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    worked at car stereo shop 10 yrs, 10 yrs ago and still addicted
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    kenwood x301hu, sq 6.5 coax ppi p1k, fu750, ported tuned at 36hz

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    Best High-End Woofer For SQ?

    idmax or save lots of $ over the jl's and look at dayton on parts express

    Subwoofer help Please!

    lol lev 3...after box rise u be getting maybe 400 rms per sub.. could look at daytons, alpine E, idq too.. anything that looks good 400-600rms (idk if sa would get enough power after rise but they maybe option too)

    Rattle from subwoofer

    believe it or not each dial has an arrow on it look for it (i swear idk it either someone told me after a yr lol) but use flat head screwdriver and make sure when it's all the way down the blade is down so look at that edge when setting it.. after sub disp (i know they ain't big) box is probably 35hz or so just turn ss ll the way up them back down a tad.. whats your gain at? figure out the dials an pm me when u see the arrows.. maybe take pic of settings it works

    Subwoofer help Please!

    some people don't like sound of dc subs.. u had 3 15's and going to 2 10's? try 2 sundown E's 1.25 or so cfad per sub

    Is this any good always wanted it

    sure looks good.. i think @fithwheel has one..

    Orion XTR-1000.1 vs. Rockford Fosgate Prime R750-1D?

    oh well i can't find the edit button yet so if the sub is d2 then yeah i'd go with more power too.

    Orion XTR-1000.1 vs. Rockford Fosgate Prime R750-1D?

    idk that xtrs take much power i'm sure 750 is plenty 1100 or so should run 2 well i'd think.. many yrs ago win orion stuff was actually good i had 2 xtr cones rip on just 250 rms each (it was the factory box tuning that caused it) still just saying

    Head light dimming

    yeah u sholudn't be dimming at all with "amp" fyi boss 800watt = 180rms or so i have no light dimming with 1150rms 04 grand prix.. see if ground has paint under it and make sure it's tight.. also gain can't be at like 90% either.. anytime u would like to upgrade we can show much much much better amp for not all that much $, one of our members test amps check out his utube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCglLe6GVa1SN1IQ6M8LoGMw

    Orion XTR-1000.1 vs. Rockford Fosgate Prime R750-1D?

    oh it did over rated just not as much, it's properly rated.. the xtrs are pretty inefficient., make good power though.. the rockford amp is solid and people that have them love them but same can be said about xtr owners.. oh i just looked at the package if it's just 1 xtr sub get the RF cause and xtr sub don't need much power (unless it's xtr pro)

    Rattle from subwoofer

    check surrounds i hd to glue mine but he had fixed that problem i thought.. what is ss filter set at? should be about 30hz somewhere around 60% on our amp

    deck or amp hpf

    yep hu easier to adjust and has digital readout instead of kinda guessing on a dial

    head unit cutting off back on several times in a row

    yeah amps and speakers look good to me as well as subs but i mean that dude had like hu with eq + eq + dsp i think i mean did here just order everything that said alpine? i'm not even nocking him idk him, just saying coulda saved some $ i think & sound the same

    head unit cutting off back on several times in a row

    i didn't say it was bad but kuth has everything they ever made in his car so i'm sure his family would too

    Need help

    ok so it's a 500rms amp at 2 ohm. so whatever subs u get they need top be 4ohm svc or d2 so u can wire each to 4 ohm keep that in mind no matter what else u do.. just for fun what is gain set at on amp? make sure not crazy high is all..
  15. i like RF.. not jl but thats only because of price, haven't liked kicker in 20 yrs amps are ok though..