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  1. Mk3 Dave

    Headrest speakers?

    I meant that your ideas sounded awesome, the 5x10 and head rest speakers sound awful and distort to easily, so some 6 1/2s in the dash are a good start. could i put some 6x9 or 8' speakers on the floor to cover some of the lower end or something. Sorry about my ignorance this is new to me.
  2. Mk3 Dave

    Headrest speakers?

    I'm not opposed to those ideas, they sound awesome. i can fit 5 1/4 in them would those work? if so i'll give them a try, but not right now cause its dark and -13, i'll look into the 8"s behind the seats I wonder if theres space between the rear panel and firewall.
  3. Mk3 Dave

    Headrest speakers?

    yup, there were two 4x10 delco 10ohm speakers in the front dash, none in the door and no room behind the seats for normal subs, wondering if a large 12" pancake sub will work for a while.
  4. Mk3 Dave

    Headrest speakers?

    yeah there is, i shined a light in and saw two speakers, nah just a dome light comes on, what i meant was that music played with the radio, had to turn the bias all the way to the front, they adjust left to right as well. Is this a good place to put speakers? the engine is in the back so i was wondering what kind of things people have done with cars like this that don't have a lot of cabin room.
  5. Mk3 Dave

    Headrest speakers?

    Hello, I bought an 84 fiero a while ago put a radio in and was surprised to hear the headrest talking to me, just curious if there is any good reason to upgrade or eliminate the speakers there. thanks for any info. Dave