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  1. Thor230

    Hello!! Can't make up my mind on which 18" get, 8((

    EMF ermergurd 18 that thing is a monster and has a xmesh of I think 4.25" just 1 18 that can move over 4" just sounds like a cool thing to see when you look in your about to fall off rearview mirror
  2. Thor230

    those blaupunkt 12's on sale $28 again

    Last year fry's had planet audio 12's markeddown from 69$ to 19$ I cleaned them out for 120$ I got 6 12's made a 6th order for them and did a 149.7 sealed on the dash @ 38hz on music and a little over 150 at the headrest not bad for 120$
  3. Thor230

    Ghostemane song for you guys to try

    here's a nice Girly one to scare people with bass get serious around the minute 40 mark
  4. Thor230

    Ghostemane song for you guys to try

    sure I'd love to you can let me know in the email what you would prefer as in like slow down deep voices tons of constant bass just a kick drum bass things like that. Privet message me and I will give you my email
  5. Thor230

    Bass track thread!

    Elliott moss 99 rebassed 22hz/42hz -3db
  6. Thor230

    Bass Tracks *with frequencies*

    Elliott moss 99 rebassed 22hz/42hz -3db
  7. Thor230

    Bass Tracks *with frequencies*

    Flatbush Zombies new phone who is this -3db 27hz https://youtu.be/2or7mXYlPBU
  8. Thor230

    do caps work?

    The capacitor is going to act like a small sponge so if you have a very hard Bass drop or some other type of short bursts of full power that capacitor will unload its juice instantly yes somebody can make a joke about that if they want. Anyways it's only goal is to keep unnecessary voltage fluctuation from happening but it does not store power for a very long period of time especially not if you run your system with the car off if it's between that or battery I would go with the extra battery because even though it does not discharge as fast as a capacitor it's a better sponge overall and you can play it with the car off
  9. Thor230

    Bass track thread!

    if you can't play low these will be a no-go they all pretty much dropped down to 25hz
  10. Thor230

    Some new songs to try on your subs

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  11. What's up guys I got bird yesterday and rebassed/ remixed (whatever you want to call it) some songs by SICKICK and I think they turned out pretty good they all hit low though so make sure your system can play safely in the 25 Hertz range and let me know if you know of any new artists like sickick because I like his style and I'd like to work with some more songs by similar-sounding DJ's.
  12. Thor230

    Ghostemane song for you guys to try

    I got really bored with my insomnia last night and found some weird Jason Derulo Zumba sounding song and completely redid the entire low end of this song because it was just weird so now it's very weird LOL tell me how you all like it
  13. Thor230

    Ghostemane song for you guys to try

    Here's another one for the HB's to play while they gettin they pay
  14. Thor230

    Links to Decaf and Re-bassed Artists Thread.

    What songs in particular are you wanting rebassed? I love me some old school rap and hip hop
  15. Thor230

    Ghostemane song for you guys to try

    This post has been edited because my phone is retarded