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  1. I have the big 3 done on my sons truck with a regular lead battery up front. I have 0 Ga Knu wire ran from that battery to a Northstar AGM battery in the back, from that battery I have 0-Ga ran to a inline fuse holder and from that fuse holder to the amp I have 4-Ga wire because the amp has a 4-Ga input and at the time I didnt have any off set 0-Ga to 4-Ga blocks for the Amp. The 4-Ga Wire is Getting VERY hot. like close to burning hot What do I need to do to fix the problem? Get 0-Ga to 4-Ga converters and run 0-Ga all the way or is the battery not ran right? Thanks for the help.
  2. I will try to get some pictures up this week, I got my son's first stereo build finished. We went to a Stereo comp in Shreveport La this last Saturday 15th at Audio Anarchy, a great stereo shop IMO. This was our very first Stereo comp and we didn't really know what to expect but I have got to say every one we met was really nice, offered up advice for free and demoed to us their very nice builds. My son took First place in Street 2 and he could not be happier. He did a 142.6 at 47 hz, good enough for 1st. We met some amazing people and had a really great time. I think my son is hooked and we talked about upgrading all the way home even though I just got this all finished with the help of Audio anarchy. Final build.......For now in his 2002 Toyota 4 runner Pioneer 500EX HU SSA Evil 6.5 Skar tweeters in pod's in A pillars two 12" Amepere 2.5 subs in a ported box at 36Hz Skar RP 1500.1 with Knu 0-Ga Skar RP 150.4 with Knu 4-Ga Big 3 Knu- 0-ga I'm already going to upgrade. I'm going to do sound deadening 100%, I'm thinking about buying a better subwoofer amp and upgrading some electrical. Thanks every one.
  3. My son's SSA Evil 6.5 arrived today. I am VERY impressed with the shipping of SSA and WoW those speakers look amazing.. I guess I had a brain fart when I ordered and didn't order the components (100% on me, not SSA they sent exactly what I ordered) so I ran by local shop and bought a pair of Skar tweeters. OK here is my question, Do I need a inline cross over, like the kind in component sets to hook those up? or can I add a bass blocker to the twtters and do fine? Should I wire them in series? I'm using a old school Rockfor Fosgate 300.2 Amp thanks guy. EDIT.....I guess I could pay a little more and have the shop install this too but I want my son and me to do something.
  4. I did not noticed that I fat fingered that until you pointed it out. his first car is a 2002 Toyota 4 runner not a 2012 but it is still a very nice vehicle and is not falling apart......yet........maybe a little bass can change that. I'm sorry if my post are rambling, I was really just wanting to know if Ampere Audio was pretty good because the first stuff I picked out for him was not but.....I trusted the stereo shop to not do me wrong and I don't feel like they did. Thank you Edit...If any one is interested I will post some pictures or a video of his system next Thursday, once the shop has finished it all.
  5. OK for those who missed it or have forgotten this is the link to my first thread. And now on to my questions. I went by a Stereo Shop today to see if they could build a box for me and while I was there I was talked into just buying everything from them. They seemed like a great bunch of guys and I felt like I was treated great. My Son was able to listen to five or six different cars/trucks that were there and he LOVED it. Any way here is what I bought and what he will end up with. I was hoping you guys could tell me if I made a good choice or if I messed up. Thank you all so much for taking the time to help me and answer questions. I ordered from SSA a set of 6.5 Evil comps I'm using all Knu Wire and RCA. Now on to what I bought at the stereo shop. I bought two 12" Ver 2.5 Ampere Audio Subwoofers and a custom ported box hand built by the shop for $700. I then bought a Ampere Audio AA-1200.1 to run them for $349. I'm using an old Rockford Fosgate Punch 300.2 that I had and the shop checked it and said the Amp was good to use The shop will install it all this Wednesday. I've done paid for it all so this is it. This will be his first Stereo and I sure hope I didn't mess it up. I really enjoyed the few hours we spent at the Stereo shop today and they treated us great. Thank you all for your help and time with this
  6. Rangerboats

