subwoofer will really help out with the sound qaulity and not tax the amplifier as much on dynamic peaks. It also depends on the volume you listen to music too. As mentioned above, try to buy as efficient a speaker as you can get to maximize the available power. I would also recommend running a seperate 10 ga power and ground for that Sony deck to give the internal amplifier the best possible amperage it can get so it runs as efficiently as possible. 10 ga wire, even ofc wire is cheap.
  9. Always does in this hobby Shredder just because the car environment makes it so. I originally didn’t put those 4 corner blocks in and initially wasn’t as happy with the sound at first but then put the blocks in and tuned it a little more and now it’s perfect. Designed for sealed, yes, but the secret is out that the SD3 works great in the right ported box for SQ and if the person is smart with the power.
  10. Jcsaudio

    Best midrange/vocal component speakers around 150 dollars

    I don’t use anything to cover mine but you may find the article here at Sound Deadener Showdown helpful and informative. This guy also has some of the best performing product out there. https://www.sounddeadenershowdown.com/
  11. It is optimized for a sealed enclosure with a soft suspension and its thermal limits are low for a Sundown subwoofer. It’s got all the right technologies though for a good SQ subwoofer and if you design the box just right and keep the power in check and clean, it will deliver nice deep and clean distortion free bass in a ported box. Shredder actually designed the box for me and I built it exactly to those specifications and man o man does it sound good behind the seat of my regular cab pickup truck. I did previously run it in a .5 cu ft sealed box and it does sound great sealed, but ported is sounds better. I think Sundown has to keep true to their customer base where they under rate their subwoofers thermally and optimize many of them for ported enclosures. Take for example the SA series. It’s rated for 750 watts but can take more than double that without issue. Do that to a SD3, especially ported and it won’t take it thermally, and you can bottom it out with too much power relatively easily. BTW, I have an SA-12 and love that sub too. It’s a beast that also can sound good while getting loud at the same time.
  12. SD3 10 if you can fit that size in a .6 cu ft sealed box. Very very good sound quality subwoofer and yes I own one. Does even better in a 1 cu ft ported box tuned to 32.5 and sounds soooo good.
  13. Jcsaudio

    Best midrange/vocal component speakers around 150 dollars

    I started out a long time ago with Polk 6500 components on passive crossovers and an AudioControl DQ61 with an Alpine 3548 2 channel good for 60 wpc. It was old school but that system worked and sounded good in a Mazda SUV. I have graduated to many different active systems using Parts Express or Madisound drivers since then with a DSP. Anyway, I had the same issues with those tweeters that you have. One thing I did was glue a piece of felt over the Polk tweeters so that it covered about 1/3 of the radiating area over the grill. This helped tame them to get me by for a while. Then I simply swapped them for Morel MTD-12 tweeters purchased from Parts Express for $35 each and was pretty happy with that setup for a while. The 8 ohm impedance I think helped tame the reflections off the windshield even though it changed the x-over point on the Polk passives, so it just worked out in my case. Then I purchased a JL TwK 88 and went active with those Polk woofers and Morel tweeters while I learned how to use a DSP and REW, and got them sounding pretty nice. I think most people would have been very happy at that point but part of the fun for me is always trying new things. My point is you do not have to spend a lot of money to get good sound. Many aftermarket ahead units can also do active duty or you can try a cheaper DSP such as the Dayton 408, which I also have. One thing that that was good about those Polk woofers was the midbass they produced. They were pretty good for that. Also, don’t waste your money on hose fast rings. They are a scam. Sound will go right through those so they do nothing but make the guy who invented them rich.
  14. Wish I was in a warmer climate now, lol. I just noticed that I was the first person to post in this thread when you started it months back and I had hundreds more posts than you and now you have more posts than me and still no actual build progress to speak of? Dude, you’ve been spending too much time on the computer sitting on your ass and not actually doing anything. Now get out there and build that system before it’s winter in Georgia, lol.
  15. Jcsaudio

    How long will it last?

    Dam you Shredder! Now I’m going to have to build a high tune box for my SA-12 to try this out. also, f*****g loving that truck box you designed for me using the SD3-10. That subwoofer in that box in that truck is SQ bliss and it can get loud too for a 10 on 500 watts that is.