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  1. beak81champ

    SQ Vs SLP Real life applications

    The “at a distance” part is the deciding factor here. Before I started building my system, I saw a video of a guy using Hertz drivers, and walking away from his car while filming the video. Sounded pretty clean even like 75 yards away. My system sounds pretty awesome sitting in my car, but you can’t hear shit outside it. I remembered in the video, the guy had all his components in the doors. My mids and tweets are in my pillars, so the only thing you hear outside my car is basically my door speakers, which run 73 Hz to 350 Hz. Think about how you are going to use your system most when deciding how you are going to do your install!
  2. beak81champ

    Budget mids and highs.

  3. beak81champ

    SQ Vs SLP Real life applications

    IMO, if you have a properly deadened ride and solid install, look for drivers with a higher sensitivity/spl. and/or 2 ohm, such as Focal, Image Dynamics, PRV, or some pro audio offerings. Just don’t look to cross too low to your subs, and make sure your subs play up to your mids, and you have a good shot at finding what you are looking for.
  4. beak81champ

    Boland audio

    After reading Munish’s side of the story, it puts a whole new perspective on things...
  5. beak81champ

    Boland audio

    Looks like he has paid back rent and is trying to negotiate getting back to work. I hope he squares everything up with pending orders and repairs before building any new amps. I received mine last wednesday, so I think it was one of the last to go out...
  6. beak81champ

    Wireless audio

    Sounds to me like you need amplification.
  7. beak81champ

    Wireless audio

    Have you sound deadened any of it? That’s where I would start.
  8. Nice work, both of you! This is going to be beautiful!!!
  9. My battery is in the trunk spare tire well.
  10. beak81champ

    Newbie... Need Help

    I have an underseat box that might fit your truck. I bought it for a ‘14 Chevy Crew Cab, but sold the truck. First thing you should do is spend some of that money on sound deadening both doors and the floor, from the firewall to the bottom of the back window. Then I’d start looking for nice used pieces to get the system started. Maybe start with a JL Fix piece to clean up the OEM head unit, then move to a 4-channel amp, and a 2-way passive comp set. Once you’ve got that, look for your sub, and sub amp. It will add up quick, once start buying all the install equipment... Much easier to do in stages!
  11. beak81champ

    My first "Active" "SQ'ish" build attempt.

    Nice! Some Aurasound NS-3’s would go nicely in that tweeter hole. Or some Tang Band bamboos.
  12. beak81champ

    Yet another n00b seeking speaker recommendations

    The Anarchy are almost 4” mounting depth.
  13. beak81champ

    Yet another n00b seeking speaker recommendations

    Silver Flute 6.5’s at madisound.com will give you what you are looking for in a 6.5” for ~$75, but that doesn’t include tweets. You will have to find a set that play low though, bcuz they are not nice over 1kHz. To find a tweet that plays low, you will be putting out some cash, and you still don’t have crossovers. Good luck with your system! Please keep us informed, as I am very curious to see how you get this done.
  14. beak81champ

    Yet another n00b seeking speaker recommendations

    $100 will be stretching on anything decent. Especially a passive set. If you were active, it would still be tough, but a little easier. That said, I have a set of (Volvo) Dynaudio mids and tweets that I would sell for $150 shipped, but you would need crossovers. I also have a passive 2-way set of McIntosh comps I’m looking for $225 shipped. If you are interested, just shoot me a PM.
  15. beak81champ

    2011 ppv Tahoe slowwwww build

    Customer Service is exactly why I run Audiofrog and Arc Audio.