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  1. beak81champ

    Getting Back In

  2. beak81champ

    Upgrading to bigger amps

    You will be fine. Speakers are all rated at full range for rms number. Once you high pass them at an appropriate level it raises the rms substantially.
  3. beak81champ

    Rear deck & front spkrs VS front only

    You are correct, Jeff, of course. I guess I didn’t see where he wasn’t running a sub. OP, If you are running a sub, and it will not run up to 80 or so to meet the MB-8’s, then you should not use them. I believe Eric designed these to give all you want, down to about 70Hz, but if you aren’t running a sub and need to play down to like 40Hz with authority, stick to earlier mentioned suggestions.
  4. beak81champ

    Rear deck & front spkrs VS front only

    That is the correct Anarchy. There’s a pair on diyma for $125 shipped. As for Audiofrog, I didn’t suggest buying them, simply looking at how the sensitivity matches between the midbass, mids, and tweets of the GB 60, 25, and 10. I was trying to suggest that you match sensitivity of your front stage. Another driver you should seriously consider is the Stevens Audio MB-8. Either the 2 ohm or 4 ohm, depending on what your amp can handle. If going 3-way, I would suggest the Faital Pro 3FE22, based on the sensitivity of both. I’m still looking for tweets for this set up (I have these, waiting to go in a daily driver, once I find my next daily driver.)
  5. beak81champ

    Rear deck & front spkrs VS front only

    If you go to an 8, you are not saying your 6.5 sucks. If we could all fit an 8 in our doors or kick panels, we would all be running them! The Anarchy would still be my top choice for pure midbass, but only if you are running 3-way. You don’t want it playing above 1k, but it will move sheet metal with enough clean power, and it’s a monster value. When you choose your mids and tweets, try to keep the sensitivity somewhat close to the the sensitivity of your midbass, otherwise you will be cutting a lot of top end to make it not overpower your midbass. Listen to the recommendations of these guys. A lot of them like loud and clean, as do I (just not as loud as some of them anymore). They have seen and heard a myriad of equipment, and seen the trials and failures of lots of equipment. Remember though, ultimately it is your system, and you have to live with your choices, so choose what you want. While you are deciding on equipment, I would be loading up and installing sound deadener, and preparing your ride to sound tight and right. That will be a whole ‘nother monster to tackle, and will help prepare you for a quick, clean, safe install. I would also be grabbing the necessities, like power wire, speaker wire, rca’s, distribution blocks, fuse blocks, fuses, etc. All the little stuff it takes, because it will surprise you how much that costs. Good luck, we are here if you you need us!
  6. beak81champ

    Rear deck & front spkrs VS front only

    You will find the Anarchys on diysoundgroup.com. There are a pair of 4 ohm on diyma for $125 shipped right now, and I’d offer $100 and see if you can get a deal. Super low Qts doesn’t do all that well in doors, look a bit higher (refer to Audiofrog GB’s, which are very highly regarded). The flutes are a decent deal, but I feel they are a little muddy. SB Acoustics are a great midbass, as well as Dayton. If you are looking at 8’s, look for JL ZR800’s used. They are also some of the best MB around, and they don’t make them anymore. There is a pair on FB (Mike Wirths) for $200, which is a steal, depending on condition. You could look for Dynaudio MW172’s as well, if you can find a pair, they will be about $300, but well worth it. I don’t understand why you would run 4 components in each door, if you buy the right components, you will only need one set, and you can upgrade your amps with the extra money. Your dsp will need to have one output channel for each individual driver, subs included, so if you run a 3-way front stage plus subs, you need an 8 channel dsp.
  7. I don’t know how or why I have become the local basshead box builder, but I have. The latest is what the title states. I did not choose the materials, nor the design, I am simply the stepdad with power tools and construction background that my stepson’s buddies have adopted to build their shit. This is 3/4” pine wrapped with 3/4” birch, triple pine baffle, housing 4 15’s and a 10” big ass port in the baffle. (my stepson standing in the shell of the box). Apparently, this is going in a minivan being towed to Slamology in Brownsburg, IN sometime this summer.
  8. beak81champ

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    Go to the big box store and find raw stair handrail.
  9. beak81champ


    The speakers in the dash look like 3” or 3.5”. Measure across the speaker to see what size it is. then measure down into the holes in the dash on both sides. The smallest depth will tell you how deep of mounting depth you can use for new speakers. Once you know the width and depth of your mounting space, post it on here, and you will get some recommendations of decent speakers to install. partsexpress.com will probably be your best resource for this. It looks like a single din head unit, so go to sonicelectronix.com and choose a new one that has the features you are looking for. You can also check Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up app, and Let Go app to try and find a great deal. Hope this gets you headed in the right direction.
  10. beak81champ

    Help with new system

    Bridging channels gives you more output(often double or more) but takes 2 channels for each driver. 4x100 amp may turn into a 2x200, for example. Be mindful of the impedence when bridging channels.
  11. beak81champ

    Help with new system

    If you have 7 inches mounting depth, and doesn’t affect window operation, you are golden! That 800.4 should be a great amp to move a pair of Anarchys. Now there are 2 pairs for sale on diyma! If I didn’t already have 6, I’d pick them up...
  12. beak81champ

    Random Picture Thread

  13. beak81champ

    Help with new system

    How much mounting depth do you have in the Durango doors? If you can find the depth, I’d go with Exodus Anarchy 704’s, but you’ll have to go with a big tweeter to play down to them. There is a pair on diyma right now for $125 bnib. Otherwise, take a look at SB Acoustics, Silver Flutes, HAT, and CDT. There are lots of midbass drivers for sale on diyma right now.
  14. beak81champ

    ISO: (White)Mosconi AS200.4 or 300.2

    If anyone has one in New, or Used/Excellent condition, I am looking to make a deal.
  15. beak81champ

    Anyone use CDT sounds?

    He is “trumpet” on here