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  1. ckeeler11

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    It's not backwards 1 octave above tuning the pressure in the port is equal to the pressure in the enclosure meaning there is no movement. So it is acting just like a sealed enclosure would. If you are only concerned with SPL then yes you can tune high but .....
  2. ckeeler11

    Q bomb box

    Its going to depend on how well they are built, volume, port area and tuning.
  3. ckeeler11

    Subwoofer install

    LOL I totally misread his post. the 2 tens should be louder on same power as a 12, especially if they are in similar enclosures (both sealed or ported).
  4. ckeeler11

    Subwoofer install

    The E has 250 watts RMS and R is 500 rms. the R has more Xmax. All in all the R will have the potential to get louder.
  5. ckeeler11

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    Again it does not have to do with how low the bass is but the response of the system and how a ported enclosure acts. Right now sealed my IDQ sound good on metal and roll off at 30 Hz. When I go ported they will have almost the same response but a little more output from 30 to 45. above that will be very similar to how they play now. Funny that this forum is the only one that seems to disagree with this thinking.
  6. ckeeler11

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    Don't listen to those people...lol. Its not about how low your music goes but the response of the system. Tuning that high you will most likely be +6 at 50 Hz and +3 at 55 Hz. Its going to be steep peak which will be pretty undesirable from a musicality stand point. Where as if you tune lower then the peak will be flatter and longer which will be more musical. You can tune high but then you have a bloated kick drums and bass guitar that you have to eq out. Just look at some repsonse graphs and different frequencies. Im getting ready to build a ported box for dual 10's and tune to probably 29 which is the Fs of the drivers. I listen to a lot of old school metal like Pantera and Metallica.
  7. ckeeler11

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    The Demons look great.
  8. ckeeler11

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    So? a ported enclosure is prety much acting like a sealed enclosure an octave above tuning. So if you tune to 40 Hz at 80 hz you would be very similar to a selaed enclosure. Kick drums and bass shine from 50-80. I would recommend tuning lower like 30 hz. With a decent driver you would be surprised. Also the music would not be affected by the hump from tuning. Unless you like that bloated midbass sound then I guess tuning higher would be better.
  9. ckeeler11

    Voltage drop

    Is the voltage regulator separate from the alternator on that vehicle? If so I would look there.
  10. ckeeler11

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    Why would you not tune low for metal?? 40 Hz is going to be nasty without alot of eq.
  11. ckeeler11

    Torn on which 12s for foxacoustics in f150

    The E series are solid entry level subs. You would not be disappointed in the Demons they are not entry level. As for JL the w3 is not really designed for out put they are more for sound quality. that is not to say they would not have decent output. the Daytons would be on par with the W-3's with slightly less output.
  12. ckeeler11

    Torn on which 12s for foxacoustics in f150

    If considering the JL w3 I would do the Dayton HO's for a lot less. They sound just as good.
  13. ckeeler11

    Voltage to amp

    Are you trying to set the gain on the amp or are you asking what the voltage should be coming from the battery?
  14. ckeeler11

    New Car Install Question

    the rear speakers are okay as long as they are playing a full range signal. they are doing a lot of funky processing on newer cars OEM systems.
  15. ckeeler11

    Factory sound processors?

    Just because the stated frequency response says they can go down to 37 hz it doe snot mean they will playing in a shitty enclosure like a car door you will be lucky to get down into the 60's.