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  1. Accord90

    SQ Subwoofers

    Well I'm thinking about either 3 10s on 2400rms sealed or 2 12 alpine x series on 2400rms both sealed. I want musical and hit every note
  2. Accord90

    Which Amp

    Just have a question. Which amp would be better to run 2400watts? Two Alpine PDX M12 or Kicker KXA 2400.1
  3. Accord90

    SQ Subwoofers

  4. Accord90

    SQ Subwoofers

    The daytons look really nice and there pretty cheap too. There three lines right? HF which is 400RMS HO which is 700RMS and Ultimax which is 600RMS. How come there top of the line woofer is only 600? One question I have. Ill Use the dayton ultimax for example. Its 600RMS 1200 Peak. If I run sealed would I run it at 600RMS or closer to peak like 1000RMS?
  5. Accord90

    SQ Subwoofers

    What would give me best sq with good bass
  6. Accord90

    SQ Subwoofers

    Have a link for the Dayton?
  7. Accord90

    SQ Subwoofers

    Im looking to do a nice SQ in a sealed box. I want to retain SQ but wouldnt mind going a tiny bit big bass heavy. I have some woofers in mind to do but want your guys opinion before I buy anything. All these woofers would be 1.25 to 1.5 sealed per woofer. Any other woofers would be great. 2 12 W6V3 2 12 Image Dynamics 2 12 Morel Ultimo Titanum 1 12 FI Q NEO
  8. Accord90

    DC Audio Lv3

    I would like to be very musical where I can play any music and is will be fantastic
  9. Accord90

    DC Audio Lv3

    Yes they do but thats not an option as I have car seats in the back
  10. Accord90

    DC Audio Lv3

    1990 Honda Accord 4dr EX model. I still need trunk space as I have kids so smallest box I can get would be great. I want more natural sound bass and not forceful
  11. Accord90

    DC Audio Lv3

    So this design is a no? It wont work as well or sound good as the subs and port facing the same way? What about subs front and port on top of the box going into rear deck. Would that be any better or the same. Back to the drawing board I guess. If I go with a bandpass how big of a box would it be or would it depend on the sub? Any recommendations on a single 12 on 1500watts. Aiming on SQ but still want it loud. Maybe a single 12 W7? Also I wanna try ported but keep it flat as possible like a sealed box. Any idea on that.
  12. Accord90

    DC Audio Lv3

    Yeah if you could try to see if that kind of design works. My skipass is 6x5 if that helps. Also going ported will it play with force and not smooth like a sealed enclosure. Am looking for a nice SQL setup that sounds really good and can hit every note but at the same time if I want to turn it up and let it wang hard I want to have to potential to do that
  13. Accord90

    DC Audio Lv3

    If I go with sealed was gonna do IDmax12, Morel Ultimo Titanum, or Audiofrog GB Series
  14. Accord90

    DC Audio Lv3

    I wanted to try this kind of box otherwise I will just go sealed and go for more SQL setup. If I go with a ported box and have it tuned to 35 hertz it will play with authority +-7 in taht hertz range? It wouldn't be a nice even sound like sealed?
  15. Can I get a box build for 2 12 dc audio lv3 in 2.5ft3 net volume tuned at 34 or 35 hertz running off 1600-1800rms. I'm wanting the subs facing the trunk and a aeroport on the back side facing the the seats but centered as it will be aimed or go into the skipass. I have video below of what I mean. Height 14 Width 30 Depth 18