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  1. a00179204

    Adire Brahma questions

    I just bought a Brahma 12 🙂, should be here o the 8th. I have an sa15 and wanted to try something new and different, and would have got the 15 if it would have fit in my trunk. plus the Brahma was exactly what I wanted years ago when I was in high school. Made in the USA, Now I will have that, c-Dsp, and some tm65 v2 to install.
  2. hello all, I was wondering if anyone has replaced front speakers in a lexus es330. I cannot find dimensions for the speakers anywhere. but I have searched and found they are a weird shape. I'm comfortable making adapters. crutchfield list mostly 5.25 speakers and a couple cheap 6.5. just trying to find out before I take my door panel off. thanks