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  1. ckeeler11

    Can I run a Bazooka BT1024DVC off a Kicker 12CX300.1 Amplifier?

    set your gain properly and you will be fine. FYI the RF sub is a better sub than the Bazooka tube. If the 1x10 enclosure takes up your whole trunk you either have a tiny trunk or an overly large enclosure.
  2. Curious why you want to do a T line with 8's over a sealed 10 or 12?
  3. The EV3 would not be a good candidate for a SQ build.
  4. ckeeler11

    JL Audio 10W3v3-2 with Alpine MRV-M500

    I am aware but since you listed all W3's those parameters almost the same. the 13 will have a little bump in power and xmax. Regardless glad you are happy with the Sundown they are solid entry level subs.
  5. ckeeler11

    JL Audio 10W3v3-2 with Alpine MRV-M500

    doubling cone area would theoretically give you 3 more db's which is barely audible.
  6. ckeeler11

    Batcap for a 4-Channel Amp?

    People have been listening to radios with cars off for centuries on just battery power no need to reinvent the wheel with some gimmicky Bat Cap. the bat cap is 12v a car battery is 12v so you are not gaining anything. Your bat cap lasts 5 minutes with a 37 amp draw (roughly 400 watts) which is not much, a solid deep cycle will outperform easily.
  7. so what are the mounting restrictions? Are you thinking underseat?
  8. ckeeler11

    SA-18 Sundown Subwoofer

    Well going to depend on what JL 12's you had and the box you have the Sundown in. The SA is a solid sub.
  9. ckeeler11

    Did you know Audiopipe had an SPL line of subs?

    Terrible description. WTF is up with linking to catalog PDF. If you dont care enough to build a real website for your gear do you really care about the gear????
  10. ckeeler11

    Dual Voice Coil Question

    You really need to up the budget for speakers for meaningful improvement over stock. Also components will not happen for that price range. Cheapest coaxials I would run are the Morel Maximos.
  11. The Audio Frog stuff is legit, but if you are on a budget I would look at something like the Dayton HO good SQ oriented sub with decent output and great price.
  12. ckeeler11

    Going active?

    You will not need anywhere near that much power to the tweeters, but they will need to be ran off of an amp channel.
  13. ckeeler11

    My subwoofer only works in park

    Need to list all equipment with models, including head unit, amp, loc, etc...
  14. ckeeler11

    SQ/wiring question on budget speaker replacement

    It is most likely a waste of time putting those subs back there unless you built enclosures for them or completely seal the baffle for an IB set up.. Headunit power would not be anywhere near sufficient.
  15. The Maximos are only $150 on Crutchfield. I would suggest getting an amp.