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  1. I've had two double-DIN Android-based head units (different manufacturers) inside my Peugeot 308 (2012) and both intermittently dropped any sound to my speakers, leading me to believe it's possibly the wiring loom from the car itself that goes into the head units. However, moving the loom around does not bring the sound back. It will just come back on its own after a few days. The sound to my subwoofer (seperate cable, a phono cable from the subwoofer) continues just fine. Any ideas?
  2. I have a double DIN Android-based Chinese head unit and a subwoofer in my Peugeot 308. The Peugeot wiring harness and the head unit itself both have auto ant cables. Which one should I use to trigger the subwoofer?
  3. King Mustard

    Kenwood DMX7017DABS Statio Logo's

    I have e-mail notifications turned on by default - it's possible he does, too
  4. King Mustard

    Kenwood DMX7017DABS Statio Logo's

    Mine was a general question for him (as he is an owner of the system); it was not related to his query
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    Kenwood DMX7017DABS Statio Logo's

    Hi actonboy62, How does your DMX7017DABS connect to the Internet for Google Maps etc.? Does it have a SIM card tray? Kind regards.
  6. Thought this may be useful, in case people want help? https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=3266313 I don't recommend placing your marker directly on your house, of course 😛
  7. The past few days whilst researching this, I've been told that the rear speakers in modern Peugeot cars need amplifiers (or an amplified signal?); something along those lines. I went to an auto mechanic a few days ago and he said the same thing and that he'd need to run RCA cables from the rear speakers into the head unit. I was hoping to get clarification here before he went ahead with that, as it's likely the stock Peugeot stereo will no longer work if he does that (he mentioned having to cut or splice the current cables to the rear speakers). I bought this head unit because it was designed for my car (fits perfectly (see photograph below), is the right (matching) color and supports my steering wheel media controls). I also bought it because it was full-fat Android 8.0, meaning support all kinds of widgets (e.g. media, OBD readouts etc.), full Play Store etc. The head unit cost me £250, which isn't cheap in its own right and I couldn't find anything close for that kind of money; especially one that physically matches so well. The subwoofer is powered directly by the battery and the remote turn on is connected to the AUTO ANT wire on the Power loom. It gets its input from an RCA cable going into F. Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by the blue wire, red wire, ignition source etc.
  8. I have a Peugeot 308 (2012). This is the head unit. These are some of the specifications: Rockchip PX5 (2017) STMicroelectronics TDA7388 audio power amplifier (2013) STMicroelectronics TDA7786 AM/FM funer (2016) Please see the following photo: When it comes to the "RCA" section, I only have F connected. All seven cables for F have a female RCA connector. Only green is currently being used (for my subwoofer). AV-OUT (1) (yellow) AV-OUT (2) (yellow) FL OUT (white) RL OUT (white) FR OUT (red) RR OUT (red) Subwoofer (green) I am currently getting sound out of my front speakers and my subwoofer but there is not much coming out of the rear speakers. They're not totally silent, they're about 2-3%-volume "static"-type sound. If I connect the original, basic Peugeot stereo, I get sound out of the front and rear speakers. This suggests the "Power" section cables alone can do both; though they're not working for my new head unit. Connected to the "Power" section is a ton of cabling. This is some of it: AUX IN L (white) - RCA male (not currently in use) AUX IN R (red) - RCA male (not currently in use) BACK V IN (yellow) - RCA female (not currently in use) I have spliced the AUTO ANT with the subwoofer, so that the subwoofer switches on. From that information, does anyone know why I may not be getting sound out of the rear speakers?
  9. King Mustard

    What levels to use for frequency, boost and gain?

    My dad does ?
  10. King Mustard

    What levels to use for frequency, boost and gain?

    Unfortunately, I have no idea. I only know it contains the STMicroelectronics TDA7388 audio power amplifier from 2013.
  11. King Mustard

    What levels to use for frequency, boost and gain?

    A Dicola CHS7047X.
  12. I have an Edge EDB12A subwoofer with integrated ED7200-E1 amplifier (Amazon UK B009VFWD1Y, £100). What levels do you recommend for frequency, boost and gain? I currently have them all set to 75% but I don't know if that's the best configuration.
  13. We can get the green light on by jumping the 12v+ and the REM, so we know the subwoofer is fine. Next step is figuring out what goes where in the back of the stereo. We have three cables coming from the subwoofer: REM, and standard black and white phonos. Below is the diagram on top of the head unit:
  14. I have an Edge EDB12A subwoofer with integrated ED7200-E1 amplifier. I have three cables going into it: +12V - Connected to battery terminal REM - Goes into car stereo GND - Grounded to the car The 20A fuse is the original fuse and appears fine when inspecting it. Basically, when I turn the car on (Peugeot 308, 2012), the green 'Power' light on the subwoofer doesn't come on. Any idea(s) what could be wrong? Edge EDB12A Subwoofer.pdf