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  1. Here is what I am looking for in a driver, this is for something I've had in my head for a home application. -Small footprint 8" or 10" if possible. -HIGHEST XMax possible. -Soft suspension, low motor force. -Rigid Cone. -Free air. I only have a 50A DC power supply at this time, so will need to stick around 500W on the amplifier side. This is not going to, or need to sound good at all, im 90% sure this project isnt going to work, but im working on something more along the line of a tactile transducer than a sound replicating subwoofer. Or even if anyone knows of a long throw linear motor?
  2. why3zx

    Lithium power for cheap

    look up DIY power walls. lots of guys building large batteries out of 18650s
  3. why3zx

    JLJunkie's Retarded Budget Build

    Does inverse mounting the drivers shorten the line at all?
  4. why3zx

    JLJunkie's Retarded Budget Build

    ill be shocked if this thing isnt stupid loud.
  5. to hell with it, I just ordered an additional SD-3, A new box with exactly .5^3 per sub, and will be putting them on a Massive Audio E3 at 1Ohm. I may try and fit the tiny 6.5 t-line (box isnt all that tiny) in place of the base of my center console and run it along with the 10" subs under the seat, with the kenwood 5ch taking care of the highs, mids, and the 6.5.
  6. Got the sub in the mail, looks perfect, free-air test perfect, no idea why it was a yard sale item. Got it installed in the current box and had some issues getting it to seal into the box correctly, which ended up being interference with the terminals and the funky box shape, ended up mounting it at an angle (really had to put the OCD aside for a minute). When it was sealed up it actually sounds pretty great, more output than other "under seat" setups i've had in this truck for sure. I do think at this point I am just being unrealistic with what is possible with my limited airspace, limited location, and being under the seat on limited power. I have a Massive 6.5" in a T-Line that I tested by just setting it on the back seat for a few days before it went into the wife's car, and honestly, the little 6.5 destroyed any under seat combo that I've tried yet. But it sounds good, is clean, and better than no sub!
  7. Thanks for the response guys. I got my shipping information e-mail so I should be able to play with the sub soon. I think ill likely just toss it in initially and go slow with it, see how it sounds. I have been brainstorming port ideas and it may be possible, the only real downside would be that in order to get the port area anywhere near large enough, the port would have to be very long and narrow. My seats are actually currently already raised by ~2", However as someone mentioned I could remove the sheet metal divider that makes the "Cubbies" under the seat.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys! This is the space I am working with. I took a similar box and replaced the baffle with a new one cut for a single 10". https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F231169005892
  9. Man, id have to get awefully creative to figure out how to get a ported box under the back seat.
  10. Just picked up a SD-3 10" D4 in the yardsale. Description says its built with very soft suspension and made to use in very small sealed enclosures. Box is under the back seat of my 05 Ram, It is a dual sub box that has been re-baffled to a single 10" so its currently sitting at ~1.3^3. So 1.1^3 after displacement. Sundown recommends .5 cube sealed. Sub will be powered by a Kenwood 5ch amp, Sub channel is rated at 500 RMS @ 2ohm. And likely overrated at that. Tuned clean this sub will be receiving much less power than its rated. So my question is; If one is under-powering a sub, will more output be realized by using a larger sealed enclosure than recommended, or is the best bet to stick to recommended enclosure size no matter what you're feeding the driver? If this doesn't work I may be giving up my quest to get decent bass in this truck without sacrificing any usable room. First attempt was with 2 cheap 12" subs (I was pretty uneducated at that time), they were just suffocated, not sure why these boxes are even built or sold. Next attempt, I raised the seats (I have 4th gen seats so already more room under the back seat) cut out the baffle, added a new baffle with about an inch more height to the box and cut it for a single 10", currently running a Massive Audio Torox sub, better than the 12s but I dont even have enough power to get this thing moving in a sealed application. So on to try the sundown.
  11. why3zx

    6.5 sub

    Ill get one this weekend.
  12. why3zx

    6.5 sub

    I have a little Massive 6.5 in a T-Line and its beyond impressive on 300W. Massive now makes the SummoXL line in the 6.5" as well.
  13. Awesome thread, in 23hrs this dude went from in debt to a box store with some run of the mill, sub par performing stuff. To being Fooooking LOUD! Jeffdachef you are a good dude.
  14. why3zx

    What cheap sub should i test?

    What about one of the cheapo Massive subs. GTX or MMA
  15. why3zx

    Summo 64

    Best price I found on the one I just bought was off of ebay. 69$