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    Wolfram AG15 4.15 cubes @ 29hz, Wolfram w-1500.1
  1. My new girl surprised me out of the blue with a new CT Sounds Strato 2.0 8” d2 cuz I told her I was in the market for an 8” sub to use temporarily in my car while I wait for the AG15. Once the 15 arrives this 8 will be used alongside a car audio boombox I’m making for my room(4x 6.5, 2x BZRK flush mount tweets, and a double din JVC hu, all run off an Xbox 360 power supply.) I’ll worry about how I’ll power the 8” once the time comes. I’m looking for pros and cons for each, theoretically which will dig deeper or be louder. I only care about 28-48hz. So for now I’m stuck between a 2:1 series 6th or 5:1 4th order. I don’t want to do another plain Jane ported I wanna dip my **** in something new. Space is no issue. I have the design already for the 4th order I just need someone to make a cut sheet for me OR if someone wants to HELP me design a series 6th that would be awesome to. I’m paying $930 a month in child support so I’m broke so I’m really just looking for guidance. I don’t have a computer or I would do it myself!
  2. Darth_Immitis

    No car no bass

    I’ve been mia here for awhile cuz I finally got a Facebook and shits been hectic all around but I’m still gunna try and pop back in here every once in awhile
  3. Darth_Immitis

    No car no bass

    I’m going through a divorce and the **** took my focus cuz it was in her name so now im without a car. Luckily I was able to get all my gear out before she had me arrested for a bogus domestic assault charge the allowed her to get a restraining order and get me out of the house. I’ve been living at my parents house and using my enclosure as a night stand lol the most fucked up part is she won’t let me see my daughters. I have court next Wednesday and that will be one month to the day that I’ve seen them :/ Anyways once I pay off my lawyer and get my w2s she’s holding from me so I can do my taxes I’ll get a new vehicle and start over!
  4. Darth_Immitis

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    I’m gunna wall a smart car and smoke all of you...
  5. Darth_Immitis

    What annoys the ***** outta you/pisses you off...

    When I’m getting my **** ****** at work in the women’s bathroom and I have to jump on the toilet because someone else walks in...
  6. Darth_Immitis

    **** CT Sounds (2018 Edition)

    All I know is $uicide Boy$ is my ****
  7. Darth_Immitis

    Ghostemane song for you guys to try

    That’s all good music. I listen to Suicide Boys, Pouya, Germ, Ghostmane, Maco Kream, Lil Peep, Marshmello, Future, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Since I started listening to Suicide Boys tho I barely listen to anything else lol Ruby is a beast
  8. Darth_Immitis

    Ghostemane song for you guys to try

  9. Darth_Immitis

    Ghostemane song for you guys to try

    Papermaker probably listens to fuckin Backstreet Boys
  10. Darth_Immitis


    Not yeti
  11. Darth_Immitis

    Ghostemane song for you guys to try

    Your only a couple years older than me shithead ---------- Post added at 05:57 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:57 PM ---------- What do you listen to ya big dummy
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    If the weather was nicer I have a growing list of **** I need to do to me car. I walk around outside all day at work so doing anything to my car in ****** weather is not enjoyable
  13. Darth_Immitis

    Ghostemane song for you guys to try

    Nice! If you could do these two songs and get em in the 28-31hz range I’ll love you forever
  14. Darth_Immitis

    Where are the NM competitions

    Nice! I told you
  15. Darth_Immitis


    I told you I was bored lol