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  1. LunaticRT

    Tesla buys Maxwell

    https://electrek.co/2019/02/04/tesla-acquires-ultracapacitor-battery-manufacturer/amp/ Not a shocking acquisition at all by Tesla. Do you think this will influence the consumer and industrial components they (Maxwell) put out? While they may be interested in Maxwell mainly for their R&D on dry-electrodes, some new ideas on ultracaps have got to come out of this partnership.
  2. LunaticRT

    Pro Audio Speakers???? Bad Choice....

    From most, not all, pro audio drivers you will not see much response if simply put in the factory speaker position. I had my Crescendo PWX 6.5s installed in the factory position of a sound-deadened to hell door and had little to no midbass. BUT, throw them into some sealed pods or do a very good job sealing your doors and I’m sure you’ll get some decent midbass. Response curves depend on the installation/enclosure just as much, if not more, than the driver itself. Try them out for yourself, your ears don’t lie to you...most of the time. Play with deadening and sealing your doors to see if that improves the response, if not trade or sell them for some dedicated midbass drivers.
  3. This^ no doubt. The great thing about drivers is that you don’t have to pay exorbitant amounts of cash to get a very nicely designed driver. OP don’t be scared to look at PartsExpress or Madisound’s website for some very nice drivers that aren’t specifically made for car audio but perform fantastic anyways. I myself will be picking up 4 Silver Flute 8s for my doors from Madisound. PartsExpress also always has discounted drivers and buyouts that make buying multiple drivers an under $100 venture. And yes the amp kit I recommended to you will give you all the wire you’ll need and if you buy any Alpard sub from GP you get free 8ga speaker wire!
  4. Please do not buy anything Boss, it sickens me that they make any money at all. The Rockford coaxials are decent; however, you could buy some pro audio drivers or component sets of better quality for under the cost of those. Try looking at options from McLaren, Alphard Audio, PRV, Dayton, and Crescendo for some raw drivers and soft dome tweeters. Most options from those companies should be plenty loud and rugged enough to last you for years. As for your sub and wiring, I’d hit up GP Car Audio right now for their Bump2School sale. You can grab a Alphard Audio Machete 10” sub with a 4 gauge amp kit that you could cut into a big three kit, since you won’t need 17ft of power wire, all for ~$170 with free shipping. Then get a 5 channel amp such as the Pioneer GMD9605 which can be bought for $180-220 depending on where you look. Those are my “budget” recommendations and hopefully you have some moolah leftover to buy a decent AGM battery to cope with the more than likely dismal voltage drop.
  5. First we need to know what your budget is and what you’re looking to get out of the system. Do you want your music to be just plain loud or are you looking for sound quality and balance? What are your daily listening habits (genre, volume, and time spent listening). So many factors can influence what is recommended to you and while members here can help you in the right direction, it’s best to do your own research to get what YOU want out of your audio system. PartsExpress’ website is an amazing resource for browsing quality drivers and has something for every budget out there. P.S I assume this is going in an old VW bug based on the headunit selected and I’m not sure how strong the factory alternator is but I assume it will not be enough for a high power system but that’s okay, more power isn’t always better.
  6. LunaticRT

    Crescendo bc 5500 for sale or trade

    What about a FSD 2.8k prototype and $200?