    Kinda new and installing stereo in son's truck

    I need help with one other thing. I'm running the big 3 on his truck. What amp in-line fuse do i need to use if I'm doing a run of 0-Ga from the alt to the battery? Then I just run a ground to battery from frame of truck and a ground from motor block to Frame? Thanks
  7. Rangerboats

    Kinda new and installing stereo in son's truck

    ok after thinking about it I'm going to get the wolfram amp and the FU audio 1500TI to run at 1-ohm, The SSA evil, Fosgate punch 300.2, Knu wire, big 3 wire and rca jacks, pioneer 500ex. That should do it but now off to find out some one around here who can build a box. I need 2.5 cu at 32 hrz i think is what the website saide. Thank you guys so much for all of the help
  8. Rangerboats

    Kinda new and installing stereo in son's truck

    Thank you for making a great product. I read alot on the 6.5 Evil being a great set of speakers and that is why I bought them. I'm so glad I came here and ask for help because I almost made some big mistakes. I've canceled my order for the hifonics amps and stopped my order on the FU Audio sub for now, Once I figure out which amp and subwoofer to get I will be buying a FU sub though. So I need to order the wolfram amp and then get the 1500TI in 2-ohm to run at 1-ohm? Or the NVX 1200.1 and the FU 750 to run at 1-ohm? I remember as a kid my Stereo being a very big deal, all my friends loved it and people were always coming up to listen to it and I wanted my son to XP that same thing, except the noise laws in our town are way different now and they give out tickets for even small systems now days. I never understood how a motocycle can come thru and give you a massive head ache but the stereo is a no go. Thank you guys so much for the help. I'm very grateful for the help EDIT....I just looked at the s1=soundquded 1250 another guy posted. should I go that route? I'm sorry for asking but I really don't know much about it.
  9. Rangerboats

    Kinda new and installing stereo in son's truck

    Ok So how about the NVX Jad1200.1 the dyno said it was a true 1200 watt amp and it is still a close to budget amp? Would it work with maybe one of the 750FU or the 1250FU subwoofer? Also I don't sem to be able to find the wolfram amp for sale. thanks
  10. Rangerboats

    Kinda new and installing stereo in son's truck

    So I should order the 2-ohm subwoofer and run it at 1-ohm? or buy a different Amp? I just ordered the sub from FU so I'm betting I can change the order in the morning Edit...it is my understanding the hifonics does 1400 at 2-ohm and the sub is rated at 1500 rms? so the amp will not do what it is rated at? or the subwoofer is far better? Should I buy a different amp or get a FU 1250 subwoofer? thanks, I'm very glad I ask for help because I'm in over my head.
  11. When I was young, over 30 years ago I was into Stereo's but have not done any in a very long time. I'm installing a stereo into my sons truck, a 2012 Toyota 4 Runner. I was hoping for any and all help or guides that I could receive. I spent a week looking around and reading and I've ordered the items, remember this will be my sons first stereo. Rockford Fosgate punch 300.2 for mids and highs. SSA Evil 6.5 components, a single FU Audio 1500Ti 4-ohm to run at 2-ohm to help on electrical, Hifonics brutus 2016 amp to run at 2-ohm. Pioneer 500ex HU, Knu RCA, Knu concept 0-ga wire for sub amp and Knu concept 4-ga for mids/highs amp. Knu 0-ga for Big 3 run and he also has a Duracell Gel battery. I will need to build a subwoofer box but I'm doubting my ability to do that and I do not want to use a prefab. Am I missing anything or made a bad call on any Item? Back when I was young (30 years ago) Hifonics was great stuff but I'm not sure now days, so was Fosgate but still not sure. I only knew about the FU audio and the SSA from reading around, I've never listened to them so I'm taking a chance on pretty much everything. Thanks for your help and advice.