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  1. D4- Dual 4 ohm voicecoils S2- Single 2 ohm Voice coil Raw Drivers- Would be separate midbass and tweeter. generally cheaper but would require you to run a dsp or rustle up some crossovers. Passive is using the included crossover with a component set. Active would be using a digital adjustable crossover. Amps would be an option but ar enot the best. DSP is the best option as it also includes time allign, summing, eq for each channel, etc.... The Bose speakers are crap so its not hard to get an upgrade. the Morel Maximo are great and hard to beat up to the $250-$275 price range. There is a lot to consider but don't overthink it. Sub comp set done. Piece of cake. you can grow your system from there if needed. if you got 100 watts going to some front components and 500 watts to the sub stage it will be worlds different than the Bose system.
  2. ckeeler11

    SQ Subwoofers

    So you are not thinking a SQ type build. You are wanting an SPL set up with SQ leaning drivers. Also how you going to power all that?
  3. If you want balanced then you can't really go any higher/bigger with the sub(s) until you up the power to the rest of the system. Unfortunately Blose systems use cheap paper drivers that wont except much more than what they run to them from the factory.
  4. ckeeler11

    What brands do people like for subwoofer?

    Sundown, Dayton, Fi, Ascendant, Audio Frog, Illusion, SSA, ....... and on and on. Lots of good stuff out there.
  5. ckeeler11

    Active or Passive Setup

    Depends on what you want from your system. Also you cannot run active on the rear if you run through the factory amp.
  6. ckeeler11

    SQ Subwoofers

    Peak doe snot mean anything dont even look at it. Also power rating has nothing to do with quality, its based off of the design of the sub and materials used. A 600 watt sub can be as loud as a 1500 watt sub its just on the design. I would lean more towards the HO over the Ultimax for car audio because the Ultimax requires a rather large enclosure.
  7. ckeeler11

    Subwoofer alternatives

    What are the enclosure specs? When inverting the subs the volume increases. It might matter it might not depending on what it is.
  8. ckeeler11

    New to car audio and can use some advice

    I'm not against a DSP but I am against throwing money at a problem without knowing the cause. Would suck to buy a DSP and have someone tune your system properly to find out the static is from the recording or source since it is only on certain songs. Guess what DSP wont fix it.
  9. ckeeler11

    New to car audio and can use some advice

    Need to know more info. Those are a nice set of components with solid gear backing it up. So I would look into install or how you are listening to music. If they are off axis or directed at a windshield that could be the issue. If you are streaming music or listening with a crappy aux cable that could be the issue. A DSP will definitely give you more control and could flatten out the upper frequencies but I would not throw money at your build until you identify the problem.
  10. ckeeler11

    SSA Demon Subwoofer (all new)

    Removing decal removes DeeeBeeez.
  11. ckeeler11

    8inch dilemma

    Go 10's sealed.
  12. Speaker wire. Don't want him to reverse the positive and negative of power and ground.
  13. ckeeler11

    SSA Demon Subwoofer (all new)

    Looks great. Cant wait to see one in action.
  14. ckeeler11

    A 2nd 10” under bench or flip up seat and get a 12”

    I would go seat lift and 2x full frame 10's.
  15. ckeeler11

    Looking for tips to improve my sound

    Can't help with gain as that is dependant on the amp and headunit. You need to tdo that yourself. Subsonic- If you are running a sealed enclosure you can leave off. If ported then you can go a few Hz below tuning I would play with it to see what works best. If tuned to 35 can set at around 30 and go down form there until you notice your sub unloading to much then turn up. LP Filter- on amp I would turn up to 400 and us the LPF on the headunit. Bass Eq- Leave at 0 LPF on headunit- I would start at 100 and go down from there set it to where it sounds best. I would do a 12 or 24 slope again pla with it until it sounds best.