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    Question about Air pressure and Watts

    hi bro, it might be garbage, but its connected to a 2250W RMS Amp. If it would not have all that Wattage, it should be fried by now. IMO it sounds veeery good for the Price, the best budget sub I Heard so far. The enclosures we used are generic ported enclosures so enclosure is not a factor. also the AMP we used, were all overpowered. it seems like simple maths. more Surface multiplied by excursión, more air pressure. Seems that Watts are totally irrilevant below 50hz, maybe they might have a place for upper Bass and high range
  2. Like title says, I have 1 sundown x8 speaker, and wantet to make use of it. my idea was to screw a hole on the side of the speaker and plug the X8 in. will it sound similar to 2 separate enclosures?? or will it be a mess?? 1. Standard Ported 12" enclosure 2. 1 power acoustik 1200W RMS sub 12" 3. 1 sundown X8 750-1000W RMS sub 8"
  3. ok so I have to separate different size woofers in different enclosures? or is it still bad to mix 2 different subs in the same trunk???
  4. ok, I've been fearing this. that's why I was asking. so with a sub, you can't share the same enclosure? doublé driver subs does not exist??
  5. why?? my purpose is to save place in my trunk, but still have more air moving.