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  1. inteva6184

    Music with Surprising Bass

    Weezer Thank god for girls Weezer I love the usa This one is lowwww Lukas Graham 7 years Gets surprisingly low at like 3 minutes on. Alexisonfire This could be anywhere in the world
  2. This might sound crazy but I had a remote wire get pinched and it made my amp do all kinds of crazy stuff. Since its such an easy thing to do I would jump a wire from your 12v to your remote and see if it still does it.
  3. I wish I had a piece handy to measure the thickness difference but its not that much. Its not like schedule 40 was determined to be the industry standard in subwoofer ports haha. I cant imagine it being an issue and I have never heard anyone ever bring up the slight thickness difference before.
  4. Actually the west winston store has 6 of them aisle 12 bay 18.
  5. Most lowes carry this. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Charlotte-Pipe-6-in-x-2-ft-Sewer-Main-PVC-Pipe/4757741
  6. inteva6184

    Taramps Brazilian Style Mess

    Love my hd5000. Fits behind my seat with plenty of room to spare, beats the hell out of my 4 sa-8's and in my opinion sounds good. I have nothing bad to say about the amp and am kind of surprised it doesn't get more nods for being a good budget amp.
  7. inteva6184

    If I can afford it

    FMU's work better with supercharged setups. To do it right you would want standalone and with that done the motor still isnt great for boost. The only swap in my opinion that makes sense on a ranger is going with a turbocoupe setup electronics and all. When you say 4 speed im assuming you mean the auto 4 speed because I thought all rangers had a 5 speed manual. If it is auto thats a whole new set of problems since it is vacuum operated. Why bother listening to these crazy bastards here anyway? Most of them think its fun to completely ruin a car by putting a giant system in it but then tell you its dumb to turbo it. Do what you want but I highly suggest going to another forum for information.
  8. inteva6184

    Grill ideas

    I wish. If I made another which I probably wont I would angle the back so it would fit tighter in there.
  9. inteva6184

    Grill ideas

    Great idea! That's one heck of a nice cheap functional grill. I will have to see if I can make it look good or I will just stick it on there haha.
  10. Does anyone have any suggestions for functional grills for my my sundown sa-8's. I actually use my truck and have kids so I am trying to keep the subs safe when stuff is back there or the kids are getting in and out.
  11. inteva6184

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    You're not as dumb as I thought you actually corrected it to two. Maybe you aren't a half wit maybe you're just delusional. I don't know why me not knowing you have two phones makes me stupid. What makes you stupid is using the phone with the s***** *** camera to post pictures and video on the Forum when you have other options. BTW did you know that I have three phones and the only reason I use this one is it is the best of the three. I'm guessing not that must make you really dumb by your logic.
  12. inteva6184

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    I'm assuming you're talking about the phone that you take the videos and pictures with. I can never understand what your half wit *** is trying to say. Anyway keep doing you Charlie cuz I'm loving your posts.
  13. inteva6184

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    Hahaha you couldn't just agree. You really cant make a post without insults or excuses. If I had to guess your little brothers name is Charlie Zelenoff isnt it?
  14. inteva6184

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    We all know the next thing coming is you haven't "verified" your numbers. The thread will live on forever which is great because I love this thread..
  15. inteva6184

    Guess Papermaker's SPL score thread

    I voted 6 because I think it might get loud but that was before I read all of number 1. I hope he gets it dynoed I would like to see the numbers.