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  1. YukonXL04

    How long will it last?

    Man I'm glad I saw this. Was thinking about 3 of those 6.5s because of height issues. But figured they wouldn't cut it. 2 8s it is then. Then again I'm planning on 2 f8ls... not a small 8 I was however thinking of putting 1 of those evl6.5 on my 4 wheeler front box downfire to fill in the low end.
  2. YukonXL04

    How long will it last?

    Heck yea. I miss building nice rectangle boxes hahaha... havent built a nice simple box in a while! Everything has been crazy shaped or kerfed...
  3. YukonXL04

    JL 10TW3-D4 Sealed Box Air Space

    Yea you should be fine. .5 is pretty small for a 10 anyways, so it should work out well for you. These trucks are kinda hard to fit anything good under the seat. I have a 18 sierra crew cab
  4. YukonXL04

    New guy needing a bit of advice on Sub woofers.

    I have a DD 9518 for sale if your in texas lol.
  5. YukonXL04

    Aero Port size / Port noise

    I dont think a single 3" is going to be enough for 1000w rms 10. I would definitely plan on using the 4" if your already experiencing port noise.
  6. YukonXL04

    Calculating Aero Port Length

    Looks like the screws for the outside flare aren't really grabbing any wood. You might put some adhesive under the outer lip
  7. YukonXL04

    Post your first system

    I had a 95 4dr s10 blazer. When I got it it was stock everything but someone added a pioneer 6 disc changer in the back. And yes I used that mofo lol. Bout 6 months later I changed the radio out for a JVC CD player with 3 sets of 4v preouts. 2 pair of pioneer D series 6.75 coax, and a Rockford 300/4 punch. The one with the chrome covers lol. Then about 2-3 months later my buddy was selling a kenwood 1801D and 2 L5 15s in a premade box. Scooped that up, while installing it all managed to fry the amp LOL. Picked up a cheap boss and ran it till I blew the subs and amp. That blazer saw no less than 30 different head units. Probably 25-30 different sub setups, and atleast 20 different amps. But the Rockford punch and 4 pioneer coax lasted the life of the blazer. Now those pioneer coax are in our ski boat. Rockford amp is dead. Not bad considering those speakers saw 3 different vehicles and a boat, and are 14-15 years old lol
  8. Sam's club usually has AGM batteries for a good price
  9. YukonXL04

    Box Help For 2 SA12s

    Man... I wouldn't put a prefab box in anything I own. Or any of my friends... I dont care if it's a $20 pioneer sub, or a $1000 DD sub... only custom boxes...
  10. YukonXL04

    2 ct sounds meso 8s vs 4 skar ma 8s

    The trick is going to be airspace to go ported... myself, I'm planning on 2 F8L's on a 2k in 1.5 cubes ported tuned to 33hz. But mine is a crew cab. 18 crew cab sierra. But even with a 2" lift, I dont think I can fit 4 8s with proper airspace and port area. I can fit 3 8's though.
  11. YukonXL04

    6.5 midrange recs

    Yea, so I could send 150ish rms to each tweeter, and 250 to each mid. They were passive bridged at 4 ohms on 250 each and my amp Rockford T400-4 would overheat trying to run them and the speakers still wanted more.
  12. That's alot of settings maxed which is bad... but since it's just door speakers, I'm betting it's those cheap rca cables your using on the 4ch amp
  13. Is the distortion coming from the door speakers only? Sub only? Both?
  14. This. That's the downside to round ports. But I like throwing a big flare on them if I'm borderline on port area. I know that's how all my boxes go, one compromise for another. But I also try to go for the max in a given area as well...
  15. Could be as simple as a gain problem on the amp. ie gain turned up too high. Try turning it down some and see how it does. Hows the amp get signal? Aftermarket radio or line out converter? If a line out converter, then the gain on it could be too high as well. I have ran subs on 4ch amps many times. Usually doesnt pose a problem. When your broke, and only have 1 amp, gotta use it the best you can lol.