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  1. YaImCool

    Is this possible?

    How would I hook up the HU in the trunk to the factory amp if it doesnt have RCA's tho? and what do you think about getting a new amp, hooking up speakers to it, and running rca to aux for iphone? Edit: just realized that woudnt work because 4 channels have 2 RCA inputs.. front and rear.. lol.
  2. YaImCool

    Is this possible?

    Not sure if it matters but that link to the dash kit is for 2002-2008 A4's I have a 2011.
  3. YaImCool

    Is this possible?

    2011 audi A4. No dash kit on crutchfield, only aftermarket HU with usb/bluetooth is like $500. Tried a fm transmitter bluetooth thing from wally world it sounded so bad static made it pretty much useless. Iv'e tried searching like every thing I could think of
  4. YaImCool

    Is this possible?

    Its a 2011 audi a4
  5. YaImCool

    Is this possible?

    Possible to run an RCA to aux cord from a factory amplifier to iphone and play music straight from the phone? Do factory amps even have RCA's that come from the factory HU that can be unplugged? If this isnt possible, could I buy a cheap 40W 4 channel, unplug the speakers from the factory amp and put them on the new amp, then run a RCA to aux to Iphone from that amp? its 2 tweets and 2 mids up front, then the same in the rear doors. Could you wire 4 tweets (2 on each front channel) with the amps HPF set high then 4 mids (2 on each rear channel) with hpf and lpf? Or maybe just the front speakers hooked up? Desperatly trying to find a way to play music from a iphone in a foreign car with no bluetooth/usb/aux and no dash kit to install a aftermarket HU and after research this is all I can come up with lol.
  6. YaImCool

    Help with Audi A4

    After researching it seems no one has any answers. Could I just get a cheap 4 channel, unhook stock speakers from factory amp in the trunk and run them to new amp, then run a rca to aux from the amp to phone? Thats the only thing I can come up with other than dropping close to $500 on the Hu.
  7. YaImCool

    Help with Audi A4

    Whats the best way to play music from an iphone in an audi A4? Either bluetooth, USB, or aux I dont care. I tried a fm transmitter that plugs into the 12v and it had tons of static and sounded bad. Crutchfield is showing no dash kit to put in a aftermarket HU. Any one have here own a audi that can help? I Found this online but has bad reviews. https://www.ebay.com/i/221718844037?chn=ps&dispItem=1