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  1. Jeepsandbass

    Taramps hd 3000 and Sony xav 100

    Well I just bought a pac ld-10 line driver Im hoping it fixes that issue I don't like to have to turn my amp up more than I have to. The ld 10 I'm not sure how many volts it goes up to but I think it'll make a difference. Thanks for the input. I'm also getting some sub popping when I turn the car off any ideas?
  2. Jeepsandbass

    Taramps hd 3000 and Sony xav 100

    So I currently have a Taramps hd 3000, 2 alpine type x 12s and a Sony xav 100. The problem I am having is not alot of output I have everything hooked up right and it works its loud but I have to turn the amp almost all the way up to get the sound i want. I was wondering if I bought a line driver would it make it where I don't need to turn the amp all the way up to get more output? The radio only has 2v rcas which might be the problem. I like the HD3000 tho for 189 bucks you really can't beat the price. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Jeepsandbass

    Kove audio armageddon t-3 12s

    And plus I'd hate to buy those kove subs if I couldn't get more later eventually I might want a 4 12 system.
  4. Jeepsandbass

    Kove audio armageddon t-3 12s

    Yes still for the jeep man i had to get rid of my system due to something going on. I want to spend maybe 125 to 150 per sub and get a decent amp of course no bs amp.
  5. Jeepsandbass

    Kove audio armageddon t-3 12s

    I also seen a guy with an addictive audio v4 12 for 125 bucks is that a good deal?
  6. Jeepsandbass

    Kove audio armageddon t-3 12s

    Wasup guys Ive been looking for a system for alittle bit anyways come across a local Facebook ad for 2 kove audio armageddon t-3 12s I can't find any info on these subs but they look extremely beefy the magnet is pretty big anyways the guy is asking 100 for both subs and they look like there in pretty good condition. Can anyone help me out? I need to know the rms on these bad boys before I buy them and do you guys think it's worth buying? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Jeepsandbass

    Pioneer DEH-80Prs

    Do you still have?
  8. Jeepsandbass

    orion xtr 1500.1 vs cab 1600.1

    I have vids of both amps playing the same sub in the same box if you guys want to see let me know if your on a budget the cab is just the best way to go.
  9. Jeepsandbass

    orion xtr 1500.1 vs cab 1600.1

    I might be bringing up an old post but I still wanted to post this I bought the orion xtr amp and the cab 1600 from a good friend of mine I just thought I would post the differences and my opinion on which one I think is better. So the orion has a very cheap bass knob, no full ssf only 0 and 25 hz while the cab is completely adjustable, the xtr has a plug in for strapping 2 amps together the cab is strappable also but a different way. I can completely say no doubt that the cab is just an overall better amp with more power than the xtr I'm not saying the xtr is bad but you can literally buy the Cab for 200 while the xtr is more. If I was to choose between the two the cab has my vote it's a power house for 200 bucks I also had problems with my xtr going into protect after playing for awhile and the cab never done that so I just sent the xtr back and kept the beastly cab.
  10. so a 8 in aero port jeez do they even sell them that big?
  11. what would you recommend a slot port width and length? i still would like 32 hz tuning.
  12. So a 6 inch aero port at 16 inches long is fine lol? I'm so confused. ---------- Post added at 02:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:25 PM ---------- What is that program called btw?
  13. And your saying I should go with a square port instead of aero port?