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  1. JohnKuthe


    True, multiple attenuation controls (gain/volume adjustments) will all have their own sweet spots. Start midpoints and work around those by playing with ONE at a time and find the best balance among them. John Kuthe...
  2. JohnKuthe

    So I just ordered 4 of these...

    I was gonna SAY!! Cheap! Cheap! Cheap! Buy a DOZEN, they will probably last about that long too! John Kuthe...
  3. JohnKuthe

    Help!! I cracked my windshield from 1,200 watts

    Your problem is evident: IGNORANCE!! Of PHYSICS!! :-( John Kuthe...
  4. JohnKuthe

    Speaker Wire - does it matter?

    "Placebo" Effect. Well known, I'm a Medical Person, an RN. John Kuthe...
  5. JohnKuthe

    Help!! I cracked my windshield from 1,200 watts

    You never really THOUGHT ABOUT PHYSICS??!! You are a DUMBSHIT!! We all exist in this tightly guided socially collective yet individually sensed sensory hallucination we collectively define as "Reality" and YOU never really thought about Physics? John Kuthe...
  6. JohnKuthe

    Help!! I cracked my windshield from 1,200 watts

    DUH!!! How many WATTS and how YUGE a BASS DRIVER ARRAY do YOU RUN??!! Tuned to? What's the audio in-air WAVELENGTH inside your Fartbox? Open a window, what does the maximal audio in-air WAVELENGTH? Get it now? PHYSICS!! John Kuthe...
  7. JohnKuthe

    Help!! I cracked my windshield from 1,200 watts

    Gotta LOVE Car Window Shaking BASS, eh? Would it shock you to KNOW you cannot set up a LOW FREQ physical audio wave any lower than the LONGEST DISTANCE of the INTERIOR SPACE in which you are listening! Like IN YOUR CAR! DUH!! That's why high powered AUDIO FARTBOXES always sound a lot better WITH THE WINDOWS DOWN!! Physics are a *****!! When I was in Computer Engineering school I saw a great sig file: "If it wasn't for physics and law enforcement I'd be unstoppable!" Namaste John Kuthe...
  8. JohnKuthe

    How an audiophile is created?

    As Frank Zappa said, "I'm not normal". In fact, I say "Why be normal?" and "What box?" and embrace the label "weird". Better than being BORING! John Kuthe
  9. JohnKuthe

    How an audiophile is created?

    I have Bipolar Disorder, became unmanageable for me in 2015 and I got on 100mg Seroquel HS which helps me. Of course CDB Oil and Cannabis also helped me, for YEARS! John Kuthe..
  10. JohnKuthe

    How an audiophile is created?

    Yeah, lost mine at age 99 Jan 2017! He INVESTED WISELY though and left almost 1.5 MILLION$ when he passed, split THREE WAYS! I was one of the THIRDS! Until I invested in a Shared international Student Living HOUSE! Now I'm gonna start a NOT FOR PROFIT 21st Century Third Industrial Revolution BUSINESS! CooperativeCorporationsSTL.ORG, a not for profit business to acquire, Real Estate repair, rebuild/modify for the future (100% electric, off Fossil Fuels!)) and HUMAN RESOURCE for International Students! Housing, cultural sharing, community, etc! *I* am not gonna get rich doing this, but I am gonna ENRICH YUMANITY! John Kuthe...
  11. JohnKuthe

    How an audiophile is created?

    As a child/teen I had my father's EXCELLENT Mcintiosh 20W MONO tube amp, a Mcintosh preamp (also tubes) and a 15" Altec Lansing studio monitor speaker in a huge cabinet to play with and on!! Talk about AUDIOPHILE quality sound equipment! IOW my FATHER taught me to be an audiophile! The best EQUIPMENT! Now I have two Klipsch La Scala speakers powered by a Macintosh MC2105 SOLID STATE amp, and two 15" Subwoofers through a Phase Linear 400 power amp! BIAMPING! Not great EQ but I have a 20 band stereo professional equalizer with 1/4" phone plug inputs/outputs NOT IMPLEMENTER YET! ! Just two LPFs on the RCA inputs to the Phase Linear 400, which with the BASS control on the Technics preamp handles pretty nicely Oh and that Alpine auto system I have in Baby II? Still sounding GREAT!! Not quite as great as my INDOOR system, but little is! John Kuthe... John Kuthe...
  12. JohnKuthe

    Basic home stereo questions

    The receiver has only 4 speaker output for it's speaker A and speaker B. You'd have to give up a second set of speakers if you wanted to drive subs off the mail speaker outputs. Better to run a second sub amp and use the tape output to drive it from the receiver. Means it will get a decent set of speakers pretty loud! If you put that into my Klipsch La Scalas you could just about blow up the house! But the La Scalas are like 110dB efficiency or better! Oh, and BTW the RMS rating is the Root Mean Square rating, a way of approximating an alternating current's wave "amplitude". Go with a second power amp for your subs and if you REALLY want to run also a second set of speakers get RCA male to male splitters and split the Receiver's tape OUTPUT to it and if you wish any tape machine you may use too! It;s a line level outpiut and will certainly drive two lione level loads at once! Mine always have. John Kuthe...
  13. JohnKuthe

    Litium car audio batteries

    Lithium batteries/cells have a DIFFERENT VOLTAGE than to lead-acid cells/batteries. It's called "electronegativity", an inherent property of comparison of electromagnetic properties of the elements involved! Learn about electrochemistry and you MAY understand. John Kuthe,...
  14. JohnKuthe


    Namaste John Kuthe...
  15. REAL ANALOG music reproduction does NOT REQUIRE a COMPUTING DEGREE to figure out HOW TO MAKE IT WORK!!! It's got a SIMPLE SWITCH!! ON/OFF!! John Kuthe...