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  1. Not sure why so many speak badly of Steve's(zed) customer service, I emailed him at 8am est and had a reply back at 1030am est. With an ample amount of info, PDFs prices, specs and so on, have me some good ideas, but still want to do a little more research... I've had a couple older version jl amps over the years and although nice sound and overall performance, they have seemed to lack in dynamic power vs others I have had, and for the price it needs to lack no where. My opinion and experience
  2. Thanks for the info, I was just being polite with my response, I have plenty of seat time with car audio, happens when your 40 , for those who have given great suggestions, it is greatly appreciated, I have had plenty of simple set ups, that isn't the goal I am trying to achieve, anyone that read my first post has taken note that sound quality is not at all the issue with the current set up, it is the size of the amps and the fact that they take up the entire rear wall of my truck, add the monster xovers for the PX comps and it begins to limit the seat travel. So again thanks to those that have responded to the inquiry, when I think I have power questions, post will say something like" do I have power issues" or if I have speaker questions, maybe something like " do I need imaging tweeters to raise the sound stage" until then we are at quality sq amps with smaller footprints
  3. Very familiar with zed (Steve) my first 2 amps in 1993? We're the white Odin and Thor, will look into mentioned amps and reach out to steve
  4. Some of those look good, I should note, doesn't have to be " new school" could be older if smaller
  5. I got out of car audio for about 10-12 years to pick up racing as a hobby, after fulfilling myself with that and changing careers I started a build in a 2012 Silverado single cab. After finding that nothing seemed to be what it was in the 90s and early 2000s I decided to search out products I was familiar with. All mosconi built Boston gt amps Gt40 running USA Boston pro neo tweets for imaging in a pillars and Boston pro 4inch rear fill Gt24 running scan speak 7 inch in doors low midbass (80-200) Gt42 running a/d/s 335 px bi amped Gt28 running a Boston spg555 Love the sq, no issues there, but amps are very cramped on rear wall, sub is in custom center console down firing. I'm looking for some consistent good feedback back on something produced recently in a smaller footprint, I'm not super impressed with jl and everything else seems to be a copy of something else that isn't good in it's original form. Sq is a must, but need power too Maybe a staggered 6 channel, 4 channel, and a mono Need around 50x4 at 4ohm 125x4 + 175x2 at 4 ohm And 1200x1 at 2ohm I've been hunting for about 6 plus months, so any help would be greatly appreciated