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    I cannot find the facility to turn off location and age in profile.
  2. Just now re-reading this well after the fact, having essentially followed this advice, it is much appreciated because it is so completely right on. I was really starting nearly ground zero and this was extremely wise and helpful. Thank you.
  3. I have heard the Morel Supremo Piccolo is amazing tweeter. As you know, Morel in fact sells this tweeter as a separate entity as well as part of their high end component speaker. I do not want to give up my Focal 165 KRX2 component speaker woofers (in front doors) but am considering moving the Focal component tweeters from dash location down to front door with the rest of components and putting the Morel tweeters in the dash. Morel says to remove the Focal tweeter completely (or could I put the Focal tweeters in front door but have crossovers set so that the tweeter is basically all going to the Morels?). HU has 8-channel output so Morel tweeters could have own output as currently only 6 channels are used. My installer states I should not mix the Morel tweeters with my current setup. Says separate speaker systems do not mix. Thank you in advance for your thoughts.