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  1. 5 minutes ago, Popwarhomie said:

    There are many "Isobaric" designs. Still would be a massive box with 15s though.


    If you are talking about a sealed box with a two 15s push/pull that is pretty much pointless since you are getting cancelation being confined to the truck with seats that don't fold down.


    4th order with a 12" or 6th order with a 10" would be my answer.

    still massive?? 😢

    on oficial MTX spec sheet of my subs, it says 50liter for sealed and 70liter for ported. is this also wrong?? 70liter is a relative small enclosure, and if isobaric, should be 35liter thats a mini box.

    so if I do a 4th order 70+50liter isobaric, it gives 35+25 liters.

    is this a plausible calculation, or is this totally wrong??

    what should be a right calculation instead??

    what could be a volume for a 12"

    a volume for a 15"

    a volume for isobaric 15"

    must not be exact, but to have an idea at least

  2. Just now, Popwarhomie said:

    O M F G....   Done....

    bro, for you its everything obvious, for me not because I don't have a clue. I tried to study the whole topic, and I read everywhere that isobaric needs half the space than 1 normal driver. is that true?? if its true, would the 4th order of a doublé isobaric 15" be smaller than a single 12"??

  3. 5 minutes ago, Popwarhomie said:

    Thats right. Ski hole. Got confused with all the retarded on here post lately.


    Do a 12" in a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio 4th if you can fit it.

    ok 3:1 ratio you mean ported 3 and sealed 1 right?? what would be the difference if I thorw in an isobaric 15" instead of 12"??

    wouldn't I gain a Little bit on space??

  4. 2 minutes ago, Popwarhomie said:

    Everyone has tried to help you. You just wont listen....


    A 4th order for a f*****g 15" is going to take up your whole trunk.

    A 6th order for a 15" is going to take up the whole truck and a half.

    A T line for a 15" is going to take up the whole car.


    Get rid of that garbage subwoofer. Buy a nice 12" and build a proper ported box...

    yeees, you tell me to buy a 12" and build a ported box, I can't because i get cancellation! seems like it has to be at least 4th order to make any sense!! that's why i put isobaric in equation. if isobaric halfens the volume of the enclosure, maybe I can get a decent size enclosure for my needs. a normal 12" would also eat up the whole trunk if the layout is 4th order.

    maybe I made an error to buy 2x 15", but maybe there's a way to fix it without throwing everything away

  5. uff its hard to deal with you guys eehhh. you are experts, but until now i did not get any solution for my problem. 

    I'm also expert in other stuff like engine Tuning and anabolic steroids, and if someone is doing something wrong, i try to help to  get him understand, and get the best solution. you only tell me its all shit, but give me no solution, other tan throw all away and buy an 8" and fill the freakin trunk with wood

  6. 9 hours ago, Jeffdachef said:

    it doesnt matter what the manufacturers say, it matters what the enclosure modeling software says and what your in car response says. You have to tune the port based on your sealed peak frequency. You do not have the measuring equipment to do a proper 4th order so why bother.

    no, I don't have, I'll have to experiment and measure by eye and by ear.

    I want to try 4th order and 6th order, simply connect the sealed box with a randoom tube to the ported box.

    Its only to experiment with my trunk, before I throw the whole box away and start from 0

    anyways, correct me if I'm wrong, i could start from scratch with an Isobaric 4th or 6th order box, that's not too big, thanks to isobaric. I know its imposible for me to calculate, but maybe someone could give me a hint.


  7. buaaahhhh I got a mega Idea, maybe I can go on doing experiments on my frankenbox.

    mount a plexiglass table in front of the woofers, maybe 2-3cm away, to get them isobaric.

    then, mount a diagonal plate, behind one of the 2 woofers, to make it sealed, and the other one, stays ported.

    I know, the second woofer will have aprox only 50liters for ported space if not less, but its only an experiment to see if I gain something sealing out the trunk or not

    and anyways, if the rated volume for my MTX is 70liters, with isobáric should be 35liters, so in a 50liter box, I still have 15liter more tan needed right?

    hehehe I'm a genious!! 

  8. 2 hours ago, Jeffdachef said:

    it doesnt matter what we teach or explain to you, you'll just make some ghetto franken garbage enclosure with zero understanding of how enclosures are supposed to be done anyways. 

    Why bother replying to something when you obviously will never do the right choice of action and leave it to a professional to design your enclosure and you just build it exactly to his specs. Nope you just gotta do sh*t beyond half assed and not understand a single thing. You dont even model up your sub in an enclosure design software or anything. Its just shit ideas after shit ideas after shit ideas.

    bro I'm just trying to learn something. I have 2 x 15" and don't want to throw them away, whe saw that the only way to get something out of my shitty trunk is doing some bandpass, every ported bass réflex would end up in endless cancellation. but as you said, bandpass would mean a monster enclosure, I' don't have physical place for that. Isobaric, could maybe help with space, that's why i mentioned it.

