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  1. Jski1990

    Home amps and raw drivers?

    Parts express sells pre built crossovers. I just used some 3 way crossovers by Dayton when I made my tower speakers, pretty happy with them so far. Would work good for you too probly with the number of speakers you have. One mid, one woofer and one tweeter per side. You would just have to find one with a crossover point that would work for your speakers.
  2. Wire them to .5 ohm. If you have the power to run it and don’t clip you’ll be fine.
  3. Jski1990

    Comments before I buy this sub and make a box

    Looks like this
  4. Jski1990

    Comments before I buy this sub and make a box

    Black autobahn carpet from menards looks really nice on sub boxes, I used to use it all the time but I don’t bother anymore cuz I don’t keep anything that long. Autobahn or autobond... I can’t remember lol, anyway it’s thin black carpet that I think is 6ft wide and go whatever length you want. Goes on easy with some spray adhesive or contact cement.
  5. 2 sd3 12’s sealed would sound good and still get down and the box would be super easy to do yourself, Or 1 sa12 In a box big enough for it to perform the right way
  6. Yes, all of that. I got a 250w Dayton plate amp off eBay for like 80 bucks
  7. You could use a computer power supply, but unless you have a 1000watts+ psu just laying around you’d probly be better off just buying a powered sub. There is an ad under your post as I’m typing this for a 10” Polk powered sub on amazon prime for $99.99 lol
  8. Jski1990

    Box Help For 2 SA12s

    Box 1. It says 4ft@32 hz but I’m guessing that’s before sub displacement so tuning might come in a bit higher. Box 2 port looks huge and it says “spl port” so yeah it’s probly tuned really high.
  9. Just run a remote line and see if it fixes it, if not then you have it ran already for your next amp:cool:
  10. Jski1990


  11. Jski1990


    I can’t find anything on the dnr ones, only thing that comes up is scar audio dnr
  12. Jski1990


    Emfaudio.com had them listed for a while now with pics but no specs, but yea new stuff is always nice!
  13. Jski1990

    Zv5 reverse mount

    If I’m reading that right that’s what I was thinking too. Oversized cutouts on the box itself and then make a “plate” with the actual size cutouts on that I would mount to the subs then flip onto the box. Then I could always flip it over if I want them in a normal mount too:p:
  14. Jski1990

    Zv5 reverse mount

    Yea I know it’s not cheap lol. I’m not really limited on space so I think I’d be ok motor up. I was gonna use some 1/4” stainless socket head bolts with nuts and threadlocker to hold them in. Should look halfway classy lol
  15. Jski1990

    Zv5 reverse mount

    Yeah, I could probly get the box together and save the sub baffle for last. Could use a foam gasket and screws so I can remove it