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  1. Muffdogg

    Budget 4 channel amp

    I just checked out the Axxera. I've never heard of that brand before. It has good reviews on Crutchfield. That's definitely another option to think about. Looking forward to another amp dyno video! Thanks.
  2. Muffdogg

    Budget 4 channel amp

    It's going to be active. I have an active capable head unit from JVC. The 6.5's are Silverflutes and Tymphany 1" tweets. I'd like to stay $150 or below. Thanks.
  3. Muffdogg

    Budget 4 channel amp

    Just watched bigblanks new video about the Rockville db45. Sounds like that might be the best budget 4 channel now. What do you all think?
  4. Muffdogg

    Budget 4 channel amp

    I'm looking for an amp for my son's car now. I bought him a new deck, 6.5's and tweets for Christmas but I think his old amp might need replaced. He has an older crossfire 4 channel. Only 3 channels play and it sounds pretty bad. It's also been exposed to water because it's rusting. I figure it's probably easier to get him a new amp and run new wires. Is the Pioneer GM8604 still the go to budget amp? I just looked and it's $140. Did they price go up on these, I thought they used to be cheaper than that. Is this still the best bang for your buck? Thanks.
  5. Muffdogg

    Budget mids and highs.

    Which passive crossover would you suggest? I found some on Parts Express but wasn't sure what exactly to look for? Thanks.
  6. Muffdogg

    Budget mids and highs.

    Thanks for the reply! Is the JVC X360BTS head unit capable of that? That's what I've bought for him. Hopefully I didn't purchase the wrong deck.
  7. Muffdogg

    Budget mids and highs.

    My son has a 2005 Honda Civic EX coupe. We've bought him the JVC x360bts head unit and his car came with an older crossfire bmf 400.4. I think it's 50watts x 4. I've read that the silverflute and tymphany xt25sc90 work well together. Should I order the 4 ohm version of these for best results? Thanks.
  8. Muffdogg

    Amp Dyno Wolfram 2400....2400 watts for $199

    I ordered this amp and I recieved an email this past Saturday from Wolfram that a shipment is on the way. It was supposed to be delivered by the end of day today. When I check the tracking number it says only a label has been created. Has any one else had the same issue?
  9. Muffdogg

    Rotary subwoofers

    I've never heard of these before. Saw a video on YouTube about them. Pretty interesting.
  10. Muffdogg

    Welcome back

    Active threads was my favorite part too. I'm glad the site is back up and running. I was starting to have withdraws. Lol
  11. Muffdogg

    Crimper for 0 gauge

    Going to do the big 3 and need to crimp 0 gauge. What is the best way to crimp the 0 gauge lugs? I'm also wondering if I bought the wrong lugs. The lugs I bought are solid. Can the solid lugs be crimped or can they only be soldered? Thanks.
  12. Muffdogg

    Kicker ZR600

    So this is putting out 900 watts at 4ohms and 2.66ohms?
  13. Muffdogg

    Kicker ZR600

    I'm being given an old Kicker ZR600. It was my buddies back in high school and he hasn't used it in like 15yrs at least. It's on a sealed box with 2 JL 15" subs. Not sure what model the 15's are. Apparently the suns are dry rotted and the surround is gone. What does this amp really make? I know it's supposed to do 2 x 300 but I read that they are underrated. Thanks.
  14. Muffdogg

    Best budget 2nd battery?

    I have a new agm under the hood. Should I put the second battery in the spot under the hood or in the back by the amp?
  15. Muffdogg

    Best budget 2nd battery?

    We did the preorder sale on the Wolfram 2400.1. Used the GEM code from bigblanks video and got it super cheap! We've been running the 1600w amp we have now on stock electrical in our 2008 Yukon Denali XL. I'll be adding the big 3, a second battery and a volt meter. What would be my best choice from Sam's Club? Any other place I should be looking? Thanks.