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  1. Bobby Light

    Car Audio Bargains

    Has anyone ever purchased anything from them? I see a few things on their B-side, just wondering if they were legit? Thanks
  2. Bobby Light

    Box design

    In need of a box design for a single x8 in 05 Grand Cherokee. Any info would help, thanks
  3. Bobby Light

    AMP recommendation

    I would like to stay under $750. I know good amps cost more.
  4. Bobby Light

    AMP recommendation

    I am planning on putting either a JL 8W7 or a JL 10W7 in my Jeep Cherokee. What amp(s) would you guys recommend for either of these 2 subs? Thanks
  5. Bobby Light

    Pioneer Avic-8200NEX

    My vehicle was at the shop for 3 weeks. Since I got it back yesterday, my in dash unit will not show the road map. When I hit the map button, it says loading iGO. Can someone help me? Will a reset fix this?