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  1. Jcsaudio

    Calculating Aero Port Length

    Yes, when I get the chance I will in what enclosure though?
  2. Jcsaudio

    Comments before I buy this sub and make a box

    You will like that Sundown. This is what I use: 3" https://www.parts-express.com/precision-port-3-flared-speaker-cabinet-port-tube-kit--268-350 4" https://www.parts-express.com/precision-port-4-flared-speaker-cabinet-port-tube-kit--268-352
  3. Jcsaudio

    Calculating Aero Port Length

    I just modeled that JL sub in Bass Box Pro and it really isn't the best subwoofer for a ported box and is best in a sealed box. For a Qtc of 7.07, it wants a box that is 3.86 cu ft sealed with an F3 of 37.5 Hz. You should try sealing off that port since the box you have now is close to that size and see how it sounds. You might actually like it. I modeled it ported and let the program dictate the size and it came up with a whopping 8 cu ft with an fb of 19.5. Not exactly what you need! I modeled the JL recommended ported enclosure and its ok but look how the 3.75 vb sealed compares to the JL ported vb 2.75.With cabin gain the sealed should sound a lot better in this instance. Link to picture showing ported vs sealed. https://imgur.com/a/BZZIV6G
  4. Jcsaudio

    Calculating Aero Port Length

    nope, it has to be at least the same distance away from the opening of the port as the diameter is. Example: 4" port must be at least 4" away from obstructions. Turn that bitch around and face it into the box.
  5. Jcsaudio

    Good cheap tweeters

    Yes, because they will not actually get 100 watts rms playing music, not even close. Read this article from Andy that kind of explains it in laymen’s terms. https://www.audiofrog.com/community/tech-tips/pink-noise-white-noise-and-why-your-tweeters-never-get-150-watts/ I do this all the time. I have an amplifier capable of 125 watts rms connected speakers rated for 15 watts RMS but they draw much, much, less power. You have to be smart with the volume and set your gain by ear relative to the subwoofer volume. Subwoofers/bass frequencies take all the power, tweeters do not. I laugh when I hear people say they are sending 200 watts to their tweeters. Just because the amplifier is capable of doing it doesn’t mean it does.
  6. Jcsaudio

    Good cheap tweeters

    Yes but no tweeter will ever see more than that on music power alone, RMS anyway + it really depends on where you put the HP filter. Obviously the higher you go, the more the power handling. It can take much more than that short term and don’t forget those ratings are thermal ratings so unless you are into SPL or are putting test tones through your speakers than it won’t matter as much. I actually do not have this model but a similar earlier version they no longer produce with the coated fabric dome and love it’s smooth detailed response and ability to cross low. If you like a bright tweeter such as that from a metal dome tweeter than this tweeter may not be for you.
  7. Jcsaudio

    Good cheap tweeters

    Tang Bang make some of my favorite budget tweeters. Tang Band 25-2176S 1" Compact Soft Dome Neodymium Tweeter 4 Ohm https://www.parts-express.com/tang-band-25-2176s-1-compact-soft-dome-neodymium-tweeter-4-ohm--264-845
  8. Jcsaudio

    Tuning w/ multimeter

    Must be an Alpine deck! I have that amplifiers and it’s awesome. Also I hate the new site too and is why I stopped posting here much. I liked the old layout much better.
  9. Jcsaudio

    HU DSP/EQ/X-over or Audio contorl EQX?

    No noise issues with my AudioControl stuff and that is with a DQ61, EQX, and two 2XS crossovers. Anyone who has any noise issues with these likely did the install wrong. All of these devices can send over 7 volts to your amplifiers; keeping the noise floor of the amplifier to the lowest it can be. Although old school analog, these things are top notch quality. They would also make great active crossovers for home audio gear with a cheap plug in 12 volt power supply.
  10. Jcsaudio

    HU DSP/EQ/X-over or Audio contorl EQX?

    I’m still running an EQX and I’ll tell you that thing sounds great with the HU handling time alignment. I have a JL TwK DSP in each of my other two vehicles and although you can’t beat the DSP with a proper tune, there is just something about that EQX that just sounds good. I’m nostalgic, so I say keep it.
  11. Jcsaudio

    Audio shop nightmare.. Please advise.

    Post some pictures of the install, wiring, and equipment.
  12. Jcsaudio

    More amp tests on deck... Opinions on more amps...

    I have the NVX MVPA4 and NVX MVPA1 available to test. Would be interesting to see if the dyno results NVX shows is actually even close to being true. Still have the original boxes, manuals, and other packaging materials too. These amplifiers are just sitting on my self collecting dust.
  13. As batteries get older, and especially in the heat, they lose their ability to hold a charge and also to support large electrical loads. If the batteries are getting old than you may want to test them or if they are 4 or more years old, just replace them. On those big bass hits, they may not support the large current surges they once did causing the voltage to dip a little more than before, which when below 12 volts, isn't good long term for the amplifiers.
  14. Jcsaudio

    Adire Audio is back!

    I believe the SSA Icon is not made anymore? Subwoofers
  15. Gramps isn't posting right now so that is why its faster.