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  1. EnvoyDenalii

    Please help

    If I was you I would go with the amazing boss amp!!! Said no one lol. Listen boss is a terrible brand and CT sounds isn't that much better. Skar audio is the best budget brand on the market. $140 for an 800watt amp https://www.skaraudio.com/products/rp-800-1d and $80 a pop so $160 for 2-12s https://www.skaraudio.com/products/ivx-12v2?variant=17690821313. There that's $300, free shipping and you will love it. Get 4ohm speakers to have a final load of 1ohm to maximize the amps potential. Lastly find someone to build you a box, or if you're good with woodworking build one to manufacturer specification. The box is a HUGEEEE part of any system, from budget to full blown sponsorship rides. In fact with budget it's probably more important because you want to squeeze every deebeez out you can. Lastly that little 800 watt star amp puts out more power then the 800 watts rated. Unlike the boss amp which puts out less. Here's the Dyno on that amp
  2. EnvoyDenalii

    Any help, gentlemen?

    What format do you use to burn your music? .mp3 .wav .wma .Flac? I'm guessing since you are using Windows Media player it's .wma format which can give you problems. Flac is the best, it's lossless audio(not compressed) but I'm not sure if it will play on all players. My recommendation would be to use Nero and burn as a mp3. Mp3 will be read by every player. Also like the others said it could be your burn rate. Window media player is junk to burn cd's. There's plenty free software that work alot better. I use Nero and just use a keygen(shhhh don't tell the mpaa lol) so I don't have to pay for it. Lastly like someone else said who still uses CD's anyhow? At least use a dvd-r so u get 4 gigs Instead of 700mb. Hope this helps. Good luck 🍀🤞
  3. EnvoyDenalii

    Insane super deals on High Output Alternators

    Ur half right hertz. No 320a alt will cost 245 but u see people have things called "sales" lol Jonathan even said hes losing money on these if he did them one by one. So hes doing batches of 5 and just breaking even. Its a super deal to get his name out there. If u wanna be brand loyal then by all means be brand loyal. But to say no 320a goes for 245 when i just showed thats the price- u make no sense. I dont get all the hostility for me taking the time and trying to help people out to save money. Go pay 700 bucks for an alt. Idgaf
  4. EnvoyDenalii

    6x9s and HO alt.

    Or get a 320 amp alt for 245 bucks. Thats the best deal ive ever seen
  5. EnvoyDenalii

    Insane super deals on High Output Alternators

    Ive heard the same thing about singer. Iraggi. Mechmen etc. Theres always going to be issues with anything you buy once in awhile but its how these companies handle the problems is what seperates them imo. What i know is this. Jonathan Patrick makes better alts then those crap ones on ebay and right now hes as cheap as the ebay alts. I just thought i would pass along the info. Im not trying to get into a what brand is better discussion.
  6. EnvoyDenalii

    Insane super deals on High Output Alternators

    I put all the information that i had. I dont know if he has a website. Just go to facebook and type in his name. Its on one of his posts. Hope that helps
  7. Jonathan Patrick is running some sick deals for slamology. I just ordered a 320 amp alt for 245. Hes bascially just doing this to get his name out there. I was going to hold off on gettting an h.o. alt but at these prices i couldnt resist. His normal price for a 320 amp is around 350 bucks. Dont quote me on that but its around there, so this is a super deal. I just thought i would pass the info on to u guys. If u want to get ahold of him just go to facebook and type in Jonathan Patrick. Bass on!
  8. EnvoyDenalii

    Upgrading new head unit...what to buy...ddx6903s???

    My opinion is pioneer makes better head units then kenwood. Thats just my 2 cents.
  9. EnvoyDenalii

    I'm just a girl..

    Car audio isnt a boys club. Just not many women are into this scene but its cool you wanna learn. Not goin lie though "cedwin vegas" did have me Lol. From my experience its better to go with a 4 channel for mids n highs and a mono for the subs.
  10. EnvoyDenalii

    Hiya. Greetings from Iceland.

  11. What type of hu do u have?
  12. Where did u get that info? Im not saying I dont believe you just asking bc i wanted to read up on it. I searched and couldn't find it. Thx.
  13. EnvoyDenalii

    Can my ground be 3ft for my amp?

    Wow, u nailed it on the head superduty! Remind me to never **** you off lol bc u psychoanalyzed Jane Kuthe to a T. That was a mic drop walk off comment if I ever seen one. All I Know is "Kuthe..." owes you $400 or whatever the going rate for a psychiatrist visit now days. Hehe John I would just give up trying to out smart this guy lol he's out of ur league. Well everyone is above you mentally but still I could see you blowing ur brains out going toe to toe with dude. We all know what he said was spot on and I bet it hurts. You are a sad lonely man and that reality must hurt. I love how you used to call ur installer guy "my installer guy" and now you just type "installer guy" dropping the "my" dude used you, f,ucked up ur system and ran off with ur money. The worse part is ur life will never be more then this. You troll the internet so someone will talk to you. That you don't even care if it's negative responses as long as someone is responding. You better hope there isn't an afterlife bc if you get to see ur funeral and see no one there, my oh my what a sad life u will have lived. Do us all a favor and go away john, and don't ever look back
  14. EnvoyDenalii

    C.A.B. vs Skar

    Hmnn. I thought the cab looked kinda bare. But i have no knowledge on the guts of an amp. Thus why i refer to you guys. The skar just looked like it had more stuff on the board but again like i said i dont know if thats a good thing or bad lol. Thx for the input guys. Ur the best as always!