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  1. Anything above 32 degrees should do the trick lol
  2. Jski1990

    Sundown X8v3 or SA8v3

    The website says they’re an spl sub but they still sound good and get down low. I’ve ran the v1 and v2 versions, in a proper box they sound great
  3. Jski1990

    Sundown X8v3 or SA8v3

    Have you ever done any reconing? I have 2 x8 v2’s I kinda want to get rid of but one of them needs a recone. The other ones good though
  4. Jski1990

    Amp to run Kicker 43CSC674 6-3/4" 2-way speakers?

    Hifisoundconnection has refurbished kicker amps for cheap if you want the amp to match the speakers. I bought from them a few times with no issues. I’ve had my kicker 4 channel from them in my toolcart radio for about 3 years now.
  5. Jski1990

    Stay at .5ohm or strap for 2ohm?

    Or if they have any 6k amp in the sundown yard sale I might just have to get one.
  6. Jski1990

    Stay at .5ohm or strap for 2ohm?

    Taramps is tempting, but I feel like I would be worrying about it all the time, I know most Koreans can take a beating so I’m thinking I’ll stay with them. I’m gonna keep an eye out for that Orion 5k though😜
  7. Jski1990

    Stay at .5ohm or strap for 2ohm?

    The Orion 3000 dsplx did very well on the dyno. I wouldnt mind trying out the 5000dsplx but they seem to be nonexistent lol. So being labeled a spl competition amp, would the hcca not be good choice for a daily driver then? I’ve never ran Orion stuff, are they pretty tough?
  8. Jski1990

    Stay at .5ohm or strap for 2ohm?

    Yea I suppose, but I’ve been happy with sundown so far. What amps can make good power for cheaper? I know Brazilian amps make power for crazy cheap but not so reliable.
  9. Jski1990

    Stay at .5ohm or strap for 2ohm?

    Yes very expensive, I’d probly wait till I saw a b-stock one or maybe take a gamble on a yard sale one. Electrical I have a d3400 up front and 2 xp2500’s in the back
  10. Jski1990

    Stay at .5ohm or strap for 2ohm?

    I’m currently running the scv4000 but if I upgraded it would probly be to the scv6000
  11. Jski1990

    Stay at .5ohm or strap for 2ohm?

    Yea I guess I’m kinda leaning towards getting a bigger amp but that’s a big chunk o change
  12. Jski1990

    Stay at .5ohm or strap for 2ohm?

    Ok so currently I’m running my scv4000 at half ohm. I’ve been thinking lately that I might want to pick up another one depending on my tax return and wire to 2ohms strapped. Would would there be any difference in power or would it be kind of a waste? I’m just wondering cuz my amp is rated 4000rms at 1 ohm but I’m running at half ohm so “theoretically” I would be at 8000rms if there was no impedance rise. 2 scv4000 strapped are rated for 8000rms at 2 ohms before any rise, but could they be much more efficient at the 2ohms resulting in more power? Or maybe sell my current amp and get the 6k instead lol? I might just be rambling but any input would be great
  13. Jski1990

    Deaf Bonce or Sundown Audio

    I can’t speak for the deaf bonce as I’ve never had them but I can tell you that the e series can handle a ton of power for how much they cost. A while back I got an e15 from the sundown yard sale and beat the piss out of it lol. I had my amm1 hooked up and was running test tones and around 1000-1300rms it started to bottom the sub out depending on frequency. But I guess a lot could change depending on box design,and you wouldn’t do that to something you planned on keeping lol
  14. Jski1990

    Questionable Amplifiers

    https://www.skaraudio.com/products/rp-1500-1d-car-amplifier alot of people don’t like skar audio but if your looking for a cheap amp this is what I’d get. It’s 180$ plus 15%off with free shipping!
  15. Jski1990

    Questionable Amplifiers

    Yes, if you are trying to pull more power than the amp is capable of you will be clipping. Idk what your budget is but for a 1000rms sub I’d be looking for at LEAST a 1500watt amp. Then you can push the sub without maxing our your amp.