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  1. YukonXL04

    So I just ordered 4 of these...

    Man that's pretty good for a $20 sub...
  2. I have 2 f8ls in my truck right now, I believe they are in 1.4 cubes ported with 22sq in on port area, (if I remember right) man these things impress me every day. I cant believe what they can do for 2 8s... but they are on a roughly 2k amp... so plenty of power. I would sell the skars and pick up 2 of these. They should cure you of your bass problem
  3. YukonXL04

    6.2 inch or 7 inch

    Sometimes the 7" will be a little deeper front to back, you might check that. But almost everytime I put in a double din a 7" would fit
  4. YukonXL04

    2014 silverado dual sa 10s

    Not any installed pics, dont like it so I will be building a new one with kerfed corners.
  5. YukonXL04

    2014 silverado dual sa 10s

    The 3.1 cubes shouldn't be too hard gross, but 3.1 cubes net with proper port area is going to be a challenge. I think without my storage area I'm close to 2 cubes net with 22 sq in of port area. You will have 2 more inches of height, and I didnt build my box the full space under the seat, theres still about 3 inches of width left.
  6. YukonXL04

    2014 silverado dual sa 10s

    So what exactly is the point of this entire thread? Anyone that posts something useful you already have an answer for... Not trying to be a dick, but do you have an actual question?
  7. YukonXL04

    2014 silverado dual sa 10s

    I believe there is some difference between years, the 14+ have less height and less trans hump. However just measure and see, it might work but you'll be lifting more than 2 inches. Be careful how much over 2" you go or the hooks wont grab the back wall.
  8. YukonXL04

    2014 silverado dual sa 10s

    Maybe up fire, I did a 2 " lift to fit 2 F8L's forward fire. But I only have 10" height on the face of the box. Here's pictures of the 2" lift I built, and of the 2 8 box. Port out the driver side with a storage area.
  9. YukonXL04

    Single Cab Truck

    Should be a solid starter setup. Going from 2 bazooka's to 2 10s, you should be happy. Wont be a downgrade in any way other than loss of storage room.
  10. YukonXL04

    F8L 8"

    Here's the box. I'll be making a new one. Original plan was to kerf the front corners to match the seat curves, but this box was planned to sit about 3 inches from the seat edge, so I figured I would trim out the front and sides and curve them some. But the box doesnt fit all the way back. About flush with the seat so no room to do so. The open area is a storage cubby. Wanted that bigger as well. So the new box will be a little smaller in airspace and less port area will give me a larger cubby
  11. YukonXL04

    Single Cab Truck

    What year silverado? I built a pretty sweet console box for a 04 yukon that had a single RE SE10 in it on a JBL 600.1 it was a pretty solid setup. If I were you, I would browse craigslist and find a pair of 10s and a amp for 2-300 used. And save the extra money you were gonna spend. Listen to it for a while and it will give you an idea of what you might want to upgrade to later. Then just sell the used stuff for a similar price as what you paid for it and upgrade. I did a budget setup in a buddies 05 single cab, single 15" skar VD behind the seat in a ported box. On a budget JBL 500.1. The sub, amp, and wood was like 250 combined lol. Stupid deal.
  12. YukonXL04

    Single Cab Truck

    2 10w0s aren't going to hit you in the face lol... I havent been real impressed with any subs from Memphis. Had 3-4 different versions never "loved" any of them Buddy in high school had 4 10w1s in a single cab on a 1500.1 it was pretty sweet.
  13. YukonXL04

    Replacement for 12W7 cone cover?

    Boy that thing has had a hard life.... take the rest of the cone cover off and put a regular dust cap on it
  14. YukonXL04

    F8L 8"

    Yea I'm thinking maybe build a new box, not happy with how this one fits under the seat. Maybe 1.2-.3 ish with a single 4" flared aero port. However this port has a lot of velocity. Going smaller might not be good. Overall I'm really impressed with the subs, on a low volume they are smooth and blend well. Turn up the knob a little and they are banging pretty good. Definitely more than I thought.
  15. YukonXL04

    F8L 8"

    Well they sure as heck dont sound like 8s lol. These subs plain look beastly. And are huge. They sound awesome. Definitely better than the 12w6v2 they replaced. However I think my box needs some tweaking, or my factory radio is wreaking havoc on my signal. They are bottom heavy in my install. Kills 30-40 ish, 50 or so takes back down. And below 30 is almost nothing but I know my factory radio cuts out low bass. For the record install info 18 sierra crew cab with bose LOC hooked to sub output on bose amp DD M2a at 1 ohm so plenty of power 1.44 cubes at 32hz with 22.5" of port area. Subs passenger side facing forward, port exit out the side on drivers side. I'll be playing with it more in the weeks to come. May try a new box. Also have a audio control LC2i coming to replace the current LOC. As for the subs themselves I'm impressed. Pretty sure my issues are vehicle and box related