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  1. Chris McNeeley

    Ampere Dsp Software help

    Does anyone have it? Mine got deleted by accident and they don't have it on the website anymore.
  2. Chris McNeeley

    Dayton DSP first looks

    Omg does that tune over Bluetooth?
  3. Chris McNeeley

    12v DC to AC converters

    Plate amps are cheap, why not just go that route?
  4. Ebay, 44 bucks per, Toshiba rectagular 23ah scib cells, you can even buy them pre tapped. Just gotta insulate them.
  5. Ummm yeah, I'm a Mi solar dealer I have 115ah of 16v LTO and 16ah of 13v LTO in my car right meow. I don't know what cells your looking at but they sound subpar, Toshiba lto period, and 10,000 cycles is more realalistic if your hitting reserve alot. And recharge is way faster than phospate, and better temp ratings for crazy weather. And my 115ah takes 1800 amp draws like a champ sooooo if you had legit cells and 800ah you could power your neighborhood. I've owned lto for about 8 months now so where the hell have you guys been? I think people who buy jy or limitless from this point on are just dumb, unless its a going out of business sale and sh*ts half price.
  6. Chris McNeeley

    Michigan State Finals - Tipton, MI - 18 AUG 2018

    My teams hosting it, so I shall be there.
  7. Chris McNeeley

    4 juice box g31 batts

    Great seller, swapping to lithium?
  8. Chris McNeeley

    New Alt, Low Voltage issues

    Gotta push through? I just hope your dumb*ss doesn't cause an accident when your sh*t breaks down.
  9. Chris McNeeley

    New Alt, Low Voltage issues

    Just stop and burn it down. A v8 that idles 500? Do understand that pulley rotation speed directly effects amperage output. Serious, just stop.
  10. Chris McNeeley

    Orion monoblock

    Crossfire 3k can do 6k, roger is relabeling it as a 4k lol
  11. Chris McNeeley

    Oldie but goodie!! Original RE SX 15"

    Good stuff is 4 ohm
  12. Chris McNeeley

    Bat Terminals.

    Onlinemetals.com, order some aluminum 6061 and put some holes in it.
  13. holy sh*t!!! Your real!!!!
  14. Chris McNeeley

    2015 Scion XB roof reinforcement

    jeff i swear if you just talked this kid into pl'ing his roof and he fucked it up, i will laugh soooo f*cking hard. which adhesive did you use? i demand pics of your violate roof
  15. Chris McNeeley

    Orion monoblock

    i stand corrected.