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  1. Just run a remote line and see if it fixes it, if not then you have it ran already for your next amp:cool:
  2. Jski1990


  3. Jski1990


    I can’t find anything on the dnr ones, only thing that comes up is scar audio dnr
  4. Jski1990


    Emfaudio.com had them listed for a while now with pics but no specs, but yea new stuff is always nice!
  5. Jski1990

    Zv5 reverse mount

    If I’m reading that right that’s what I was thinking too. Oversized cutouts on the box itself and then make a “plate” with the actual size cutouts on that I would mount to the subs then flip onto the box. Then I could always flip it over if I want them in a normal mount too:p:
  6. Jski1990

    Zv5 reverse mount

    Yea I know it’s not cheap lol. I’m not really limited on space so I think I’d be ok motor up. I was gonna use some 1/4” stainless socket head bolts with nuts and threadlocker to hold them in. Should look halfway classy lol
  7. Jski1990

    Zv5 reverse mount

    Yeah, I could probly get the box together and save the sub baffle for last. Could use a foam gasket and screws so I can remove it
  8. Jski1990

    Zv5 reverse mount

    What’s the purpose of that? So the surround can’t rub?
  9. Jski1990

    Zv5 reverse mount

    Another thing too is I’ve seen people wear through they’re surround doing it reverse from being to close to the cutout:crap: . So maybe I’d bevel the edges a tiny bit on the cutout
  10. Jski1990

    Zv5 reverse mount

    That would look cool too. I’m not really sure where to get thick plexiglass around here tho. Menards maybe? I just kind of like how ridiculous these would look motor up lol
  11. Jski1990

    Zv5 reverse mount

    Sup guys I just got 2 Zv5 12’s for my next project and I was thinking that it would be such a shame to hide these beautiful motors in a box. Has anyone ever ran zv4 or Zv5’s reverse mount before? I’m just kind of worried that I’m going to hear a lot of motor noise or I mean air moving through the cooling on them. They’re going in my explorer so I don’t have a trunk to muffle any noises. Thanks!
  12. Oh ok lol. Thanks. Maybe I’ll just do both if I can find a good deal
  13. Is that bad? I’ve had mine like that for about a year now lol
  14. That’s kind of what I’m leaning towards. I would like to try a cap bank one of these times but they seem kind of expensive
  15. So I’m hoping to do something new with some tax money this year, I want do .5 ohm this time so I will need some more battery power. Would I be better off upgrading my stock battery up front to like a d3400 or add another xp2500 to the back?