  9. ok, i figured out, that bass réflex opposite to woofers, is a bad Idea. that's why I was thinking about flip everything, and put a vent at the same side as the woofers, and fire everything into the Little hole that sepparates cabin from trunk.

    but the réflex if its in the middle, it will fire in to the cabin, the rest will bounce back at the seats.



    so the vent would end up like good (a), but the woofers will end up like bad (a)



  10. I have an Idea, if I put a frontfiring ported box at 45º?? meaning, it fires all, both woofers both ports, 45º up to the cabin. most of sound will bounce back due the seats, and the hole to the cabin is not big enough??

    or should I mount a separation Wall around the woofers, to separate from the trunk??

  11. 19 hours ago, shredder2 said:


    Idk that car but it looks like the ski-hole and possibly combined with the rear deck speaker locations if removed (if it has any, if not find a way to create some type of hole) will be sufficient to vent into the cabin if Op would just use a proper-sized enclosure with the port and sub playing into the same space I believe he will be pleased.

    Idk if that is going to mean going to a single sub or not, modifying that frankenbox he's got, just building a new one... or what... :suicide:


    bro, I only have one vent hole to the cabin, its in the middle of the two back seats. The only way to get sound waves firing direct to the cabin is that hole. IMO I should consider 4th order, maybe only with 1 speaker.

    Yesterday, doing further tests, Lows are playing "great", but higher midbass, its total cancellation. don't get me wrong, i don't want midbass, but my freakin taramps don't let me filter it away and it gets a constant mess of distorsion.

  12. 2 hours ago, Jeffdachef said:

    a single 15 in a proper enclosure should be literally flexing windshields so idk where you comparison is. I doubt your setup can do that the way it is.

    flexing windshields with single 15 low excursion??? A brazilian friend, has doublé 15" in a biiiig enclosure, sounds loud, but faaar away from flexing windshields

  13. 14 hours ago, 2RZ-FE said:

    How much power you have?


    Little, like 500RMS high sensibility, its 2 muddy 15" MTX, but I love that sound.

    speaking about that, I compared it to single 15" in a proper enclosure, and proper trunk, and they sound very similar.

    my trunk is very complicated, too sealed for standard frontfiring bass réflex, not enough sealed for using the trunk as 4th order

  14. 25 minutes ago, Jeffdachef said:

    poly fill does not magically make up for a box thats 1/2 of what it needs to be. It can help 5% at best, its not going to work any kind of miracle  you think it will. Stop working with that box, scrap it and make something completely different with the whole setup completely.

    15s dont provide "the sound they make" its the same as a fking 12, just more cone area which needs a much bigger enclosure. A single 8 in a proper ported enclosure would completely sh*t all over your 15 in both sound quality, deep bass and loud spl. What you have right now is a pile of trash.

    You have a whole forum full of car audio enthusiast and professional competitors telling you that exact thing for 1000000000x already but you absolutely refuse to do the smart thing to get results, you rather work with the complete failure thinking it might improve, its not. 

    yeah bro, for shure, I'm building up some experience. I could also try to build a 4th order with only one woofer and use the other one as spare or make a sealed box out of it. I think 4th or 6th order is the only way to work in my car's layout right?? I have to seal one side, and throw everything in the cabin through the port

  15. oke I just made some tests yesterday, and some Little adjustments, i came to the conclusión that the db are correct for my needs, I know I could pull out of 2x 15" much more than that.

    but I did not buy the 15" for SPL, but more for the sound they make. I'm happy with the sound, and like I said, I could try to stuff wool to gain some extra volume and limit bending-impact of the bad enclosure.



  16. 53 minutes ago, Jeffdachef said:

    We told you this on your old thread. Port and subs should be on the same plane or port has to fire to the trunk especially in a trunk or you seal it up and wall it off from the trunk completely. I cant believe you have a leaky sealed box made with particle board and a port opposite direction from it. Here this is whats good or not good cancellation 101. Trunk hatch is on the left side, cabin is the right side. Difference between good A Vs Bad A is a trunk wall you have to seal the subs and port completely off from the trunk, nothing can get back inside the trunk or else you lose ALL bass.

    Image result for subwoofer box direction in trunk

    very interesting, most people here have the Bad (b) layout.

    I'll try Good (b) to see if something changes

    thanks for the imput, i might end up making a 4th order right? its the only solution I think


    Resultado de imagen de 4th order enclosure