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  1. Smaple

    What’s the new Forum Boner?

    Nice car. Which supercharger are you going with? The edelbrock is looking real nice about now and you can’t go wrong with whipple. Depending on what you use the car for, a twin turbo setup really makes the S550’s go like stink. After all, if you want to play with the big boys in Houston, you need at least 1,000 hp and everything else to keep it on the ground. I have a 17 GT performance pack with the Roush supercharger. It’s fast enough to get to work on time. Holy cow it’s fun, but even with my limited power (670 or so crank) I can never actually get on it.
  2. Smaple

    $90 what to buy?

    Sounds like you’ve been had. Cut your losses and skip town.
  3. Smaple

    SQ Vs SLP Real life applications

    Not sure about the budget aspect for a complete system for around 1k dollars, maybe I’m out of touch but a set of custom a-pillar pods can cost that much alone. I will agree with most else in this statement. DIYMA is more of a no holds barred circle jerk of knowledge and exotic equipment than the what’s the cheapest loudest setup you see so much of here. Lots of great stuff to learn at both places and will mostly apply to a budget build as the case may be. To the op, Install will make or break any system, so don’t skimp on that. @keep_hope_alive has some really awesome install information, I suggest reading his logs for ideas. Hispls is right about more power. I have 1620 watts available for my front stage. Will I ever use it? Hell no, since I don’t listen to test tones, but it’s nice to have as much as I want.
  4. Smaple

    Subwoofer recommendation

    I have a pair of the BM MKvs and they are very nice sounding, definitely geared more toward SQ. I have them in the minimum size box and they just rock. I have also heard a pair of them in a F-150 install and they rocked out pretty darn good. I dare say I like them more than my old Boston Pros.
  5. Smaple

    Post your first system

    I had an S-10 with two kicker 15s. The front had Boston acoustic 4x6 plates and the rear had Boston 6x9s in a cheesy bit passable rear mdf plate I hacked up to fit over the 5x7 hole. The front and rear were on a sound stream reference 604 and the kickers ran on an Alpine V12 two channel bridged. My next S-10 had a slight update with subs and amps. Used a Sony CDX-C90 with Orion HCCA 225s for the mids and highs and an MTX thunder 2300x to power Boston pro subs. I probably still carry debt from that Sony deck, it was literally a months pay at the time. Priorities. As as an afterthought, I remember burning through alternators at an alarming rate since they couldn’t keep up. Thank goodness for parts warranties.
  6. https://stereointegrity.com/product/hst12-12-subwoofer/ In that case I’d do one of these or a pair of the BM MKVs. About the same price either way. They also have some of the best customer service around.
  7. I put a pair of the Stereo Integrity BM MKVs in my 2017 and am satisfied with them. Keeping in mind they are more of an SQ sub and not sheer output. I chose them to save on weight and also still have a usable trunk. They also make some pretty badass regular format 12's and 15's that require very small sealed boxes, but will require much more power and twice the enclosure of the BMs. The regular subs weigh 70 lbs or so while the BMs are around 14 lbs each. How loud do you want to go and how much power you looking to push?
  8. I don’t think you could even fit that much gear in a metro. Lol at the image. It made me think of that episode of Roadkill when they had the trailer for the blower. Edit: reading comprehension is key. Even funnier when it’s horsepower and not watts.
  9. I think the trick is finding the sweet spot between more than enough and too much. Just because the amp can put out a gagillion Watts, doesn’t mean you have to use it all.
  10. The Helix DSPs are made in Germany. I have zero complaints about Helix gear. I liked the Helix DSP so much I recycled it for my new car. The DSP.2 is even better.
  11. Smaple


    Is it, whatever it is, even for sale?
  12. Smaple

    My local pawn shop find

    I ran a pair or the LF 12s for nearly two decades. Best sounding subs imho. The only reason I swapped was to save some weight because race car... still have the Bostons for a rainy day install. I never had the chance to hear the ones you mentioned though and am wondering if I missed something even better.
  13. Nonsense. Papermaker posted dinner pics. The food looked terrible and he took the pics with a potato. How can you forget the broccoli fiasco?
  14. Smaple


    Looks like the f word is in full effect.