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  1. Thanks guys! Appreciate the positive feedback. Got the battery cover finished up this weekend. Just need vinyl wrap the port and then the rear of the cab will be 100% done. I think im going to repaint my dash next while it is still warm. Then finish up the door upholstering and build center console then it will be just about done finally! Primed the Limitless logo pieces first to seal the mdf Got a new jigsaw as well. Wow does this thing work incredible compared to my old ryobi! Also go some extra fine blades and this setup is a night and day difference now! Cut these accent pieces by hand and am very happy with how they came out. 4 coats gloss white base and 3 coats clear nice little reflection even before polishing. Vinyl wrapped the battery cover and test fit the logo and accent pieces. The tape helped me guide the pieces when gluing them down. I love how this turned out!
  2. Got the roof and side walls by the seat belts vinyl wrapped and all of the beauty panels put back in. This was my first time using vinyl and I really like it. Pretty forgiving and easy to work with. Going to finish the battery cover this weekend. My father in law cut out the limitless logo on his cnc for me. I think it turned out pretty sweet. I’m going to paint it white and glue it over the black vinyl like the rest of the trim panels. There is also about 20” of empty area to the left and right of this logo so I may try to make something for those spots as well
  3. Installed the rear wall speaker and tweeters. Got the door pods bolted back on for now. Got the trim panels all finished up. Painted the trim with gloss white then polished and glued it to the vinyl beauty panels. It isn’t perfect, but I’m liking the way it is coming together.
  4. It’s these tiny fibers that feel like a mix between carpet and suede. You coat the area in a color matching glue then use a tube or spray gun to spray the fibers onto the glue. I don’t think I could upholster the curve on my doors so flock seemed like it might work. Guess we will find out soon enough lol. http://www.flockit.com/index.php/
  5. Yeah I met him a few years ago at one of our weekly bass meets. He’s a good dude and his amps and subs are definitely solid. You’ll be happy with them for sure I’ll be running a W-4500 and Au12 in my Camry trunk when I rebuild it. IFO is this Sunday so I did some vinyl wrapping to pretty it up. I’m liking how much the white pops. Floor piece in black vinyl and the mdf trim piece that is around the amp will be flocked white next month. driver side passenger side rear wall painted the rear wall speaker area white
  6. Thanks man! Yeah it’s crazy! I’m happy it’s getting close to being done just a lot of cosmetic stuff left and the center console. I’m pretty happy with everything else at this point.
  7. Stuffed some packing foam between the side walls and quarter panel window. These quarter panel windows do not move at all now even at 20hz Test fitted side wall beauty panels again and glued and body filled the 1/8” hardboard to the truck wall as well. Glued some 1/8” hardbord that connects the roof and front windshield piece. Body filled the seamed. It is flush enough for me. Should look fine once I wrap the roof in vinyl. Also glued some 1/8” hardboard around the port to flush it out a bit before vinyl wrapping
  8. Made a little more progress the past two weekends. Waiting for my buddy to get back into town next week so I can get my vinyl back from him and get these beauty panels wrapped. Got the multichannel amp wiring 100% done and test fitted the beauty panel one more time Stripped the old fabric off the doors. Was harder than I thought lol. Need to seal and body work over the spray foam trash area then they will be ready to flock and wrap. Started the base for the center console. Drilled 4 holes through the floor. Added 4 more layers of 60 mil for 6 layers total under the base. wiring is not finalized. Just temp so I could get it playing again. But this is where the relay and fuse panel will go.
  9. Zip tie and secured the 6 runs of 2 awg, 2 runs of 8 awg, and 6 runs of 14 awg to the side walls. Driver side Passenger side. 4 runs of 14 awg and 2 runs of 8 awg Cleaned up and secured the sub wiring and RCAs to the side wall 4k sub amps Door pods are also pretty much done. The bare wood you see behind the grill will be flocked white later on. I’m happy with how they turned out for the little time that was spent on them. Added a small crossfire logo to the grill that comes on the stock 6.5 grill covers. Nice little touch imo
  10. Few more updates over the past couple of weekends. I can’t beleive it is already the end of September. Time to get stuff finished up so I can knock out the center console next month before IFO near the end of October. Spray foamed the door trash areas. I’ll seal off the foam and body work it before it gets flocked black. Sealed off the side wall amp panels and added some magnets. The RCAs run behind this panel so I want to make it removable for now. If it doesn’t hold up when music is playing then I’ll make it permanent and figure out something to allow me access to the RCAs. I have some ideas so won’t be a huge deal if I need to do that Started wiring up the multichannel amps. The two 800.4s are completely done for the 6.5s. Just need to wire up the 400.4 for the tweets next. We didn’t leave any room for running wires (noobs trying to do subframes and beauty panels lol), so I had to get creative and run some wires under the 800.4s. One set of rca runs under the passenger side 800.4 and 2 runs of 2 awg, the remote wire, and 4 runs of 14 awg under the driver side 800.4
  11. Got the roof cleaned up with some 1/8” hardboad so the vinyl lays smoothly. I still need to make the trim piece for the front near the windshield and then wrap it all in vinyl. Also did some body work around the rear wall speaker pods to give them a little shape. It should make it easier to wrap as well. My wife works Saturday and Sunday this weekend so hopefully I can get a lot more done
  12. Yeah you are pretty spot on about that. By 3 months to get it done I mean about 8-12 hours a week I can be out in the garage. So the reasonable pace part is a mix of it’s still f’ing hot out here so I don’t want to be in the garage, and I gotta take care of the wifey, and get the nursery room ready haha. Going to try and get a little more done tomorrow/Thursday after work and hopefully most of Saturday
  13. Yeah a little. I’m just trying to make it look decent, but I’m no pro haha. I just want a “finished” build. Most of this stuff is out of my league, but it’s cool trying new techniques and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. I only have 3 more months until my baby is here so I need to pick up the pace and get this thing finished haha. I see the light at the end of the tunnel for the beauty panels but I still have the center console to make and cosmetic stuff so it will be close. I haven’t had a chance to clam for draw yet. After it’s all done I’ll be trying to get some more info like that. I know I’m clamping around 4100w per amp, but that was at my old peak of 45hz so it might be a little more at my new peak of 40hz. I haven’t even paid attention to my voltage on burps but I would guess mid to high 13s at 2k rpm. I’ll post up rise, draw, voltage, etc in a couple months. There is a show at the end of October so I’ll need it playing and mostly finished by then. Hopefully I can get all the info around then too
  14. Little more progress. Got all of the speaker wire and RCAs ran under the carpet and secured in their final spots. These wires will all be hidden behind a beauty panel that seals off these side walls Got about 90% done with the new magnets for the beauty panels. Went through 100 of them on these 4 panels and need about 50 more to finish them up and do the battery rack. Should be able to finish it up next weekend. Used N52 strength and dimensions 1/8” thick x 3/8” diameter. Seems like it should work out really well! Started body filling the screw holes and minor imperfections around the port. It will be vinyl wrapped (at least that’s the plan as of now) so it doesn’t have to be perfect.
  15. Got the truck all cleaned up! The windshield adhesive let go on my side quarter panel windows after demoing for about an hour. I guess it doesn’t bond well to the rubber gasket. Unfortunately now that the amp wall is permanent I can’t get to the screw to remove the window and re-glue it with something else. So I sealed it up with 1/2 a tube of silicone and then used 1/2 a can of great stuff to help stiffen it up. Once I seal off the gap between the truck wall and amp wall, there shouldn’t be any pressure hitting these side windows anyways. Just figured I’d be safe and seal it up the best I could before sealing off the wall gap