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  1. fixinit

    Alpine Type X Subwoofer

    Can't be much help and can't afford something that rich. They're pretty subs tho and if anything like Alpine's QC, with a tightly sealed trunk they'd probably blow the stucco off a nearby building and leave you deaf and dead inside your cabin.
  2. fixinit

    No sound on subwoofers

    You had time to install it into your buddy's vehicle after you installed it into yours? That's dope. Wish I had a second car mainly for test purposes.
  3. fixinit

    Loudness test?

    apeterson, the free phone apps are pretty decent with Db. Make sure a person isn't talking in your ear =)
  4. fixinit

    1993 Toyota

    My original alternator died about 3 months ago. The amp I fixed was supposed to have been decent. NOPE. I was on my last leg of electricity and the best and worst bass hits in my beater didn't spark a problem. I fought this in the past on here. But now it's conclusive. If you upgrade to an amplifier beyond your vehicle's alternator needs. It's time for an electrical upgrade which doesn't cost a lot. a Tahoe still doesn't need 0 awg wire.
  5. Are your interior lights still functional after your reboot. I'm new at this.
  6. Every time after my HU and car warms up, I shut down my car or turn off my HU and my tiny 8" has the ground loop sound. vvvVVRROOOUP! I've tested my amp ground to speaker and pulled my CD player out and they're good. I don't understand what's the interference?!