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  1. SoggyFries

    Using A/V RCAs?

    thanks, man. Yea these are pretty beef. I'll throw em in this weekend.
  2. So I needed to relocate my 2 ch [Pioneer GM-A5602] to the back on my jeep. This amp is powering my 5.25 Kicker roll bar speakers above me. Doing so makes my current RCA cables too short to reach the back of my headunit [Kenwood KMM-BT518HD]. I was digging around and found these nice monster cable RCAs but these are audio video RCAs so they have that third prong for video. My question is if I used these A/V RCAs to connect my amp to my head unit, would that third unused prong cause any noise inference or any other adverse effects?
  3. SoggyFries

    RCA Wiring Help

    Yea, I guess that'll save me the headache. Besides, I only paid half of what the amp is worth.
  4. Hello, My HU is Pioneer DEH-P7400HD. Im running two amps. Interior amp is a Pioneer 2 ch GM-A3602 connected to my rear speakers, pair of Polk Audio db521. The front speakers are RF Punch 4x6 which I have running off the headunit. I have a monoblock amp(JBL 600.1) pushing my single Punch 12". The head unit has 3 sets of RCAs (Front, Rear, Sub). My question is how do I connect my interior RCAs? Im sure the monoblock goes to sub, just a bit confused on how to connect the RCAs with the front speakers running off the deck. Pioneer DEH-P7400HD Pioneer 2 ch amp - GM-A3602 JBL Monoblock amp 600.1