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  1. very interesting, most people here have the Bad (b) layout. I'll try Good (b) to see if something changes thanks for the imput, i might end up making a 4th order right? its the only solution I think
  2. hi Brahs!!! so Little update!! I took out the sub from the trunk to test it and surprise, it was leaking everywhere!!! basically, they used the outer carpet as sealant, and nailed the cheap "MDF" there where gaps up to 1cm!!!!! I sealed everything with some Wood-silicone, and everything changed radically. still bending everywhere, but at least, its sealed, and all the air exits from the port. the sound is nothing special, sounds. hair is moving fairly, if i volume up, so good sign, i'll put a video on YouTube soon next step, stuff some wool, maybe it helps with the bending and bad quality MDF. its not even MDF, its pressed carton.
  3. guys, I understand that everything is wrong with my layout, but I need first to understand how cancellation Works in my case, otherwise I'll do same shit again
  4. yes, sorry, maybe its my bad english. could you please explain again what happens to the trunk?? a Little more detailled for me to understand. thanks!!
  5. I understand, I'll probably end with 1x 15". MTX oficial suggested box is 70liters for ported enclosure. I could probably get up to 140liters by designing a new enclosure. but first I have to understand the cancellation. Its useless to put effort in a whole new box, and end up like now. I can't do much with my given space, because I only have a tiny hole that connects the trunk with the cabin, and there's only space for a port. why does it cancel with closed trunk and not with opened trunk????
  6. guys I made yesterday some further tests. now listen. I opened the trunk, and seems like I gained 10db. with open trunk, I'm happy with the results, so that's the most important part. seems like some noise cancellation is going on there. how can I fix that?? which layout do you usually use for a sedane that has the trunk isolated from the cabin?? My plans are to start over and build a proper enclosure, but first I have to find the right layout for the purpose. That's why I'm making tests with the actual box. To make it short: Open trunk, I only get one side of the waves that come out of the port, the rest gets lost outside the trunk, maybe similar to a sealed box. Closed trunk, the waves seems to bounce back, but instead of adding, they make some sort of cancellation. I need to understand why
  7. Sorry I don't have that much experience. Unbraced baffle what does it mean?? do I have to make the box stronger? volume is good for 1x 15", it matches exactly the rated 70liters. what else do I have to change??
  8. hello, I recieved today my taramps 800.1, means 800RMS 1 cannel at 2ohm. Very compact size, and rated over 800RMS. so far so good. Now I get why people complain about brazilian style. These people do not give a ***** about SQ. You have a Gain regulator, you have a LPF-FRF-HPF switch, you have a bass boost and you have a HPF regulator. Now, why on earth you need full range or even HPF on a mono cannel??????? And now the worst part, you can regulate HPF (which is completely useless outside Brazil), but you can't regulate LPF!!!!!!! Its fixed at freakin 80hz, you even have a bass boost for full range which is again totally useless on 1channel amp. Brazilian style means make lots of noise and **** totally on SQ, even if the Amp is really good though. now I'm forced to buy an external eq which pisses me off.
  9. not racist at all bro. my best friend is brazilian, and I hate his car audio setup. never been in brazil, but he comes from brazil and he knows how the car audio setups are. lots of brazil car audio shop here, they do their own style, and I don't like it. might be loud, but its headache for me.
  10. but why do you do that, to set up everything at higher frequency??? It only causes headache. For shure its louder, but its a mess. and put everything at full range is even more messy. even a bolivian guy that was there, was asking to shut off the "superwofer"
  11. this saturday, I've been at the playa for some party, and I could hear my brazilian friend's "sub" going Woooooo from 1mile away. to find him I only had to follow that disturbing frequency. everyone around him was praying him to stop that **** even the truckers around there, came to look what was going on. I went to his amp and turned the frequency back to 40hz. and he told me: No! its not ment to play that low. its a Superwofer! Ok, so I learned, brazilians do not have subwoofers, they have superwofer, and they are ment to play around 100hz and full range.
  12. hi, like from the title, I want to port my sealed doublé MTX RT15 sub. here comes the reason: my car, is a sedane (alfa 159) and the only conntection between trunk and cockpit, is the gap of the rear armholder. so my idea was, to drill a port at the rear of the box, that matches at the high of the gap to the cockpit. I know, the encosure does not matches the litres for the 2 MTX to be ported, but with a Little bit of good work, it could sound better. My first question is, should I go with 1 port tube or 2???? later on, I'll give you the measures of the box, to calculate the ports thanks!!!
  13. looks great, I love that setup. but I immagine its too hard for my actual skills. Why dont you like the port opposite to the driver??? even if the port is bended inside the enclosure. About the brazilian style: I never said they don't get loud. Because they do get loud, and its not a surprise for me that they win SPL competition. Now the SQ is another story. And I'm complaining about their way to set up. they only care about spl and noise. Yesterday, I figured out, my amp was not even connected to the SUB out, some brazilian guy changed it to REAR Out. I brought my car to a paintshop for some inner painting, and a randoom brazilian guy simply took out my Android navi, and made the change. They are freakin Obsessed with their **** of putting everything at full range, even fuckin tweeter. I don't have anything against brazilians, my best friend is brazilian, and he runs his twin 15" sub at full range. Lots of SPL and distorsion but no SQ at all.
