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  1. sherwood71

    Random Picture Thread

    Damn some nice old iron sitting there underwater. Kinda sad really.
  2. sherwood71

    its cheap, but is it that bad?

    Gramps can't build sh!t. Only thing he can build is a long list of excuses.
  3. sherwood71

    pics of your doggo

    This is the replacement for my Rottie Dozer. This is Snoop, an American Bulldog, that we got at the age of 6-8weeks old. He has had some big paws to fill but we think he is doing a good job so far.
  4. sherwood71

    pics of your doggo

    This is my first dog Dozer, a purebred Rottie. Got him at 8 weeks old and he didn't leave my side for 9 years unless I was away for work. He was an awesome dog, wanted to meet everybody and loved everybody he met. He started to have a couple issues with his front elbows and then one day out of the blue his hips gave out and I had to do the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I had to put him down. I miss him everyday.
  5. sherwood71

    Random Picture Thread

    Damn that sucks. One good thing is that it happened on the road and not at the top end of the track. Looks like the quarter panel took most of the damage. That will buff out lol
  6. sherwood71

    Random Picture Thread

    Shitty way to end Drag Week. Was probably quite a ride when the rim and tire made it's exit from underneath the car. Any word on what happened? Loose lug nuts or sheared lug nuts?
  7. sherwood71

    Fiberglass List

    Phuck Off!!!
  8. sherwood71

    Fiberglass List

    Definitely add lots of beer to the list. You will need it to wash the fiberglass dust away. Only thing I can think of that isn't on your list is some 40 grit or 80 grit sand paper. Use this to rough the panels up for your next coat of fiberglass. Take your time and don't rush it and remember to take lots of pics. We all like pictures. Good luck with your project
  9. sherwood71

    My boss told me to sell my subs or I'll be fired...

    He's to cheap for the good stuff I have seen a couple albino deer around here. We did have a half albino deer hanging around just down the road from my house. Haven't seen it around for a few years. It is supposed to be bad luck if you shoot an albino.
  10. sherwood71

    Random Picture Thread

    Looks like a nice spot to sit back relax, do some fishing and drink some beer.
  11. sherwood71

    Who's Quit Smoking?

    I don't think hanging outside with a bunch of smokers isn't going to help a person quit, especially if you are enjoying the smell of the smokes. Now if it was something a little different being smoked, like some nice green medicine, I'd say hell ya stand closer, breathe deep and enjoy the smell.
  12. sherwood71

    What annoys the ***** outta you/pisses you off...

    He needs to quit dickin around and do work. Would love to see a reunion show with some of the old cast. That and an MDF dust gag with Rafa or wife involved.
  13. Doing it to me as well on a PC. Need to refresh every time going to next/previous page. Has been since upgrade.
  14. sherwood71

    Who's Quit Smoking?

    I quit smoking almost 5 years ago after smoking for 30 years. Used a vape to help with the cravings and urges, started at 12mg of nicotine and went to 0mg. Used 0mg for close to a year then decided to get off of it too. No cravings or sneaking puffs here and there, wife figured I would be smoking at work. Very hard and disgusting habit to break. Gramps you need to look out for you and your wife. Understand it is your kids and family but if you aren't going to look out for number one no one else is. Sounds to me like you have family taking advantage of you. Stop making excuses for everything in your life.
  15. sherwood71

    got box covered in vynil

    But but but the front stage keeps up with the bass lol I'm sure there will be a list of excuses as to why he doesn't amp the front stage, alt won't keep up, not enough wire, blah blah blah. You know typical gramps shit