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  1. Mr.Jackson

    F8L 8"

    Trying to see if anybody used or have these subwoofer and looking to know how good overall are these subwoofer when it come to bass and sound quality
  2. Mr.Jackson

    Upgrading my two 10s

    SeriesSound Q (Audiobahn) ALUM10M
  3. Mr.Jackson

    Upgrading my two 10s

    I’m looking to upgrade my to two 10” old school Audiobahn ALUM10N to a single 12 and I been looking at the Sundown X12v2 do you think that subwoofer will sound louder and better
  4. Mr.Jackson

    sundown audio x12 v2 or IA 12 death row series subwoofer

    I’ll check them out
  5. Mr.Jackson

    sundown audio x12 v2 or IA 12 death row series subwoofer

    2015 Ford Fusion and right now I got two 10s old school audiobahn but I now I’m just looking for one good 12
  6. I’m looking to add a single 12inch subwoofer in my car and I like these two subwoofer which subwoofer you think is better
  7. Mr.Jackson

    2 Sundown Sa8v3 or 2 Sundown X8v2

    Diamond Audio D6 1500.1
  8. Mr.Jackson

    2 Sundown Sa8v3 or 2 Sundown X8v2

    I'm stuck between choosing dual 8s which will produce a loud good bass and hit the lows real good
  9. Mr.Jackson

    AGM Battery

    I recently added a mono amp to my car and I'm about to add a 4 channel amp and looking to replace my stock battery anybody know if this battery any good https://m.samsclub.com/ip/auto-group-48-h6-agm-36-mo-free/prod9510085
  10. I'm running a diamond audio d6 1500.1 and d6 600.4 what's a good second battery to run in my trunk
  11. Mr.Jackson

    Skar Audio T-2000.1D

    Any thoughts on the Skar Audio T-2000.1D? Was looking at it but never really heard much about them. Are they decent amps with clean power?
  12. Mr.Jackson

    Soundstream RN1.3000D

    Came across this amp and looking to get some feedback to see if this amp does it rated power and how good overall is this amp
  13. I'm doin a custom subwoofer enclosure and I'm looking for purple carpet anybody know a website that sell color carpet
  14. Mr.Jackson

    Front and rear speakers

    Looking to upgrade my speakers in my 2015 Ford Fusion what are some good 6-1/2 or 6-3/4 component speakers to add with my bass subwoofer
  15. Mr.Jackson

    Amp Suggestion

    I just ordered me a a single dual 2ohm Incriminator Audio Death Row Subwoofer what's a good amp to run at a 1ohm load