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  1. sherwood71

    got box covered in vynil

    But but but the front stage keeps up with the bass lol I'm sure there will be a list of excuses as to why he doesn't amp the front stage, alt won't keep up, not enough wire, blah blah blah. You know typical gramps shit
  2. sherwood71

    got box covered in vynil

    Open up your profile page. There is an icon at the top, in the cover photo, beside your avatar that says profile photo. Click that an upload new pic.
  3. 4 guage ring terminals or spade connectors should work for what you need. https://www.amazon.ca/MonkeyJack-Ground-Connectors-Assortment-Terminals/dp/B078TGP1RJ/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1532118772&sr=8-4&keywords=4+gauge+connector
  4. sherwood71

    Order it straight from Italy.

    Description Audio System H 12 BP Audio System H 12 BR Subwoofer H 12 Extreme series in 75-liter ventilated cabinet, made of MDF and a 25mm thick front panel. Power 1600 Watt, impedance 2 Ohm, box dimensions: L = 760 mm · A = 380 mm · P = 330/470 mm. Taken from website after google translated it
  5. sherwood71

    Low Budget Subwoofer Setup?

  6. Plugs these, https://www.amazon.com/Stereo-Harness-Toyota-Tercel-installation/dp/B00683XTME, into factory harness and then wire it to the Pioneer harness. Here is a link to tell you what each color of the factory harness is for. https://www.the12volt.com/installbay/stereodetail/2148.html
  7. sherwood71

    Refoam problems

    I had good luck using Amazing Goop adhesive, https://www.amazon.com/Amazing-GOOP-160012-Automotive-Adhesive/dp/B000CCID28, to glue the surrounds back together on some Rockford Power subs back in the mid to late 90's. Had them warrantied a couple times then tried the goop and was really surprised how well it stuck.
  8. sherwood71

    How to stop rear windshield/brake light flex?

    If you can fire your ports forward thru an armrest hole and seal it off it should do away with any flex/vibration issues you are having. I'm running two 12's ported thru the ski pass in the rear seat and have no issues with the rear deck flexing. There isn't to much you can do without voiding your warranty.
  9. sherwood71

    JLJunkie's Retarded Budget Build

    Check out SoundmanCA on youtube. He had some tweeter pods 3d printed for his F150 build. Turned out nice.
  10. Nothing that has the name Boss on it will work good. Nothing but junk from a company that lies to its customers. Start a new thread instead of cluttering up someone elses.
  11. I have never heard a 600.2 or 900.5 but can vouch for the 1000.1 being a good amp. Where in Canada are you? I could sell you a 1000.1 if you are interested? Amps are in very good condition, never abused or had them shut down. Only running them at 2 ohms.
  12. sherwood71

    Painting amplifier?

    As Kush said Prep is the biggest factor when painting something. I've been in the business of painting for over 25 years, cars, trucks, planes, boats, multi billion dollar projects, etc etc. To paint that heatsink I would use a grey scotch pad to scuff up the surface, https://repaintsupply.com/3m-07448-gray-scotch-brite-ultra-fine-scuff-pad-p516.html, these work good to scuff the surface for the paint to bond without leaving heavy sand scratches. Wipe down the panel with TSP or damp cloth, dry off with a clean towel leaving no residue or water moisture. Spray a light coat of Duplicolor Adhesion promoter, https://duplicolor.com/product/adhesion-promoter, let dry and then topcoat with your paint of choice. Using the adhesion promoter I will guarantee that the topcoat will stick and not peel off. I have used it a lot with very good results. Don't use heavy coats when putting on topcoat or you may end up with runs.
  13. sherwood71

    4th order design help

    I was originally drawing it that way but realized that the port wouldn't line up with the pass thru. But may have to live with it not lining up. Will definitely play around some more with the dimensions. How long would you make the 4 inch aero? Winisd is calling for crazy lengths. Thanks for all your help with this.
  14. sherwood71

    4th order design help

    Definitely don't want a peaky box or a one note wonder box. Looking for something like you said "musical", a box that will play everything and sound good doing it. If it gets loud doing so then that will be a bonus. Have been playing with WinISD and drawing on some paper to figure out a box. I have come up with something that I hope will work. Trying to attach an image to the post, hopefully this works. Can you take a look at this and see if I am on the right track? [ATTACH=CONFIG]26557445[/ATTACH]
  15. sherwood71

    4th order design help

    Thanks for the reply. I will mess around with winisd and see what I can come up with using a larger sealed/ smaller ported dimensions. I was looking at the opposite small sealed/ larger ported. Another question? Does it matter about port placement on the box? I'm hoping to have the port line up with a ski pass thru in my rear seat.