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  1. Kasmatic Abyss

    Getting speaker wire into car door

    The picture with my hands in it is the boot between the car and door and the other shows the spot where the boot twists into, yes twist, this thing spins like a screw to tighten. Luckily there is no molex connector on the other side of the boot. I know you can drill through these as long as your careful not to hit any of the wires but I am currently upgrading my speaker wire to karma SS 12 Gauge Speaker Wire from KnuKonceptz and I don't know if I have enough space to get the wire through. Any suggestions would be appreciated, sorry about the blurry second pic my phone wouldn't focus being in such a weird angle to get the photo.
  2. I have a 2006 ford focus zx4 and I am needing to get speaker wire into my car door and there is a small issue. The factory boot that leads to the door is not an open hole but completely filled with a harness that has the factory wiring in it. Is there any kind of adapter I can get that would allow me to run some wire through or do I have to drill my own holes. Side note if I have to make my own what would be the best way to do so I am looking for a one and done kind of install all top notch and never have to think about it again.
  3. Kasmatic Abyss

    tweeter static

    I installed everything.
  4. Kasmatic Abyss

    tweeter static

    I have a focal PS 130V components running 3-way active on a DEH 80prs powered by a zapco ST-4XP 4 channel amp. I keep getting static in the tweeters only when I put my brakes on faster then normal. If I slow to a stop they don't have any distortion. What could be causing this I thought maybe some wires were loose behind the receiver but when I looked I didn't see anything abnormal.
  5. Kasmatic Abyss

    Which would you pick, and why?

    Pretty sure you just have some weird thing going for any sundown product. (we all have that one brand that makes us go gaga over)
  6. Kasmatic Abyss

    Budget Amp?

    I would honestly just disconnect the rears and use the money as extra sound deadening.
  7. Kasmatic Abyss

    High Volume Distortion

    Would need to know the specifics of the amp and the speakers. A lot of amps claim to power 100 rms while only doing about 70 and some speakers are power hungry meaning they need more power then what is recommended.
  8. I would use a ferrule they are a cheap and easy way to ensure that your wires are connected properly and protected. Just make sure to get the matching gauge wire.
  9. Kasmatic Abyss

    Upgrading Car Audio

    My first choice would be the Alpine CDE-163 for $199 but I was also looking at the Kenwood Excelon KDC-X501 but i don't want to have such nice speakers and a sub par HU. I was wondering if the Alpine is worth the money.
  10. Kasmatic Abyss

    Upgrading Car Audio

    Hello everyone I am new to car audio and am looking to upgrade my whole system in my tiny ford focus I already have a sub (Pioneer TS-W261 10"). I have done about 50 hours research and talked to a couple people and have got a decent set-up (or so I hope) https://www.crutchfield.com/cart/default.aspx?wm=tn1 . I am looking for clarity over volume I want to hear every detail from the speakers. The HU doesn't need to be fancy just EQ adjustments and provide the best quality sound to the speakers. I am not sure about the amp I just don't want it to break the bank. I would appreciate any help to my build and am willing to answer any questions.