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  1. King Mustard

    Which dummy resistors do I need?

    Fair points! Would a short in one of them cause all four to stop working but allow the head unit and subwoofer to continue working fine? As getting the door off will be a big job for someone inexperienced, what should I be looking out for if accomplished?
  2. King Mustard

    Which dummy resistors do I need?

    I guess my question would be why do they work (when they do work!) until I turn the car off, then not again when I turn it back on? (at least for a few days or weeks, when they sometimes magically reappear)
  3. King Mustard

    Which dummy resistors do I need?

    The head units continue to work perfectly, and continue producing sound to the subwoofer. For the record, I've really appreciated your help. I was hoping that, as the resistor thing seemed to work for a month or so, that different resistors would fix it (as this was something I could install myself). Oh well
  4. King Mustard

    Which dummy resistors do I need?

    Things are always more complicated than shown in YouTube videos when it comes to cars. Tried things in the past. I know for a fact watching a video on 'removing the door panels on a Peugeot 308' video would not work out as I'd have an issue that is not covered in the video (e.g. screws not coming out as easily as shown, all screws removed but door not budging, can't get it refitted etc.). Plus, getting behind the dashboard, to the front speakers, I imagine will be a right ball ache. Plus, I don't have the tools. I'd rather pay someone to help me out but not those robbing companies I mentioned above. Most of their staff are on minimum wage and don't know jack compared to you guys on the forums mentioned above.
  5. King Mustard

    Which dummy resistors do I need?

    I wouldn't have a clue. I've tried to see if anyone lives nearby (within a 100-mile radius) of myself (I'm in South Staffordshire/West Midlands) on caraudio.com, talkaudio.co.uk, diymobileaudio.com and caraudioforumz.com but I'm having no luck
  6. King Mustard

    Which dummy resistors do I need?

    The local places around here charge £40-45 per hour to assess (and they tell me it'll take a few hours to do that) so I'm already paying £150 just for them to look at it. I'm quite simply not paying that because I don't like to be actively ripped off. My memory is abysmal and this audio issue has been going on for two years now (hence why I forgot what to put in the first post), so I don't know how often they go off. I think it's sometimes after a drive, sometimes after a few weeks. I think they may turn off sometimes during driving but I don't ever remember. Probably not. The subwoofer never stops working, even when the speakers drop out. It works any time the head unit is playing audio. The speakers and subwoofer work perfectly with the stock Peugeot (rubbish) stereo so I doubt it's the speakers but I've also tried three brand of head units with the same issue each time. The subwoofer has it's own built-in amplifier. When the speakers stop working, it's often for a few days/week but they can sometimes come back on randomly (when turning the car on, so it's always a surprise that they're working again). The guy on Facebook was very knowledgeable (we were private messaging) but there has been radio silence for a while, unfortunately. His solution of the resistors worked for a month, which is longer than it's ever worked before, so I thought it was solved. However, the burning then occurred, so I don't know.
  7. King Mustard

    Which dummy resistors do I need?

    No idea to any of those as it was the previous owner who installed the speakers. I don't want to open the door paneling in case I can't get them back on and garages cost a fortune. I don't know what an ANC is. Often, it'll work once (for the journey) then when I next turn the car on, it won't work. When it's not working, the subwoofer is still playing. No idea about the heat but the head unit has a large heatsink on it and it's 0-10C in the UK at the moment.
  8. King Mustard

    Which dummy resistors do I need?

    I've tried three head units, different makes and models (including a Pioneer MVH-A200VBT), and I get the same issue on all. In fact, all three, including the one above, show 4-8Ω, so the speakers mismatch. Do you live in the UK, by any chance?
  9. King Mustard

    Which dummy resistors do I need?

    Is the head unit's built-in TDA7851L amplifier not good enough?
  10. I am new to electronics/audio. The previous owner of my Peugeot 308 (2012) installed the Focal IFP 207 audio kit. I have tried three separate head units (different makes and models) but could never figure out why the sound kept dropping out. Turns out it was the resistance of the speakers in the audio kit (2.6Ω), whereas general head units aim for 4-8Ω. I got help from a guy on Facebook, who suggested buying 4x 2.2Ω 2W resistors to act as dummy loads. I installed them and, to stop them touching each other, covered each one in insulating tape. This worked a treat with my Pumpkin ND0286B for a few weeks, until one day, there was smoke coming from behind the head unit! Turns out one of the resistors overheated and started to burn through the insulating tape. I wasn't aware resistors got hot and covering them in insulating tape certainly wasn't helping! He suggested I got higher wattage resistors and find a way to stop them touching without using insulating tape but there has been a bit of radio silence from him since this advice, so I am hoping you guys could pick things back up? Any suggestions to what I would need?
  11. King Mustard

    Does anyone live near West Midlands/Staffordshire (UK)?

    I really appreciate your comment It turns out it was an impedance issue and some resistors fixed it.
  12. I bought a Pioneer MVH-A200VBT (£130) today and installed it. Driving to some shops (20 minutes away), everything was fine. After shopping, I turned the engine on and had the same familiar fault - could only hear the subwoofer. After a few seconds, the head unit started to flash: AMP Error. So it wasn't an issue with the Chinese Android-based head units after all Does this help you, perhaps, narrow down what the issue could be and how I could go about fixing it?
  13. When I bought my Peugeot 308, someone had installed some aftermarket Focal speakers. I think they're causing issues with my various head units. I've asked various times in the forums but it comes down to me needing to be able to test the cabling, the electricals etc., which I have no idea how to do. I would happily travel to someone if they could have a look. I'd pay, of course!
  14. No soldering or heat shrinking was needed, everything just plugged in. I am guessing the chunky cable that seems to be going behind the steering wheel assembly came with the car when I bought it from the previous owner. When I bought this new head unit, I needed to buy a Peugeot/Citroen ISO Harness Adaptor (I got the Connects2 CT20PE02) to be able to connect the head unit to the "chunky cable". The previous head unit came with its own adaptor as it was designed for the Peugeot 308. I know that there are three cables coming from the subwoofer: One goes straight onto the car battery. Another is an RCA-to-RCA cable that goes to the 'subwoofer' RCA port on the head unit. The final goes to the 'auto ant' on the head unit, to turn the subwoofer on when the head unit is powered up. Whoever owned the car before me installed the Focal 2-Way IFP 207 speaker system.
  15. I've had two double-DIN Android-based head units (different manufacturers) inside my Peugeot 308 (2012) and both intermittently dropped any sound to my speakers, leading me to believe it's possibly the wiring loom from the car itself that goes into the head units. However, moving the loom around does not bring the sound back. It will just come back on its own after a few days. The sound to my subwoofer (seperate cable, a phono cable from the subwoofer) continues just fine. Any ideas?