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  1. green draggin

    Taramps HD15000

    Any repair history ?
  2. green draggin

    New Alt, Low Voltage issues

    I had a similar issue with my mechman 270 and it had to go back for a tweak. My big block idles at 700 in park which was fine but 650 in gear didn't provide enough rotor speed to turn the rectifier on. I wouldn't change the alt pulley to a smaller one cause chances are it already has a smaller one on it to begin with. Any smaller and you run the risk of exceeding the max rotor speed at high rpm when driving.
  3. green draggin

    thoughts on diamond audio amps

    I don't know much about the newer diamond stuff but I have several old school d series amps. They were designed and manufactured in USA by esoteric audio before diamond took them over. Top notch build quality, beautiful board layout, and great crossover networks. Even have variable rate active cooling.
  4. green draggin

    Slamology 2018 roll call

    Where's everybody at ?
  5. green draggin

    Bye Bye Twisted Sounds

    I would say 5-4-2018 is pretty recent wrongdoing
  6. green draggin

    Slamology 2018 roll call

    I'm not competing. Just going to check out all the rides and have a good time.
  7. green draggin

    Slamology 2018 roll call

    Who all is going and where is everybody staying at ?
  8. green draggin

    Whats wrong with Ground Zero Audio?

    I run a pair of plutonium 4k's. Have no complaints with them. They're wired at 1.2 ohm each because of vc configuration, but they really come to life wired at .6
  9. green draggin

    4k+ Ampifier Suggestions

    Gotcha ! Was just curious about the vp, it's one on my list if I can unload my 2 ground zero 4k's. I'm kinda in the same boat, 4 d1.2 coil subs that leaves me being able to wire each amp at 1.2 and rise from there which is no good. My only other option is wire each at .3 which I'm not comfortable with for daily ! Figure the vp should do well wired at .6
  10. green draggin

    4k+ Ampifier Suggestions

    Where are you wired at on that vital power ?
  11. green draggin

    4-5k Watt Mono Amp

    Have a ground zero plutonium 4k for 500 shipped
  12. green draggin

    Needing info on US Amps VL-100

    I'm just old, and ran alot of us amps back in the day. Actually it wasnt all that long ago i was still running a vlx 400 come to think of it.
  13. green draggin

    Needing info on US Amps VL-100

    100x2 @4 ohm 200x2 @2 ohm 300x2 @1 ohm 600x1 @2 ohm bridged All are 12 volt ratings, a bit more at 14
  14. green draggin

    Needing info on US Amps VL-100

    What do you need to know ?
  15. Dont use the remote turn on to power the actual fan, use a relay.