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  1. Tony1234

    New system

    Hello, I am going to purchase a new Camry next year and want to put a good system in it. I want a good sound and simple system as possible. Please advise. No budget at the moment. Such as very good front speakers, sub, amp build in dsp, head unit, and etc. Thank you,
  2. Tony1234

    What would cause this fuse to melted?

    New fuse distribution block with ANL fuses came in and already installed. Currently using 8 guage wire, do you guys think I need to change it to 4 gauge. Those wires go to 2 amps. 4 gauge wire from the battery go into this distribution block and split into two 8 guage to two amps. Thank you,
  3. Hello, What would cause this fuse to melted? From fuse block? Thank you,
  4. Tony1234

    New battery

    Thank you very much.
  5. Tony1234

    New battery

    Thank you. What do you mean by "big 3"?
  6. Tony1234

    New battery

    Thank you,
  7. Tony1234

    New battery

    Please educate me why I should run 0 caps or 6 caps. My current cap is half farad. Thank you,
  8. Tony1234

    New battery

    Thank you,
  9. Tony1234

    New battery

    Battery dead when turn on the music with engine off in 5 mins. But no problem with engine running. The car was parked for a week and battery dead again.
  10. Tony1234

    New battery

    Thank you.
  11. Tony1234

    New battery

    Hello, I need new battery for Honda Accord 2017 sport. I have two zapco amps, one 12" sub, one DSP, and two set of Focal separate. One cap. Please advise which better is best. I was looking at Optima and Interstate but not sure which is better. Thank you, Tony
  12. Tony1234

    Good sound stage

    Thank you guys. I guess the guy that told me that it should be in the center of the driver side doesn't know what he was talking about. I was out for so long.
  13. Tony1234

    Good sound stage

    Hello, Sound stage of good sound 25 yrs ago should be at around the center of the dashboard. Is that true that now the center stage should be at center of the driver side? Thank you,