  14. Yes, better glue it and then screw it. Will do that thanks what about my port? any thoughts?
  15. really??? only glue no screws??? I saw many DIY in internet, they always end the work with screws. anyways, screws are good or bad? I'll give the box one last chance, and will screw it, screws are affordable. Like I said, I live in spain, here's no way to find profesional enclosures. Nor I have the tools for DIY from scratch. 70l its the right volume for ported box for MTX-RT-1504. maybe bigger enclosure would be still better, but 70l is enough.
  16. no, I spent 110€ for that freakin box (110$ more or less), I won't throw that away that soon. Despite it has been glued together instead of screw it, its a 2cm thick MDF. I'll try to fix it by putting screws on it. then I will put some silicone to seal it, and make some tests. Guys I live in spain, its not that bad like brazil, but its far away from USA in terms of caraudio knowledge. so I won't get a better Enclosure that easy. and anyways, I repeat again, the enclosure is good to go for 1 15". I don't know why you all have to hate on it. the port i did is maybe wrong, the placement of the sub is maybe wrong. the freakin car I'm using is maybe wrong too. but the enclosure is right once I fixed the bending. so If you want to help me out, give me some right input on my making. Its useless to say, you have to put a front firing port, if the car has a freakin sealed trunk. I attach some pictures to make you see how I did the setup. If you have a better Idea, I'm listening, thanks!!! the taramps, I'm changing it for an audiosystem or STEG. both are italian stuff, rated at 850RMS I also saw a soundstream, very cheap, but its only 700RMS the first picture is upside down, you have to rotate it 180º
  17. Guys, just watched closely to the enclosure, its totally bending everywhere, no wonder i have no spl. I have to fix that first, I think that **** have been glued together. I'll buy some screws
  18. yes I'm listening. The next tests will be with only one driver, so the size of the cab is ok. its no longer an issue to talk about. so as the box is good to go, what do you think about my port??? would it make sense stuff?? did i do some errors by fitting the port???
  19. instead of helping me out, you're all hating on this. I repeat its 70l and its perfect for 1 woofer. could stuffing help? could I put a layer of polyfill on the walls? I know my ex girlfriend has her sub stuffed and its the loudest Budget 15" sub I've ever Heard so far. My sundown X8 enclosure came also with stuffing, but when i quit it, it sounded much louder. so it might be a hit or miss.
  20. bro if you have to hate on my work, its up to you. the box is over 70l, and the rated box size for 1 woofer is 70l minus the port, minus the woofer. so its not too small. shure its to small for 2x 15". but I can always quit 1 sub and seal the second hole. this to begin with. second point, I managed to got rid of the contamination frequencies by calculating the right port lenght, and now it sounds like it should, ATM I have no SPL because of the freakin amp. the woofers are using the sealed trunk as enclosure, so, its some kind of 4th order setup right now. I'll update when I have the right Amp, maybe this evening, someone will borrow me a good amp to make tests.
  21. guys, you did not read well, the Amp, has FIXED filters!!!! so you can't correct anything. the LPF is set to 80hz, ant the subsonic filter, starts to kick in under 45hz. 30hz do not even move. that's why I'm going to return that. On the other hand, first we have to check out, how the whole invention Works with a proper amp. from there we can take the proper solutions. @shredder2, nope, its a modification for 2x 15". I tried to run it with single 15", but it still sounds louder with 2x 15". my car is a sedane, its an Alfa Romeo 159. the biggest problem there, is that the trunk is completely sealed from the cockpit. so the only way to bring soundwaves into the car, is a Little gap between the backseats. the best solution so far, is to fit a port in that gap that goes directly to the sub. the port is also bended 90º degree in the box.
  22. yes, fixed LPF at 80hz was given, I forgot to read, because almost every amp out there, inclusive wallmart 50$ 2 channel amp has variable LPF. but It was my fault so I was going to keep it anyways. However, fixed subsonic filter at 40hz was not given, and that made me freak out. It does make sense, because in Brasil, they don't care about go lower than 40hz. they use to peak at 80-125hz, cheap bass and lots of headache. but I did not know that either.
  23. I decided to return that junk. and get some american stuff, or even chinese stuff, I don't care, I prefer an underpowered amp, instead of that. I found out, it does not only have a fixed LPF, Which is something totally uncomprehensive for a 1 channel amp with such a high power rating. it also has a fixed subsonic filter, that cuts everything below 45hz. It might have some use in brazil, or somewhere where SQ is totally unknown Word, but for me its total pork sheeet. and its a pity, because there's some serious power in it, and the formfactor is really interesting. Unfortunately built for the wrong people
  24. hi guys, the port is done, the tube will enter the cockpit. now, the SPL is very bad, I lost much of Wuuu Wuuu (70-100hz range) so that's good, but 60hz **** is still at its highest, at leas with that taramps ****. I will return the amp, due its useless given it has a fixed subsonic filter that cuts everything below 45hz. the port is set to 30hz. so in reality, its still to come how it really sounds. I tried to turn off one speaker, but I lost some pressure. but its very far from soundin good. my girlfriends single 15" inch, sounds 2 times my double 15inch. my sundown 8" sounds exactly the same my doublé 15". so something is cleraly wrong. first I'll get a good amp, and then I'll work on the enclosure which is probably the first responsable for the very low SPL output.