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  1. Good to know! thanks. Does this mean I can expect much better sound when I get this new box in?
  2. Thanks, I'll look around and see what the best option will be in my car
  3. I knew from the start that the box wasn't great, but I travel cross country with this car a few times a year so a bigger box was never really an option (need storage space). I just got off the phone with a custom box installer and going to meet with him soon to build something thatll sound better
  4. Where should I be mounting the amp instead? I really only have it mounted on my box to save room.
  5. Hi. I currently have a Sundown SA-12 rev3, paired with a Rockford Fosgate Prime 1,200 Watt amp. I am pushing 800 Watts to my sub. I currently have a generic 12 inch ported subwoofer box from Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0013N0UEE/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1) This box has been fine but I've noticed that the quality of this thing must be pretty bad because some of the screws have come out of both my amp and the sub itself. The sub sounds bad now and I can't get the screws to screw back in. I think it's time for a box upgrade. I know Sundown has recommendations for enclosures on their website, however I am a student living on campus and have no way to design a box myself. Does anyone have any recommendations for a prebuilt box upgrade? I'm looking for something not super huge as I do travel and need space but am willing to upgrade in size slightly from my current box. (current: (Height) 13.625" x (Width) 16" x (Depth) 17.375" ) I listen to lots of hip hop and love loud, filling bass. Ported is preferred. I appreciate any help
  6. thanks, got a suggestion on a good EQ for bass heavy songs? like hiphop/stuff like that
  7. thanks, I'll play around with it later. is it bad for the EQ to be at powerful aside from the fact that it ruins the balance of audio such as in my case?
  8. Thanks I'll try to do this this afternoon. On my headunit I have it set on loudness low and the powerful eq. Without the loudness set the sub is very quiet. So I shouldn't be using these at all? I'll give that a shot
  9. I have a pioneer x6700bt and other than my door speakers which I replaced with some kicker speakers, all the other speakers are stock This box is huge already like a third of my trunk, can't really get something bigger right now unless I wanna lose my entire trunk. Moving after summer so that's not an option for me at the moment..
  10. right now, depending on the song ofc the bass is much louder than the rest. At 10-11 volume on bass heavy songs it's very loud and I can't hear the rest of the music
  11. thanks to this website I recently upgraded my system from a really unbalanced setup to something that I'm more happy with. I have a rockford fosgate prime 1200w amp and a sundown audio 12 750w. I am using a prefab box (link) because I currently do not have the means to build one myself. this has always been an issue for me, even with my old build. volume is extremely loud at like 10-15 when my pioneer stereo goes up to 62. I know this isn't right and I want to see what I'm doing wrong to fix it all I've been looking around and what I found was that I should turn the volume up to 75%, set the gain all the way down, and play a bass tone while pushing the gain up slightly until it distorts. I must've done something wrong because even with this my audio volume was very high past the 10s on my stereo. I'm very new to all of this and have no experience other than what I can find online. what should I be looking at, and what am I missing? thanks guys
  12. my sub is 750w rms so no worries there. The link is just an amazonbasics 16 gauge speaker wire. do you recommend using banana plugs for connecting the wire to the sub itself?
  13. Ordered my new sub and enclosure and am having some trouble figuring out what speaker wire to use. 16 gauge is acceptable for most installations, correct? so i'd be safe with this bundle? https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-16-Gauge-Speaker-Wire-Feet/dp/B01FJAA3ZW/ref=pd_sbs_23_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B006LW0W5Y&pd_rd_r=Y4RR2GKN758PRGQBGY1B&pd_rd_w=KOZ86&pd_rd_wg=8UXws&refRID=Y4RR2GKN758PRGQBGY1B&th=1 All I'm trying to do is connect my sub terminals to the enclosure itself. the rest outside the enclosure I have covered. but it'd be nice to know in the future and have extra on hand for future projects excuse the stupid question thanks guys
  14. thanks man, I think I'll go for a 12 and play around with a ported box and see what I like more. shouldnt be too costly. also have some kicker door speakers that were gifted to me to install once it warms up outside.
  15. I definitely want a deeper and filling sound I guess to describe it. Right now mine only punches when I want it to fill my car if that makes more sense. Long low notes aren't as loud and filling as I want. I was thinking about doing what Superduty said and getting a 12 inch 750w since 12's are deeper in sound. I will also be moving from sealed to ported. I listen mostly to hip hop in my car, and I didn't really do research before buying my first build.