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  1. Nice- thanks for the rundown and advice.
  2. After a little uneducated digging I got this short list of quality [min. of 8ch out] DSPs. Add to the list if you know of any in this league in terms of quality and features. Some of them are too expensive for my budget but I put them on the list because if there's a good clear reason to spend the extra money I will. Also, it might help others with this touch choice. And the big questions... which would you choose for a 7 channel active system with OEM integration and why? Alpine PXA H800 Audio Control DM 6/810 Dayton Audio DSP-408 Focal FSP 8 Helix DSP .2 Helix DSP PRO MK2 JL Audio TwK88 Rockford Fosgate DSR1 RF 3Sixty.3 Zapco Z8 (III, IV or V??)