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  1. I would still like to add some white accent pieces to the sides of the center console, the roof, and the sealed area on the side walls. These are just big open areas that need something to fill in the blank space. I’d also still like to replace my camper shell window with wood and possibly get my doors upholstered. They look better in person than in pics, but it is just a little too much of the same shade of black on the whole door for my liking.
  2. Just finished it up, for the most part, last week. Went to CES Showdown in Vegas. Played 5 songs, tore the surrounds on 2 subs. Dan from Fi came by to look at them and said it was dry rot. All 6 have it unfortunately. I’ve elliminated all causes of dry rot so a few of us are thinking it was a bad batch of soft parts. I posted on FB and some other people said they also had surrounds fail after 6-12 months of play time that we’re made in the June-August 2016 time frame. Is what it is, but it was definitely a bummer. Fi no longer makes Crossfire subs and Roger has not been able to get any recones from them. I was told the BTL3 recone will fit my Crossfire subs but that’s $1,000 for 6 recones and puts me in the position of supporting Fi instead of a Crossfire. I spoke with Roger and I think the best route for my truck is to sell these V3 subs and get the new XT3 subs built by Crossfire. That way I have a new warranty and can get replacement parts directly through Crossfire. They should also take more abuse musically so that’s perfect for my goals. Here are the insides of my surrounds. Stress cracked like crazy! Coils are still same as day one. I didn’t even get a chance to get these subs stinky! some teaser pics pics floating around online of the new XT3s. I think they look way sexier imo. The black spiders and satin basket are much more appealing to my eyes.
  3. Body filler to even everything out. It isn’t perfect but good enough for me. magnents for the lid. It is a tight fit as is but figured this would be an extra safety measure to keep it from moving during demos. Vinyl wrapped the lid. Test fit was a success! Didn’t turn out too bad
  4. Thank you! I can’t wait either lol. Center console is pretty much done. Just need to paint the sides to match the dash but I’m going to wait until I finish the doors so I can just paint everything at once. Finished up the wiring and labeling. Everything is on quick connects so I can easily remove the lid without having to remove the cup holders, switches, etc. added threaded inserts for the machine screws fiberglassed the console to the dash. 3 layers of resin and mat Poured some short strand filler resin milkshake on the inside of the console/dash piece to strengthen it without adding any more bulkiness to the outside of the console
  5. Custom rca knob from Zach at Slam Panda Systems. Love how it turned out. He makes some of the coolest designed knobs on the market imo. 2 week turn around time. Very happy with it! Ran me $100 and was worth every penny. Center console is underway! Lots of fiberglass and body filler to tie it into the dash but it’s coming along! Going to round over all edges. Top will be vinyl wrapped and is press fit/magnets so it can be easily removed. Sides will be sprayed to match the dash may add some white accent pieces to the sides later on
  6. Been really busy with the new baby here now, but still trying to get a little done at a time. New Hairtrick Certified decal from Kurt at K&A Kustom Graffix Got some beauty panels made for the box. I want to eventually bring the two side wheel well cover pieces up to be flush with the top of the box but it won’t work until I replace the camper shell window with wood and remove the struts. It’s good enough for now.
  7. Got the port wrapped. The whole back end of the cab is pretty much done. I want to do a floating back lit logo on the roof but that will be later on. Started by wrapping the top Did the bottom second then the sides last. Here is the result. I’m very happy with it
  8. Flocked my A pillars black. Got them and the tweeters installed and the dash put back in. Going to hold off on putting the other dash pieces and trim pieces back in until the center console is done. got a couple new tools to help with the center console
  9. Did 120 mil of deadener on the inside of the dash. sprayed the dash with herculiner bed liner. I didn’t want a heavily textured and rough/grippy surface like bed liner normally is. So I mixed the hercuiler really good and mixed in some xylene until it was thinner. Then I filtered out any remaining chunks that the xylene didn’t break down. The result was a fairly smooth small textured surface. It’s a little glossier than I hoped but I think it turned out fairly nice. I’m hoping the deadener and bedliner help prevent the dash from cracking over time. Used some plastic polish to clear up my gauge cluster as well
  10. More progress from the past two weeks. Beauty panels for the box are up next and then I’ll start the center console after the baby is here which should be any day now Painted the “new” steering wheel and airbag I got off eBay a flat black color with Duplicolor vinyl and fabric paint. Before - gray/blue color After - flat black Got the dash pulled. Strengthened up and leveled out an area I body filled back in high school that didn’t look so great. Used Ve resin and short strand filler to make a milkshake. Old body work from high school Milkshake to level it out sanded the whole dash to prep for paint
  11. Thanks guys! Appreciate the positive feedback. Got the battery cover finished up this weekend. Just need vinyl wrap the port and then the rear of the cab will be 100% done. I think im going to repaint my dash next while it is still warm. Then finish up the door upholstering and build center console then it will be just about done finally! Primed the Limitless logo pieces first to seal the mdf Got a new jigsaw as well. Wow does this thing work incredible compared to my old ryobi! Also go some extra fine blades and this setup is a night and day difference now! Cut these accent pieces by hand and am very happy with how they came out. 4 coats gloss white base and 3 coats clear nice little reflection even before polishing. Vinyl wrapped the battery cover and test fit the logo and accent pieces. The tape helped me guide the pieces when gluing them down. I love how this turned out!
  12. Got the roof and side walls by the seat belts vinyl wrapped and all of the beauty panels put back in. This was my first time using vinyl and I really like it. Pretty forgiving and easy to work with. Going to finish the battery cover this weekend. My father in law cut out the limitless logo on his cnc for me. I think it turned out pretty sweet. I’m going to paint it white and glue it over the black vinyl like the rest of the trim panels. There is also about 20” of empty area to the left and right of this logo so I may try to make something for those spots as well
  13. Installed the rear wall speaker and tweeters. Got the door pods bolted back on for now. Got the trim panels all finished up. Painted the trim with gloss white then polished and glued it to the vinyl beauty panels. It isn’t perfect, but I’m liking the way it is coming together.
  14. It’s these tiny fibers that feel like a mix between carpet and suede. You coat the area in a color matching glue then use a tube or spray gun to spray the fibers onto the glue. I don’t think I could upholster the curve on my doors so flock seemed like it might work. Guess we will find out soon enough lol. http://www.flockit.com/index.php/