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  1. the problem here, is that in brazil, most people run their "subs" at full range. they run everything at full range. I say this, because my brazilian friend does that too. they love distorsion and make as much noise as possible. so they don't even need LPF and freq regulation
  2. today first tests sealed. SPL wise, sounds similar to 1 cheap 15" ported. I bouht a port, 125mm diameter and 60cm lenght its obviously not enough diameter but lets see how it goes
  3. Hi, I'm about to buy some tube for the port. is sewer material ok for the job?? hard sewer or soft? I had on my sundown port some rubber sewer tube, and it was right, but its hard to bend in the enclosure. Thanks!!!
  4. so to summarize: 2x MTX RT15 rated for 70L each or 2,5ft3 sealed box 71L or 2,5ft3 option to port in the back goal: boost at 25-35hz range
  5. maybe with the right knowledge… anyways, now i have the materials, so I have to make the best out of it.
  6. bro, i have limited possibilities. If I had unlimited space, it would be different. I don't think 1 198$ 12" ported in a sealed 2.5ft3 box would sound louder than 2 15" sealed. now I have to do the best with what I have. i'll try to fit a 5.5" port with the right lenght. i'll also try to seal the best as posible the gap between seats and enclosure to minimize cancelation. the end result will look like some kind of 4th order, using the rest of the trunk as a sealed enclosure
  7. the calculator reports for 2,50ft3 that I need for a 5inch diameter port, 20inch lenght tuned at 30hz is that correct?
  8. Hi all, just calculated the internal volume, its 71L, just good for 1 of these to port. how should look the port like??? thanks!
  9. hey, i did find a simple form. I measure the base 3d square and get V1 (Volume 1) I measure the top 3d square and get a smaller V2 I calculate the bigger V1-V2 and I get the V3. then I divide V3/2 and get the difference volume V4 I take V1-V4 and get my desired V5
  10. yeah the port is around 2". it was a first test, i could have done a bigger port, but the lenght would have been a nightmare. I'll try to fit a second port, anyways, I prefer a Little bit of whistle, than a flat sound like when its sealed. question, is there any difference between a round and a square port??? ah, and how do I calculate the volume of a square irregular box like mine??? thanks!!
  11. if you mean the sub, its an 8" sundown X8 750RMS
  12. bro, its impossible to fit anything in that car. that was the only option, in front of the passenger seat.
  13. 10 liter enclosure. minus the sub. veeeeeery small.
  14. this is my sundown x8 next to its enclosure. blew my mind how it handles the bass, especially low extension thanks to that port. i'll fit another port, because this port makes a little bit of windy noise at high volume. maybe the world's smallest enclosure for an X8, still loud as a cheap 15" ported sub. and next is the car where its fitted in, not even 1cm lost in the trunk! i hope to have a similar result with my other 2 15" MTX....
  15. guys, I managed to fit my sundown X8 in a 10L (minus the sub) round box, and port it. The port was a total experiment, something like a 50cm long tuve, but guys, it souded not only much louder, but the port, was at the exact frequency I wanted. So what I'm about to do is only an experiment, I was lucky with my sundown, so maybe i'm still lucky with this. and if it sounds crap, I'll seal it and problem over. 2 15", will sound strong even sealed.
  16. no, i'll keep the 15", at worse case scenario, I'll stuff the port, and keep it sealed. you think i'll have much cancellation??? I've seen many home theatre subs with the port behind the cone and they do well. most of subs out there actually have the port opposite to the woofer. only caraudio has the port on the front for obvious reason, because on the back, you would seal the port with the back seats. in my case, the port woud match exactly to the hole that connects to the cockpit. Another question I have, I've seen most of ported doublé woofer have divided enclosures, with a Wall beween woofers. is there any difference to play both woofers in the same enclosure?? thanks!!
  17. here's a picture of the trunk. the speakers are firing out of the car, and as you see, the enclosure fits almost perfect to the trunk. the port should be on the other side, firing into the cockpit. I can't build a bigger enclosure because of many factors, I have to find the best solution with what I have.
  18. I know given the same Output WATTS, 2x12" will sound louder than 1x15". but I don't want louder sound, but I'm searching for deeper bass. I know 1 single 15 will sound deeper than single 12 because of the physics of the bigger membrane. given the extra Surface área of the 2x12", will it be posible to get more low end bass out of it than a single 15?? thanks
  19. I've not seen 18" at Pride, and ground zero is waaaay to expensive for me. I saw the 18" of Skar audio at 240$ low wattage and high excursión. that would be perfect for my needs.
  20. I've also found a Skar Audio EVL 18" for a good Price, but then shipping is too expensive here in spain.
  21. Ok, I'll search 2x 15" subs, not more expensive than 120€ each, with good excursión (Xmax min 20mm) but Little wattage, my amp makes max 1600W RMS at 1ohm You know some Brand that fits these specs?
  22. my goal is the deepest bass posible, cheapest way and spacesaving. My car is a sedane, alfa romeo 159. I could fit 2x 15" using the whole trunk, putting the port-tube on the back of the sub, that separates the trunk from the cockpit. could the trunk act as enclosure itself???
  23. hello, I bought a 8" sundown audio x8. 750W RMS but able to do 1000W also. it sounds much louder than my previous 8" 110RMS sub, in the same enclosure. then, I compared my sundown to a Cheap 15" 250RMS sub and no history, the 15" is another world, although quality, is Little bit less, especially at lower freq. then my GF bought a 15" sub power acoustik Gothic with 1400RMS high excursión. I Was thinking, 5-6 times more Watts, should sound like a beast. but again, not much more overall pressure compared to the 250W 15" sub, only more quality at lows thanks to the extra excursión. then i recenty Heard 2x 15" 500RMS watts subs and blew my mind. less watts again but much more pressure (maybe twice) as the Power acoustik. so my guess is, Watts at lows, are nothing more than a number, what you need to make bass, is airflow, either with woofer Surface, or with excursión. you can have twice the pressure with 2 250W, than 1 with even 2000W am I right? Am I missing something???
  24. ah ok... no, no one was nor in a perfect enclosure, nor perfect amp, nor perfect sub... all Budget stuff, except my sundown