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  1. you need to make the decision if you want it to sound good to you, or be loud with the windows down so jerks can follow you home and come back and try to steal your shit You want to enjoy the music you listen to or get lifelong hearing damage from shrill loud showoff crap? people go crazy and blow their brains out from tinnitus. Maybe you have a friend who has a super loud system with distortion and you think its cool when you hear it from time to time, but listening like that for long periods of time even non distorted super high volume systems will wreck your hearing.
  2. staan

    its cheap, but is it that bad?

    so a single handsaw eh? You either use a ripsaw and you cant cut a hole with it , or you use a mitre saw but then it would take hours to rip a 4 foot section of .75 mdf. so which one will you use? you post some dumb shit
  3. staan

    Sundown lcs woofers

    lol are those toilet flanges being used as ports?
  4. staan

    coils coils coils

  5. staan

    Brands comparison

    hmm i never see alot of crys about big retail brands failing fast , i do however see the special of the day brands getting failed things new alot more
  6. staan

    Rotary subwoofers

    hmm the vanes do rotate though, they just don't go all the way around. anything traveling around a center point is technically rotating even if they do oscillate.
  7. staan

    Rotary subwoofers

    noone said they did that was the name of the sub
  8. staan

    Rotary subwoofers

    phoenix gold cyclones, old school,
  9. turning on your ac compressor should bump up your idle, see if that helps
  10. So after being into the hobby for so long was the ground never tight? I ask this cause you came on here asking if your voltage situation was normal, meaning its always been like that for you and your asking if its common. So either you installed the ground loose and the systems been behaving like that the whole time and you found your mistake and corrected it. It also seems possible there was no loose ground and you bought a bigger cap thinking it will fix your voltage problem which the people have tried to help you realize and fix from the beginning. It's not condescending and knowitall to tell someone that bs marketing products don't work, it's actually helpful. But i guess if it goes against your opinionated views you get hostile towards it. 5 farads of capacitance will run a head unit by itself for less than 10 seconds, one bass hit from a 1200 watt amp will drain your new cap almost instantly, so by adding it you are actually adding overall current draw to your system by having to constantly refill that cap.
  11. staan

    Hi Res Music - It's for Real

    My experiences are from professional recording since reel to reel to adat to d2d 24/192 on many different high end interfaces, high end pre-amps, multiple different monitoring scenarios, dozens of different mic types. from live recording acoustic sets, to supervising recording orchestral performances for film and pretty much everything inbetween. The cheapest of the cheap ad, and op-amps might be sometimes distinguishable from the other 90% which is mostly doing math, which don't change much. the rest is all hogwash, i have no problem with people enjoying whatever they enjoy, but when people confuse perception with reality its mind numbing.
  12. staan

    Hi Res Music - It's for Real

    i state facts, if you think that's trolling oh well. I guess i'm just jealous of your super human hearing ability.
  13. staan

    Hi Res Music - It's for Real

    Some of those are popular tubes to trade out into certain guitar heads so i assumed you were talking hearing the difference in different setups from various artists. Tubes in a playback situation colors the sound misrepresenting the recording.
  14. staan

    Hi Res Music - It's for Real

    maybe if your talking live sound, but those differences your hearing are representations of the microphones used to capture them. as far as extreme frequencies, almost every good studio tech, and engineer i know (i know alot of them from southern cali through ny all the way to germany) all straight up high pass 20hz on a steep slope, and low pass 20k on another steep slope. professionals of any non analog recorded music do this just to simply conserve disk space as a business necessity. so whatever your hearing aint there.