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  1. Jski1990

    Sundown team 18

    If it can do .5 ohm don’t do 1 ohm. That’s just wasting potential power. If you get the dual .7’s you should be able to wire them down to a .7 load. otherwise on down4sound they have dual 1 coils listed
  2. Jski1990

    Sundown team 18

    I really hope these 5000 watt subs aren't going on a "5000 watts max" boss amp...but yea I usually go on the12volt for spitballing ideas and check with a dmm before powering anything
  3. Jski1990

    Sundown SD3-10 upgrade?

    It’s kinda loud, it startled me the first time I did it lol.
  4. Jski1990

    Wolfram 7500

    I killed a guy...
  5. Jski1990

    Sundown SD3-10 upgrade?

    It’s probly your amp, I’ve had sd3’s and they sound good up untill they smack bottom lol
  6. You might just have to give up one of your back seats and put a ported box in that mofo or your never going to be happy with the sound
  7. Jski1990

    How do you guys get 1/0 gauge wire into amps?

    3000 watt amp with 4 gauge inputs? What amp is it?
  8. Jski1990

    Skar vs Taramps vs Kicker monoblocks?

    What’s the difference between the md and hd? Was browsing amps and saw two different ones in the same search
  9. I’m not worried about numbers, it just gonna be for music and if I am bumpin I’m usually alone anyway. If I ever come across a term lab for cheap or if someone that lives close by has one it would be cool to see what kind of numbers I could get though.
  10. Ok thanks guys. Ported on passenger side it is!
  11. Ok I apologize if this was brought up a million times but I tried using the search thing on here and couldn’t find it. Anyways, typically when I make a box I end up having the port on the drivers side and when I open the passenger window it seems louder. So since I’m driving I’d rather have it seem louder with my window open. Could I get that effect by just putting the port to the passenger side? Sub will be firing up, port back and going in my explorer. thanks
  12. Jski1990

    2003 Ford Explorer Setup Questions

    Sundown Audio sells rebuilt/refurbished subs, I just checked and the sd3 10” are 145$ shipped. That would sound good with the space you have.
  13. Jski1990

    new rockville sub $259

    Shiney Paper Dustcap? I’m sold
  14. Anything above 32 degrees should do the trick lol
  15. Jski1990

    Sundown X8v3 or SA8v3

    The website says they’re an spl sub but they still sound good and get down low. I’ve ran the v1 and v2 versions, in a proper box they sound great