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  1. Alexander612

    Grille/ Guard

  2. Alexander612

    Grille/ Guard

    Hello . I can do here such type: http: //5mm aluminum - very durable.
  3. Hi guys. This is the strengthening element of fixing the midbass to the metal of the door. Volkswagen Touareg SEAS H1471-08 (CA22RNY) Артикул: M3197K881
  4. Ohoho !!!! Beautifully designed the forum!
  5. Polished nickel plating. Subwoofer grill.
  6. Hi guys. Replacing standard bars on door trim panel.
  7. comparison: (all in scale) ---
  8. The outer coating I do is dye: black matte or nickel plating (matt, polished, satin). I can make a black nickel coating - but it's very expensive.
  9. The figure above shows a minimal case, which is possible for these speakers. round in size will be larger.
  10. Hello. are these?:https://www.audiofrog.com/gb25-2-12-63-mm-audiophile-grade-automotive-loudspeaker/