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  1. alright winISD is coming off the shelf. its been a while. lol
  2. I'll pick up a copy. But regardless even if I can absorb all the information in the text (I may be an engineering student but some of that stuff is pretty deep) my first few attempts at design would more than likely crash and burn. I was more wanting to hire someone to design these boxes for me and I can learn from that and this text I'll put on order.
  3. Hey guys I'm sorry I didn't get back on the post I didn't have good internet access for my laptop over the weekend. Im going to be using PA amps mostly inside at parties and sometimes running off some full range amps (taramps) and sitting next to my car. I really was thinking 2 boxes each with 4 12s and either horns or super tweets I don't know much in that department. Just want something crazy loud that will wake the neighborhood! I would be asking this at the home theater forums but I feel like when those guys post anything I don't get anything from it. Y'all have always been helpful and easy to understand.
  4. I'm wanting to build a couple PA cabinets for outdoor parties. I know nearly nothing about the design of midrange enclosures though. Anyone want to lend a hand?
  5. dudeogo

    Stupid resistance question.

    I probably will, this was just a question I'd been wondering for a while since I've never dealt with SVC subs
  6. dudeogo

    Stupid resistance question.

    So I got a smokin deal on some kicker comps for my girl's car but if she doesn't like them I was going to use them in some speaker towers in the house. If I were to wire the SVC 4s in series wouldn't that change the phase of one of them? Was going to bridge them on a crown amp at 8 ohms but if that'll change phase I'll just do it in 2 channel mode. Just something I was wondering.
  7. dudeogo

    Pioneer Customer Service is Terrible

    It should. Just google your model number plus "password removal" or "total wipe" and you should find something. That's how I started. Although I can't code something for you you should be able to follow the same general process I did.
  8. dudeogo

    Pioneer Customer Service is Terrible

    I'm pretty forthcoming with that I don't know much about software. I never told anyone I wrote the scripts by myself zero assistance and that I'm a hacking God. Simply not the case. The whole point of this post was to prove it could be done DIY quickly for free rather than 3 weeks plus 80 dollars to Pioneer. It was never meant to "flaunt" skills I don't have. I used the internet. Was pretty obvious about it. I didn't go into enormous detail in the beginning because that wasn't the point of the post. Seeing as the title is "Pioneer Customer Service is Terrible" I was just mad that I was able to accomplish it with any level of help for free. Also, was on the forums on a different computer at the time. So no, I didn't have Access to my history. Im not trying to manipulate or stretch the truth here. Don't blow it out of proportion
  9. dudeogo

    Pioneer Customer Service is Terrible

    Well sorry I didn't word it that way. Never meant to mislead people. Was pretty forthcoming that I used the internet to build the script.
  10. dudeogo

    Wolfram w-4500.1 Pre-order $600

    @WolframAudio I just checked out the website and I'm definitely impressed with the products! Is the company going to be direct to customer entirely or will you get hooked up with distributors as well?
  11. dudeogo

    Pioneer Customer Service is Terrible

    Before all anyone else comments "calling me out" I never claimed to have written anything myself. I gave the credit to Jenkins. I am no master hacker or software guru. I used the resources available to me to modify something I had and fix an issue. In my mind that constitutes tinkering. This quote from myself earlier in the thread shows that. I never hid the fact I used Jenkins to make the script. In my mind, anything to bypass security without needing to provide the original password or credentials would be considered a crack. I am sorry if my definition of the word does not line up with your own.
  12. dudeogo

    Pioneer Customer Service is Terrible

    The unit was in my car when I bought it. Please read the whole thread
  13. dudeogo

    Pioneer Customer Service is Terrible

    Coding is not my thing. I literally said Jenkins did 99% of the work. I like tinkering with electronics and using my resources. Use all the context please.
  14. dudeogo

    Pioneer Customer Service is Terrible

    I totally said that I used an online compiler lmao even said it was Jenkins. I didn't take credit. Read the whole thread please
  15. dudeogo


    Same lol clicked on the thread for the fireworks