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  1. JohnKuthe

    pioneer decks are dumb

    BS!! *I* chose the equipment and my Car Audio Installer guy Tim advised me about how to connect it all correctly ans run the wires for all the speakers and the amps, etc. He had the crimping tool, etc, and built bass cabinets for bass heads. John Kuthe...
  2. JohnKuthe

    pioneer decks are dumb

    Well, could MAYBE use new tires, but other than putting blue juice in (windshield wiper juice) and air in the tires, nothing! Still has too damn many buttons thought! I've put on about 25,000 miles on her. ZERO gasoline! None! I got an 18 month email from my Nissan dealer to about maybe time to "service" it! ZERO gasoline in 18 months! Imagine the MONEY and ENVIRONMENT I've saved! John Kuthe...
  3. JohnKuthe

    pioneer decks are dumb

    I'm a Registered Nurse now, gonna be a Cannabis Nurse too! Medical is legal in MO now! And I AM an RN! John Kuthe...
  4. JohnKuthe

    pioneer decks are dumb

    Do you forget that I'm a degreed Electrical Engineer with a long almost lifetime interest in audio equipment? I don't claim to know everything but I DO know a LOT! And with the help of my Auto Installer Guy and stuff I learned here we put together a pretty good system in my 2006 Grand Caravan! I was marveling at the beautiful clarity of the front stage when I drove a housemate to STL International Airport recently! John Kuthe...
  5. JohnKuthe

    pioneer decks are dumb

    That's just because people here DON'T LIKE ME! Just because I came on here with a little knowledge, and many just wanted to piss all over me about it and tell me how I didn't know anything! :-( John Kuthe...
  6. JohnKuthe

    pioneer decks are dumb

    Sounds like my Alpine HU! Overfeatured!! Tries to do everything! I just want it to do ONE thing well, play my CDs dammit! I burn my MP3 files to my RW CDs. John Kuthe...
  7. JohnKuthe

    Post your first system

    I have NO pics, it was in 1977! I bought my first car, a 1969 VW Beetle from a friend of mine in high school. And I bought a Pioneer AM/FM Cassette head unit and a Kenwood 30WPC booster 5 band equalizer and I built two Bug-shaped speaker cabinets for behind the rear seat (the luggage compartment!) and put 8" coaxial Bozak aluminum cone speakers in it and IT ROCKED! I could even take the speakers out of the car and they were on 20 ft wires! John Kuthe...
  8. New audio toys are always fun! John Kuthe...
  9. JohnKuthe

    Dual Voice Coil Question

    Yep, that's how my dual VC sub is wired. Sounds great! John Kuthe...
  10. JohnKuthe

    Wiring help

    I actually hate it when my car's sound system is not hard wired to the power source. If I wanna run my battery down, I will! Of course except for PARASITIC POWER no audio equipment not "turned on" should draw any current. John Kuthe...
  11. That's the way I did my two amps. 0AWG from the battery + and - to a dist block in the amp compartment then 4AWG to both amps. Stock electricals in a 2006 Grand Caravan. I ran two 0AWGs to the pos and neg on the battery back to a dist block because of ground loopiong probs with the chassis gnd so I wanted to keep everything as equal as possible electronegatively speaking!! John Kuthe...
  12. JohnKuthe

    Component Speakers

    I have two Alpine PDX amps, a PDXV9 100Wx4 + 500W sub and the other Alpine amp in my sig file for two PHD 5.25" dash tweeters with separate tweeters, and it rocks! I have a 12" slim line sub in a birch plywood box under the driver's seat basically. Where the first row Stow-n-Go seating was supposed to be stored. Vibrates my rear view nicely!
  13. Not for a 100% electric like my Nissan Leaf! Stop and Go is best, because of regenerative braking! ;-) John Kuthe...
  14. JohnKuthe

    its cheap, but is it that bad?

    Cheap bass equipment is the common thread. Selling more cheap bass equipment is the algorithm! Facebook is famous for it's Algorithm!! Facebook is really nothing more than an Advertising Medium! Ya wanna piss off Facebook? FBPurity.com!! John Kuthe...
  15. JohnKuthe

    its cheap, but is it that bad?

    I remember years ago like early 1990's when on the Usenet newsgroup Rec.Boats.Paddle and people would post about Coleman canoes and everyone would start telling them how much better they could do and I'd be like, Well it beats standing on the shore wishing! John Kuthe...