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  1. Aluminum grill. Electro-chemical dimensional processing.
  2. Powerful podiums on the door for the midbass:
  3. Hi guys. In stock! Cost $ 130 This distributor under the crimped lugs on the wires.! Power distributor for amplifiers or other devices. Under miniANL fuses. Two tier, compact. Inputs: 1 pc. plus and minus - tip 2Ga (35mm2). Outputs 5 pcs. - tips 4Ga (25mm2). The case polyacetal black - is satined. Connecting plates are nickel plated brass. Cover plex. Thread mounting lugs and fuses M6 (2Ga) and M5 (previous and 4Ga).
  4. Began to do anodizing the surface of the aluminum rings in black. Examples:
  5. Power distribution for amplifiers and other consumers. The configuration may be different.
  6. Housing for the board of the head unit.
  7. Do you make speaker spacers? If so how much for a set of 6x8 JL Audio C5 components

  8. Right you are! But the protection is the same! Thanks! I do everything alone. i.e. himself.
  9. Aluminum does not leave such a cost.:) I can make without polishing and without a layer of nickel. In this case, the cost will be less, about $ 80-100.
  10. The cost is approximate. Perhaps less work. I can make a sketch with dimensions and count accurately.