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  1. Need another engineer’s opinions on this motor geometry I have come up with. Down to specifics like former height and coil gap before I start machining. Any advice is appreciated. Please shoot me a PM. Would prefer not to produce specs on a public page until I have a physical prototype in hand.
  2. dudeogo

    Dudeogo's Mazdaspeed 3 Build

    So definitely decided to go taramps on my mids, so if anyone shows interest in a Machete 80.4 or a JL Audio 300/4 I will make a full classifieds listing for either. No use for them so will sell fairly cheap and ship! with how cheap taramps 3ks are I could grab 2 and still be under $400 on amps. That's just wild. Will have to see what I need to do to support them. Shitty thing about my car is that it is a double regulated charging system. Meaning that even if I put a 2,000,000 amp alternator under the hood (lol) it will still only put out 110 amps unless I do a fully externally regulated system and I don't know how having an externally regulated single alt will affect my car's sensors because I have not messed with one before. Please reply with insight I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. dudeogo

    Dudeogo's Mazdaspeed 3 Build

    Honestly at this point wanting to buy 2 Taramps 3k 1 ohms, run them at 2 ohms per door that gives me tons of room to grow with more mids in the read door or a stunt wall
  4. dudeogo

    Dudeogo's Mazdaspeed 3 Build

    2 Layers of clear coated carbon fiber weave is the plan. May cheap out and just paint them gloss black on the fiberglass layer. But I'm pretty set on carbon fiber right now.
  5. dudeogo

    Dudeogo's Mazdaspeed 3 Build

    Well yes, I do not have the Deaf Bonce 180.4 from my teammate yet, but was planning on running the tweets to the 80.4 bridging 2 channels per door for 60 watts per tweeter and then the same with the mids for 125 watts per mid. But that is really still not enough power. Have had the thought in the back of my mind to buy 2 Taramps 3ks for mids since the price has come down so much. Would give me room to grow. Crossover wise, even though I have a flagship pioneer (AVH4200NEX) it did not come equipped with network mode. It does, however, have a HPF in the unit for the front channel. So the plan was to run the HPF at 80hz then LPF the mids on their amp at 8khz and then the tweets already have passive crossovers on them, but would HPF the amp at 8khz for them as well.
  6. dudeogo

    Dudeogo's Mazdaspeed 3 Build

    Just waiting on my big roll of fiberglass to show up in the mail. Anything I should know about SMD Sunflash, or reccomendations on a better resin? this is my first go around with fiberglass
  7. dudeogo

    Dudeogo's Mazdaspeed 3 Build

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/j89H53VA2FtfPsRf8 just gotta glass and paint now!!
  8. dudeogo

    Dudeogo's Mazdaspeed 3 Build

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/UnVVnd3rEdaj2NGQ9 Been meaning to get some photos up was just having some issues finding a good way to share them! Basically everything there is temporary. The mids are getting custom door panels and I will be building a 4th order box for the woofer most likely just wanted to get some music going in the car! Sucks driving in silence
  9. dudeogo

    Dudeogo's Mazdaspeed 3 Build

    Just thought I'd make a post detailing all of the performance work done to the car. Corksport Stage 2 Rear Motor Mount Corksport Passenger Motor Mount Corksport Transmission Mount Corksport High Pressure Fuel Pump Corksport Short Shifter COBB Intake COBB Acessport V3 (Tuned) GPlus Turbo Inlet Pipe CPe EGR Delete JDM PROSPORT Front Mount intercooler Custom 3" Catless Exhaust with Turbo XS Muffler 10" Wide 17" Rims, Unknown brand but made in Italy so would assume they are OZ 255/40/17 Bridgestone Potenza RE-11s YellowSpeed Coilovers
  10. dudeogo

    Dudeogo's Mazdaspeed 3 Build

    Deciding between Apocalypse AAB4800 or Soundigital EVO5000. Price is very similar. Opinions? I mean at their core theyre both soundigital amps.
  11. Starting the build log for my 2008 Mazdaspeed 3. A lot of parts are arriving so I figure now is a good time to start. Right now I've got in hand 8 Unlawful Sounds 8" mids, 6 Unlawful Sounds super tweeters, Pioneer AVH4200NEX, 15" B2 XM15, and a Alphard Machete 80.4. Still coming are sub amps (Undecided), 2 more super tweeters to complete the set of 8, a machete 150.4, Team GP Alternator, and enough NorthStar power to keep the lights on! Starting the work on the custom panels possibly tonight. Will update with pictures as work progresses. Installed 4 of the mid in very temporary locations and I am very happy with them. Unlawful makes a good product. Seem to be the exact same as the B2 rage series.
  12. I've got 4 unlawful sounds 8s and 4 unlawful sounds bullet tweeters im putting in my mazda 3, with the plan to buy 4 more of each. Currently have 1 machete 80.4 and will be buying another for the next 8 drivers. What should I do to get the most volume possible out of these speakers? currently have one set in the rear infinite baffle mounted on my subwoofer enclosure and they are doing good but I feel as though they could be doing better. Unlawful said I could do a 0.5 cube box each sealed, would that increase output over IB with these type of drivers? Also my door panels are incredibly flimsy. what can I do to not only reinforce the panel, but still keep it light weight and easily able to remove the panel for repair work. Plan is 2 amps, 2 tweets and 2 8s per front door, a tweet and mid in each rear door, and 2 tweets and mids in the rear mounted on/near the subwoofer enclosure.
  13. alright winISD is coming off the shelf. its been a while. lol
  14. I'll pick up a copy. But regardless even if I can absorb all the information in the text (I may be an engineering student but some of that stuff is pretty deep) my first few attempts at design would more than likely crash and burn. I was more wanting to hire someone to design these boxes for me and I can learn from that and this text I'll put on order.